200+ Cottage Names for Your Charming Country Home

If you own a sweet and pretty cottage in the countryside, you’ll want to give it an equally sweet and pretty cottage name.

Typically British, cottages usually conjure up images of cosiness, warmth, and perhaps a traditional lifestyle. The names are no different. 

Cottages usually have a quirky, yet enchanting name that is usually very well matched to the feel and essence of a cottage.

In this article, I’ve collected some fantastically whimsical cottage names, from funny to historic, charming to quirky – there’s truly something for everyone and lots of ideas for names for country homes.

And if you don’t find one you like, simply scroll to the bottom of the post and use our specially created online cottage name generator tool which can generate creative cottage names galore.

The Most Popular and Best Cottage Names

Here are some of the best and most popular cottage names for your vacation home, rental or beautiful home in the countryside.

  1. Crimble Cottage
  2. Bramble Cottage
  3. Yew Tree Cottage
  4. Beech Tree Cottage
  5. Tree Cottage
  6. Orchard Cottage
  7. Barn Cottage
  8. The Hideaway Cottage
  9. Abbey Cottage
  10. Seaside Cottage
  11. The Lodge
  12. Old Rectory Cottage
  13. The Chapters
  14. Mill House
  15. Elm Tree Wood Cottage
  16. The Croft
  17. Pineview Cottage
  18. Hollywell Cottage
  19. Crow Cottage
  20. Lakeview Cottage

Superbly Small Cottage Names

A home name is used to depict the atmosphere, ambience and location of a home, so here are some of our favourite small cottage name ideas that help to evoke a feeling of cozy, compact living in the idyllic countryside.

  1. Little Haven Cottage
  2. Cozy Nook Cottage
  3. Tiny Treasure
  4. The Wee Abode
  5. Petite Paradise
  6. Sweetheart Cottage
  7. Snug Harbor Cottage
  8. The Little Nest
  9. Cute Corner
  10. The Little Gem
Small white cottage with thatched roof in front of a large grassy green

Common Cottage Names

If you like to follow the crowd, or are simply interested in some of the most common names people give to their country cottage, here are some of the most common cottage names we’ve found.

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. The Cottage
  3. Meadow View
  4. The Retreat
  5. Woodland Cottage
  6. Oak Cottage
  7. Hillside Cottage
  8. Ivy Cottage
  9. Sunnybank
  10. Willow Cottage
  11. Garden Cottage
  12. The Coach House
  13. The Old Barn
  14. The Dairy
  15. The Granary
  16. The Stables
  17. The Forge
  18. The Hayloft
  19. The Mill
  20. The Thatched Cottage

Of course, there are countless other names that people give their cottages, so feel free to get creative and choose one that has special meaning to you!

Funny Cottage Names to Make you Smile

Some cottage owners love to bring a sense of fun and light-heartedness to the names of cottages and if you’re one, you’ll love this set of cute, funny and often whimsical names we’ve identified.

Here are some of the funniest names that people give to their cottage homes:

  1. The Nutshell
  2. The Snail House
  3. The Lollipop Cottage
  4. The Mouse House
  5. The Shabby Shack
  6. The Hovel
  7. The Wonky House
  8. The Hobbit Hole
  9. The Whimsical Cottage
  10. The Crooked House
  11. The Folly
  12. The Wacky Shack
  13. The Crazy Cabin
  14. The Nook
  15. The Quirky Cottage
  16. The Mad Hatter’s House
  17. The Oddity
  18. The Funky Farmhouse
  19. The Drunken Duck
  20. The Dingle
Front of a country cottage, with wooden door and window, white brickwork and flowers growing around the door

Historic Cottage Names

Whilst some of these names for cottages might be more suitable to grand and opulent houses, they can also be used for smaller cottages too. They represent both historic and architectural significance, and can add a real sense of elegance and sophistication to a country cottage.

  1. The Old Vicarage
  2. The Manor House
  3. The Rectory
  4. The Priory
  5. The Abbey
  6. The Castle Keep
  7. The Tudor House
  8. The Georgian House
  9. The Victorian Villa
  10. The Edwardian Lodge

Charming Cottage Names You’ll Adore

If you own a cottage, then you may want to give a truly charming cottage name. These have to be some of our favorite cute cottage names!

You can see that they mostly use pretty flower names as the adjective in the full cottage name, creating a sense of sweet and pretty cottage living.

