Bedroom Trends: BEST Décor Ideas [2023]

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If it’s time to decorate your bedroom, you’ll want to know the popular bedroom trends in 2023. Interior design trends extend to the bedroom, and help us shape this favourite of spaces into the haven of safety, comfort and escapism that it should be.

If your bedroom interior feels tired, or the new year has inspired the interior designer in you, let’s take a look at what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to bedroom ideas and current trends.

What are the latest Bedroom Trends in 2023

  1. Neutral Color Palettes
  2. Eye Catching Accent Walls
  3. Heartwarming Organic Textures
  4. Bedroom Colour Drenching
  5. Pastel Prettiness
  6. Feature Lighting
  7. Luxurious Living
  8. Floral Motifs and Patterns

Bedroom Design Trends – In Detail

Neutral Color Palettes

Finally we’re bored with grey and so we find one of the top bedroom trends in 2023 is that of natural elements and neutral tones. We are embracing a warmer color scheme than in recent years, and opting for taupes, mochas, beige tones and more neutral colors. Whether focusing on just the bed linen, or taking this colour palette across the walls, flooring and window treatments too, it’s a great trend and one that many will find easy to live with.

Image from DFS with more inspiration on the Neutral Bedroom Pinterest board.

Eye Catching Accent Walls

Talk to any interior design expert and they will say that accent wall is outdated. But bedroom walls can look striking with a feature wall, particularly behind the headboard. With many walls often being covered by storage pieces, adding pattern and print on an accent wall is a popular choice, and an easy way to bring some extra pattern into the room. It’s a great way to add different patterns and styles into the room, without it feeling overpowering. Bold patterns are a way to showcase our personality, and there’s no better room than the bedroom for that.

Green Bedroom via DFS with more ideas on the Green Bedroom Pinterest board.

Heartwarming Organic Textures

Let’s talk about how the use of natural materials can make a room feel relaxed and comfortable. Many natural fabrics and the use of natural wood brings a biophilic element into the bedroom – an approach which can make the entire room and space feel more organic, and connected to the outdoor world. In turn, this has a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing.

Green Bed from DFS and more ideas on the Bedroom Trends Pinterest Board.

Colour Drenching

If neutral shades and light colors aren’t for you, colour drenching the room could well be more to your taste. Take a colour or palette of complementary shades and use them from ceiling to floor. Paint colors which sit next to each other on the colour work well in this design style, and help small rooms feel bigger too. Jewel tones, or any bright colours can be used in this way to give the bedroom a cozy, comfortable feel and make your sleeping space a true reflection of your personality.

Stunning Blue Bedroom from DFS with more ideas on the Blue Bedroom Pinterest board.

Pastel Shades

Interior designers have always loved pastel shades in the bedroom. Their subtle, calming influence works well in this personal space, and they combine well with neutrals, whites and greys. They’re not only for feminine spaces either, and blues, yellows and pale greens can work well with bright colors too, if that’s more your taste. Finding bedroom colors that appeal to your style can take time, so do try out a Pinterest board, collecting your favourite imagery together, discarding that which doesn’t work, and settling on your final style.

Beautiful pastel bedroom from DFS and more on the Pastel Bedroom Pinterest Board.

Focal Point Lighting

The best bedroom design in 2023 incorporate some feature lighting. It’s time to make a statement with your pendant lights, add layers of table lamps and even light your bedside table with hanging lights. There are so many interesting ways of lighting your bedroom now; a simple bedside lamp just won’t cut it. Think about creating a sophisticated atmosphere with lights, a space that feels moody, inviting and relaxing. Using dimmers or smart lighting means you can control the volume of light – an essential in a bedroom.

Striking bedroom from DFS with more ideas on their Modern Bedrooms Pinterest board.

Luxurious Living

We’ve spent so much time in our homes over the last few years, the way in which we use it has changed. The bedroom is no longer a dumping ground for clothes, it’s more than just a sleeping space too, it’s our go-to room for comfort, security and relaxation. It’s our haven from a busy, often chaotic world – a retreat that feeds our soul. As such, more of us are making our bedrooms a luxurious space, one with the best fabrics, softest sheets and plumpest pillows. 

Decadent bedroom from DFS, with more on their Luxury Bedrooms Pinterest board.

Floral Motifs Bedding

A modern twist on an old trend, floral prints are back, particularly in soft furnishings, bedding and throws. This current trend leans into country cottage themes, delicate, whimsical decor and a nod to design styles we’ve loved in past years. It’s more modern though, with nature inspired motifs – think mushrooms and fairies – as well as typical floral designs and botanical prints which we’ve come to love over time.

Floral bedroom from DFS with more inspiration on their Pastel Bedrooms Pinterest board.

Ideas for Small Bedrooms 2023

Storage Bed from DFS.

If you own a small bedroom and would like to maximise the space and make it feel bigger, then storage is going to be essential to your design. We love some good bed storage, but if you prefer, why not use under the bed storage, shelving and drawer space which all contribute to a neater, more streamlined bedroom; one which feels organised and more spacious.

Master Bedroom Design Ideas 2023

Master Bedroom Ideas from DFS

The master bedroom has to feel bigger and better than any other room in the home. It’s your flagship and as such, needs to showcase the best you have in terms of the bed, bedding, storage and layout. Make it feel decadent, as much as you can, and give it that boutique hotel feel. 

Bedroom Color Trends 2023

There are 3 main color trends for bedrooms in 2023: Green, Pink and Neutrals. All of them represent a calmer, softer way of decorating our bedrooms, tapping into the environment, natural tones, and a biophilic approach to our sleep spaces. 

Green Bedrooms

Green Bedrooms at DFS

A green bedroom creates a calm, serene space, one which feels relaxing and inviting. Use varying shades of green layered with each for a harmonious effect, or create a colour palette with pinks, oranges and golds. 

Pink Bedrooms

Pretty Pink Bedroom via DFS

A pink bedroom doesn’t have to be sweet and syrupy – add in some earth tones, some golds and taupes to give it depth and help it feel more sophisticated. Mixing pink with metallics, particularly copper give it a more adult edge; pink isn’t just for little girls.

Neutral Bedrooms

Neutral Bedroom Idea from DFS

A neutral bedroom might feel a little dull, but it’s the perfect choice for a minimal, Scandinavian, or even luxurious style space. Layer your shades, pick complementary tones and different fabrics to give the design depth and interest. Too much of the same colour and your scheme will feel flat so don’t be afraid to experiment. 

Outdated Bedroom Trends

Whilst I’m not a fan of dictating what you should or shouldn’t use in your home, I’m often asked for looks that are outdated.

The cottagecore bedroom may be on the wane and find itself replaced in 2023. Plus more of us are moving away from white bedding and opting for the natural, warmer tones we’ve talked about above. (I, for one, still love a crisp white sheet!)

Bedroom trends come and go. The important thing is to find a style that you love, that you want to live with, which makes you feel good – that’s the goal. And if it means adopting some new bedroom trends in 2023 then fantastic. If you want to stick to white sheets and cottagecore style, you do you. These trend guides are just that, a guide, and to show you what’s popular. It doesn’t mean you have to completely tear up your bedroom decor each year and redo it.


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