Secluded Spas: Backyard Small Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

If you’ve invested in a hot tub, the chances are you’re now wondering how to make the most of your hot tub experience.

One thing you’re likely considering is how to make your outdoor space and hot tub area private.

The last thing you want is unwanted attention from nosey neighbors whilst you enjoy your brand new hot tub.

Well, never fear. I’ve created this ultimate list of all the easy, stylish and decorative ways for backyard hot tub privacy ideas.

Let’s have a very quick run down of the different ideas, before we get into the details

The Best Backyard Small Hot Tub Privacy Ideas

  1. Hot Tub Gazebo
  2. Hot Tub Privacy Screen
  3. Wooden Fence
  4. Private Landscape Design
  5. Outdoor Curtains
  6. Natural Elements
  7. Hot Tub Canopy
  8. Private Hot Tub Deck Design
  9. Hot Tub Enclosure
  10. Small Garden Design

So let’s take each of these ideas and look at cost, ease of installation and maintenance, so you can make the most informed decision on how to make your backyard hot tub as private as you can.

Hot Tub Gazebo

Hot tub gazebo from Dunster House

A wooden gazebo is a great way to add additional privacy to your hot tub. Whilst it won’t conceal the area completely, it can seal off the area particularly if you decide to grow plants around the structure. It’s a popular choice although remember it’s a permanent structure. You can always drape curtains from it of course for extra privacy when you need it. I like this option – it’s a good idea, a modern design and great for defining your hot tub space.

Hot Tub Privacy Screen

Image: Delightfull

This idea is perfect for concealing your hot tub from nosy neighbors and a good temporary or permanent privacy enclosure. Construct a screen around your home spa area; you can use a semi permanent wooden screen, or simple privacy panels that can be folded away when not in use. Maintenance is easy, whilst cost might vary depending on which materials you choose.

Wooden Fence Hot Tub Privacy

Adding simple solutions like a wooden fence to screen off the open space around your hot tub is an easy way to add privacy. If you’re lucky enough to have a pre-built area for your outdoor hot tub, all you’ll need to do is add the privacy fence later. It’s a great idea for both sectioning off your home spa and creating a secluded area when you want to relax at the end of a long day.

Hot Tub Private Landscape Design

How about creating a backyard space dedicated to hot tub design? A purpose built construction that allows for your hot tub, seating areas, a private space and maybe even a fire pit! It’s your very own private oasis. The perfect spot for relaxation, quality time with family and friends, and an excellent way to spend your free time.

It may not be the cheapest of options, but if affords a much higher level of privacy that some of the other options.

Outdoor Curtains for Private Hot Tubs

Add curtains around your hot tub is one of the more affordable options on our list. You may need to consider how to hang them – you’ll need a structure of some sort – perhaps a pergola. It’s the perfect solution if you want to save money, or if you like something less permanent.

Surround the Hot Tub with Natural Elements

How can you increase your hot tub privacy with more natural elements? Think about the natural materials you’d find in a garden. Bamboo screens for example are great choices.

Avoiding man-made structure can help your hot tub feel more in tune with your backyard space and the surrounding area.

Hot Tub Canopy

Whilst this construction won’t give maximum privacy, you can position it in the back garden to provide seclusion where you need it. It’s easy to erect, won’t be too expensive and very easy to care for. When not in use, simply fold away and store in the garage or garden shed. It’s a very affordable way to give your hot tub patio some well deserved screening.

Private Hot Tub Deck Design

I think all hot tub owners lust after the perfect place to house their hot tub, but also create an outdoor space specifically for their home spa. If you’re aiming for a private hot tub deck design then a purpose built elevated deck is a great option; surround it with water features, a modern pergola, seating areas, living screens of tall hedges or plants and add stone walls and lots of landscaped features. Of course this all needs regular maintenance but it’s a great addition to any garden spa.

The Hot Tub Spa Enclosure

Spa enclosure from Garden House Design who specialise in outdoor canopies and kitchens 

Some companies sell purpose made spa covers to offer privacy for your hot tub, as well as the creation of a garden spa room. These can have retractable wall panels, slatted roofs for extra light, and areas for storing hot tub accessories. They help keep your hot tub safe and clean and won’t take up lots of maintenance time either. They’re a modern look, so be sure you like this design for your backyard area.

Small Garden Design for a Small Hot Tub

Small gardens can have small hot tubs too! And it’s easier to keep them private. Situate them close to the house but walls and fences to give natural seclusion, and grow a few hedges or place plant pots around the structure to improve privacy where necessary.

Natural Hedges for Natural Hot Tub Privacy

Natural hedges or bamboo screening is such a beautiful, natural way to hide your hot tub from view. If this is something you can achieve it’s relatively cost effective and will enhance the look of your garden spa enormously.

Backyard Trellis for Hot Tub Privacy

Installing trellis around your hot tub improves the privacy levels but helps the area look natural. It allows light to flood into the space but obscures the line of vision. It’s also a great structure to allow plants to grow on, again in keeping with the natural space of your garden. Once erected you’ll want to maintain it with treatments every few years.

As you can see, we’ve showcased some amazing ways to make your hot tub more private with these creative hot tub surround ideas.

Is it good to have a roof over a hot tub?

Well, yes. You’ll want to cover your hot tub to retain heat and keep the water as clean as possible. You might also want to keep your hot tub private from the neighbours so we recommend either a gazebo, pergola or purpose built structure to add seclusion to your home garden spa.

What do you put around an inflatable hot tub?

To make your inflatable hot tub private, you’ll want to add a temporary cover for seclusion rather than a permanent structure. Think about positioning it near natural screening like trees and hedges, or close to a garden fence. Alternatively look at spa canopies which can be erected when you need them.

What surface can a hot tub sit on?

The surface that you fit the hot tub on needs to be solid so it can support the weight of the tub, and water once filled. Avoid situating it on top of rough surfaces. The perfect foundation is one with decking, gravel and paving slabs. Even plastic tiles are a great way to cover existing uneven surfaces without being too costly.

What are the best small hot tubs?

You’ll want to choose a hot tub according to your budget and available space. We’ve compiled a great list of fabulous small hot tubs which will help you make the right selection for you and your family.

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