  1. Sweetbriar Cottage
  2. Honeybee Cottage
  3. Thistle Cottage
  4. Lavender House
  5. Bluebell Cottage
  6. Sunflower Cottage
  7. Willow Tree Cottage
  8. Cherry Blossom Cottage
  9. Rosemary Cottage
  10. Buttercup Cottage
Close up of the front of a small thatched cottage

Unusual and Quirky Cottage Names

Many country cottages are quirky, characterful homes that embody history, personality and a certain way of life. Giving your cottage a quirky name helps create identity and makes it memorable to neighbours and visitors alike. This list of cool cottage names is ideal for the more unusual home.

  1. The Nuthouse
  2. The Wishing Well
  3. The Owl’s Nest
  4. The Gnome Home
  5. The Happy Camper
  6. The Cozy Kabin
  7. The Fairy Tale Cottage
  8. The Enchanted Mushroom
  9. The Secret Garden
  10. The Enchanted Forest

If you want to create your own quirky name for your cottage, consider incorporating elements of nature, animals, or your favorite hobbies or interests.

Large country cottage from the gate, green lawn and pretty flowers

Quaint and Cute Cottage Names

Most cottages are cute, charming and sweet, so need a name to represent their charm and character. If your cottage home is particularly loveable, then why not choose from one of these ever so cute cottage names.

  1. Sweet Solitude
  2. Rosebud Cottage
  3. Sweet Pea Cottage
  4. Sunshine Cottage
  5. Bluebell Cottage
  6. Willow Tree Cottage
  7. Honeybee Cottage
  8. Lavender Lane
  9. Cherry Blossom Cottage
  10. Meadow View Cottage
  11. Little Acorn
  12. Apple Tree Cottage
  13. Rainbow Cottage
  14. Fern Gully
  15. The Snug

Watery Lake Cottage Names

If you’re lucky enough to own or stay in a charming cottage by a lake, it’s likely you’ll give it a name that reflects (ha, see what I did there!) its watery location. Here are a few suggestions of typical names for a cottage next to a lake.

  1. Lakeview Lodge
  2. The Water’s Edge
  3. Tranquil Waters
  4. Serenity Shore
  5. Misty Cove
Large country cottage plot taken from above, showing allotment area and pretty garden

Seaside Cottage Names

Alternately, you might be even luckier and have a cottage next to the sea (these have to be my dream cottages, and in another life I’m going to own one, do it up and live there in my old age).

If you do own a seaside cottage, or a beach house, and are looking for the perfect name to give, try one of these ideas:

  1. Seaside Retreat
  2. Ocean’s Edge
  3. Beachcomber’s Cottage
  4. Driftwood Cottage
  5. Coastal Charm
  6. Seabreeze Cottage
  7. The Blue Horizon
  8. Beach House Bliss
  9. Sandcastle Cottage
  10. Seaside Haven

These names often evoke a sense of relaxation, adventure, and the natural beauty of the sea. They can make a home feel more welcoming and charming, and reflect the unique character of a seaside location.

Close up of small country cottage, lots of plants and bushes growing up the walls

Best Beach Cottage Names

Naming a beach cottage can be a delightful way to capture its essence, location, and the experiences it offers. Here are 10 beach cottage names that encapsulate the charm and ambiance of coastal living:

  1. Seashell Sanctuary
  2. Tidepool Retreat
  3. Driftwood Dream
  4. Coral Cove Cottage
  5. Dune Haven
  6. Saltwater Solace
  7. Mermaid’s Muse
  8. Whispering Waves
  9. Sandy Toes Sanctuary
  10. Lighthouse Landing

These names conjure images of tranquil beach scenes, cozy corners, and the rhythmic sound of the waves. Choose a name that resonates with the unique atmosphere of your cottage, and it’s sure to enchant your guests.

Holiday Cottage Names

We’ve all lusted over a gorgeous holiday cottage situated near the coast, in the countryside, by a forest or simply in a rural spot – so give your holiday home a name that represents its unique features.

  1. Holiday Haven
  2. Sunshine Retreat
  3. Coastal Escape
  4. Mountain View Cottage
  5. Vacation Villa
Quaint country cottage exterior with blue windows and old slate roof, gravel path lined with lawn and cottage flowers

River Cottage Names

There’s nothing like the sound of a babbling brook, or the rush of fast flowing river to wake you in the morning. So if your country cottage has the honour of a riverside location, use it your advantage and choose a name like these:

  1. Riverside Retreat
  2. River’s Edge
  3. Riverbank House
  4. The Trout House
  5. Riverstone Cottage
Cottage by a country river, overhanging trees, on a sunny day

Coastal Cottage Names

Do you own a coastal cottage? If so you’ll want to give it a name that reflects its location, the stunning scenery and unique position it holds in the area. These are some examples of typical coastal names for a cottage by the sea.

  1. Cliff View Cottage
  2. Saltwater Sands
  3. Coastal View
  4. Beach House
  5. Seaside Escape

Mountain Cabin Names

What if your cottage is actually a cabin in the mountains? You’ll want to give it an appropriate name, suiting its location and style. These are some of the most popular cabin names I’ve found for homes on a mountain.

  1. Alpine Escape
  2. Mountain Majesty
  3. Summit Sanctuary
  4. Timber Trail
  5. Wilderness Hideout
Small log mountain cabin cottage in the dark with lights on

Scottish Cottage Names

Sometimes it’s appropriate to give your cottage a name relevant to its country, particularly if that country has its own language. As holiday and vacation destinations, these can give extra character and identity to your property.

These are some of my favourite Scottish cottage names:

  1. Coorie Nook (meaning “snug corner”)
  2. Bonnie Wee Hoose (meaning “beautiful small house”)
  3. Ben Dorain (meaning “hill of the otter”)
  4. Cairngorms Lodge (referring to the Cairngorms mountain range)
  5. Allt Dearg Cottage (referring to the Allt Dearg river)

English Cottage Names

In contrast to the above, if you want a typically English name for your country abode, here are some cute English cottage names you might like to use.

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. Ivy House
  3. The Old Rectory
  4. Thatched Cottage
  5. Oak Cottage

These names evoke the traditional and quaint charm of English cottage living, with references to natural elements like roses, ivy, thatch, and oak.

Very quaint thatched cottage with rambling cottage garden, large hanging baskets and rose plants

Irish Cottage Names

There’s always a sense of pride in naming your cottage in the area’s language, and Irish cottage names are no exception. Here are a few examples I’ve found, to help fire your imagination.

  1. Teach Solais (meaning “House of Light”)
  2. Tigh na Gaeilge (meaning “House of Irish”)
  3. An Grianán (meaning “The Sunny Place”)
  4. Teach Shíoda (meaning “Silk House”)
  5. Teach na Coille (meaning “House of the Woods”)

Welsh Cottage Names

I’ve pulled together a few examples of welsh names given to cottages as examples of what can be achieved. I’ve spent many holidays in Wales, (I am about to book one at the time of writing!) and love the Welsh language, so finding a cottage with a Welsh name is my goal. And if it includes ‘Cwtch’ then I have to go there!

  1. Ty Mawr (meaning “big house”)
  2. Llwyn Onn (meaning “ash grove”)
  3. Ty Gwyn (meaning “white house”)
  4. Tŷ Bach (meaning “small house”)
  5. Bryn Derwen (meaning “oak hill”)

Cornish Cottage Names

Cornish is a Celtic language spoken in Cornwall, England. Here are five examples of names used for cottages in the Cornish language:

  1. Chi an Mor (meaning “house by the sea”)
  2. Porth Cottage (referring to the Cornish word for “harbor”)
  3. Penn an Wlas (meaning “end of the land”)
  4. Wheal Rose Cottage (referring to the Cornish word for “mine”)
  5. Boskenna Cottage (referring to the Cornish word for “wooded valley”)

Fairy Cottage Names

Many people like to give their cottage a typically whimsical fairy name to represent the magical and mystical aspects of cottage living. If you love the fairy world, then choose one of these fairy cottage names for your country home.

  1. Dewdrop Haven
  2. Thistlewhistle Cottage
  3. Mossy Hollow
  4. Enchanted Dell
  5. Pixie Hollow

Quirky Names for Summer Houses

Every cottage garden should have a summer house, and each summer house should have a name. This list of cottage name ideas is equally well used for a summer house at the bottom of the garden.

  1. Sunset Nook
  2. Frog’s Leap
  3. Whimsy Wood
  4. Barefoot Bay
  5. Dune Drift
  6. Lilypad Lounge
  7. Starfish Station
  8. Mango Manor
  9. Pineapple Perch
  10. Lemon Twist

How to Create your own Charming Cottage Name

If you’d like to create your own pretty, cute and charming cottage name, you’ll need to select a combination of adjective and noun. Here are 25 adjectives (with a few nouns thrown in too) you can use in your very own cottage name:

These adjectives evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and simplicity that are often associated with country living. You can mix and match these adjectives with different nouns, like ‘cottage’, ‘retreat’, and ‘lodge’ to create a unique and memorable name for your country cottage.

  1. Rustic
  2. Cosy
  3. Charming
  4. Serene
  5. Peaceful
  6. Tranquil
  7. Idyllic
  8. Blossom
  9. Enchanting
  10. Cherry Tree
  11. Scenic
  12. Dreamy
  13. Pleasant
  14. Homely
  15. Wisteria
  16. Countryside
  17. Quiet
  18. Blissful
  19. Daisy
  20. Bluebell
  21. Vintage
  22. Romantic
  23. Sweet pea
  24. Magical
  25. Heavenly
Very pretty country cottage from the side, next to a road and small river, lined with an abundance of pretty flowers and hedges

Online Cottage House Name Generator

If you would prefer to use our online cottage name generator to find your own unique cottage house name, then simply click the ‘generate’ button below, as many times as you like until your find your favorite.

Cottage Name Generator

Cottage Name Generator

Click the button below to generate a name for your cozy cottage:

Display your Cottage Name with House Signs

What’s the best house name sign?

There are lots of different ways to create a sign for your house, and your cottage. Think about materials that complement the style of your cottage. You might choose a traditional slate for example, or rustic house sign. The best house sign will be one that depicts the character of your home, is robust and strong, and easy to fit.

How do you put up a house name sign?

If you’re wondering how to attach a house sign to a wall, here are some general instructions (they may need adapting depending on the sign type)

  1. Decide on a location on the wall of your house or cottage
  2. Mark the drill holes
  3. Drill the holes usually with a 7mm drill bit
  4. Fill with the correct raw plugs
  5. Screw your sign into place!

How big should house signs be?

House signs need to be seen from the road, or the end of the garden path so need to be big enough to be visible from this distance. Generally we’d remind you that 20mm letters can be seen from a distance of 10 metres. Bigger is better but this will depend on the size of your property.

How do Cottages get their Names?

Cottages are named by their owners who want to give identity, personality and character to their country home. Often they’re chosen with respect to their location, their surroundings, their history and their owners’ family genealogy too.

Why do English Cottages have Names?

English cottage names date back to the time before homes had numbers. Owners ensured their homes were memorable and noticed by giving them names related to their location and often their family history. In smaller communities, the homes were identified by their name alone.

Why do People own Cottages?

There are 2 reasons why people love to own cottages. The first is as a holiday or vacation property. They will rent it out to holidaymakers or use it as their getaway home for time out of a city. Secondly, some people love and embrace a country cottage way of life. The rural existence, country living and quieter pace of life suits them. It’s not for everyone, so think long and hard about whether you would enjoy a cottage lifestyle.

Cottage Interior Decor Tips and Advice

How to decorate a small English cottage

Image from Country Seeds – An English Country bouquet of flowers

Cottages need to feel warm, cosy and welcoming but more than anything they need to feel special to their owners. So add your own personality and flair to the space. I would recommend considering size and spacing when choosing furniture, as well as your location and surroundings.

  1. Decide on a style such as traditional or modern and use pieces that reflect the time.
  2. Choose a neutral color palette and use it throughout the property for continuity
  3. Help the home feel spacious by adding lots of mirrors and allowing the natural daylight to flood in
  4. Use traditional cottage materials like gingham, florals or checks, and use natural, sustainable fabrics where possible.
  5. Don’t be afraid to think big and use larger pieces for impact and wow factor
  6. Add wallpaper on accent walls or to section off areas for specific uses

Best colours to use in a small cottage

A cottage benefits from neutral and natural color palettes. focusing on calm, warm and inviting schemes.

  1. Add whites and creams shades to help the space feel light and airy. These hues are timeless and appeal to everyone.
  2. Pastel shades of blue and green. I particularly love sage green, an on-trend color for 2023
  3. Earthy neutral shades in browns and taupes. These shades are very easy to live with and create a warm. cosy environment.

Best furniture for a cozy cottage

By their very nature, cottages are small and cosy so you’ll want to choose furniture that doesn’t overwhelm the space. That doesn’t mean boring though! Whilst everyone has a different interior decor style, there are some pieces that every cottage needs. This isn’t a definitive list but it will give you a start to furnishing your charming country cottage home.

  1. A cosy armchair
  2. Small wooden dining table with traditional high backed chairs
  3. Pine chest of drawers
  4. Pine dresser for the kitchen/dining area
  5. Wrought iron bedstead
  6. Bookshelves
  7. Wooden coffee or side tables
  8. Rocking chairs
  9. Hat and coat stand
  10. Wall shelves and hooks

What is cottagecore decorating?

Cottagecore, as a movement, celebrates a simple rural lifestyle, full of flowers, home-cooked foods, and quaint English villages. It’s popularity has surged in recent years, finding a cult-like following through social media during the pandemic, as many young people dreamed of a different life.

So, how can we apply this lifestyle aesthetic and philosophy to interior design?. In particular, a country cottage is the perfect space to craft a cosy cottagecore haven, mirroring the rural world through plenty of florals and natural materials.

We can also apply principles of sustainability, another important pillar of cottagecore, to our interior design. This can be achieved through shopping second hand, using natural fibres (think cotton, linen, wool etc), and in general, buying less and only buying what we really love.

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