270 Popular House Names For Your Sweet Home [2024]

A welcoming house name does more than just serve a purpose as being your postal address. What are popular house names and how do you choose one? Let us help name a house with our jam packed guide.

For your humble abode, a beautiful house name already leaves a lasting, and welcoming impression before your guests even set foot inside your house. It also gives you the flexibility to use a house name that is reflective of you, your family, and even your personality.

There’s no denying though that picking the right house name is not an impulsive decision, and it’s one that needs thoughtful consideration for what will represent your home for years to come. Home names stick around for a long time so you need to be comfortable with it.

Choose a cool name for your home and you’ll be proud to tell people where you live. Select a creative name and your home will stand out in the community.

It might take a while to come up with the right name for your home, so don’t rush the process.

If you’re in the process of finding names for property, or you’re looking for some of the best house name ideas around, we’ve collated over 270 popular house names to give to your beautiful, sweet home – after all, we all wonder what’s the most popular house name don’t we?

What Are Good House Name Ideas?

Let’s work through the different styles of home to find some good house name ideas you can adapt for your own home. You’ll come away from this post with an array of names for homes that you love.

Cottage House Names

A country cottage in a leafy lane with wooden gate .

Quintessentially British, cottages usually conjure up images of cosiness, warmth, and perhaps a traditional take on things. The names are no different. 

Cottages usually have a quirky, yet enchanting name that is usually very well matched to the feel and essence of a cottage.

Here are some of the most popular house names for a cottage. Floral names are often a good choice for a cottage, and work equally as well for converted barns too.

Whether you choose the best name for your home comes down to style, taste and probably your own name too.

  1. Crimble Cottage
  2. Bramble Cottage
  3. Yew Tree Cottage
  4. Beech Tree Cottage
  5. Tree Cottage
  6. Orchard Cottage
  7. Barn Cottage
  8. The Hideaway Cottage
  9. Abbey Cottage
  10. Seaside Cottage
  11. The Lodge
  12. Old Rectory Cottage
  13. The Chapters
  14. Mill House
  15. Elm Tree Wood Cottage
  16. The Croft
  17. Pineview Cottage
  18. Hollywell Cottage
  19. Crow Cottage
  20. Lakeview Cottage
A graphic with a pretty cottage in the background and text which says Cottage Names and 3 examples of house names.

Villa Names

Whether it’s a taste of the French riviera or a Grecian paradise on the white washed streets of Mykonos, house names for Villas should be unique and reflective of the area, or a beautiful way to describe your little slice of paradise. If it’s going to be a vacation rental you want a good name that holidaymakers can remember and locals can recognise. Here 20 suggestions you can use to name a house.

  1. Dolce Vita Villa
  2. Great Escape
  3. Rose Villa
  4. Sierra Sky
  5. Sea La Vie
  6. Casa Palmera
  7. Driftwood Villa
  8. Primrose
  9. Elm Villa
  10. Casa del X (insert surname)
  11. Lakeshore
  12. Mayfair
  13. Silver Birches
  14. Waterfront
  15. Papillon
  16. Villa Bellissimo
  17. Restore The Chateau
  18. Eton Villa
  19. Solaris
  20. Maison Terranova
A holiday villa in white in front of a blue pool and stunning blue skies

Posh House Names

If you’re all about the luxe factor and you’ve got a posh pad to match, it needs a house name that is going to do it justice. You might choose to use your family name for a posh home, or using one of our creative posh house names might be the best way to go.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve selected a catchy name that represents the home well.

Perception is everything, so give it a house name that is going to give the impression of gravitas and presence. These 20 posh house names certainly hit the mark!

  1. Gatsby
  2. Chevin Croft
  3. Olde Post House
  4. Springfield
  5. Princess Park Manor
  6. Rosilian Hall
  7. Meadow View
  8. Treetops
  9. Cleeve Mill
  10. The Gate House
  11. Wild Rose Cottage
  12. Knightsbridge Manor
  13. Hawthorn View
  14. Ivy Cottage
  15. Gillmont
  16. Hollyhock Cottage
  17. Robin Hill
  18. Old School House
  19. Langdon Manor
  20. Bluebell Cottage
A courtyard of traditional old houses covered in ivy. In the middle is a green with stone planter and benches.

Funny House Names

When creating a unique house name it pays to be fun sometimes, especially if you plan on living in your home for the foreseeable future. Not only will a funny house name be memorable, but it will instantly put a smile on someone’s face when they think, or see the name. 

To make it even more personal, think of a funny memory that’s only shared by a few close relatives or friends, is there a word that could be used to summarise it?

Name it after a family member’s nickname, or add a funny twist to an iconic landmark. Whimsical names are a good choice here when giving your home a new name.

If you’re a comedy lover, then being the owner of a house with a fun name, and even a unique name, will bring you great joy! Funny names are quirky and personality fuelled, and often found on British homes, so if that’s you, just go for it.

If you’re not one for serious house names, these are for you!

  1. Morning Glory Cottage
  2. Nuthatch Cottage
  3. The Piggery
  4. Bogg View
  5. Bedlam
  6. Costa Lota
  7. The Last resort
  8. Soddom Hall
  9. Long Lover Lane
  10. The Cuckoo’s Nest
  11. Tarts Hill
  12. Windy Bottom
  13. Piddle River
  14. Bonkers
  15. Justus
  16. Shittington Lane
  17. Four Winds
  18. Da Crib
  19. The Winds
  20. Dun Struglin
A graphic with a small row of white houses below a bright blue sky. The text reads, funny house names, and gibes 3 examples.

Small House Names

If you have a small house, you may want to give it a more bijoux name that’s more in fitting with the size, and interiors. 

Remember, small houses are just as mighty, so here are some small house names for tiny spaces that will still pack a punch! And it’s always a good idea to put up a house name sign on your small home, so it’s easy for guests, visitors and delivery folk to find.

  1. The Firs
  2. Bijoux Beginnings
  3. Fine Hall
  4. Half-pint Cottage
  5. The Tiny Cottage
  6. Toad Hall
  7. Ladybird Cottage
  8. Little Court
  9. Quarters
  10. Little Valley
A tiny white house with blue windows and door, and the sign The Mousehole

Guest House Names

If you’re the owner of a guest house, small hotel, Airbnb or B&B then naming your home is pretty much essential and you’ll need a good holiday home name. It will help you advertise and promote your property, as well as give prospective clients a good idea of what type of establishment you run.

Here are some ideas for business property guest house names you could try:

  1. Orchard House
  2. Luxury Lodge
  3. Stay and Sleep
  4. Comfort House
  5. Hilltop B&B
  6. Holiday Hideout
  7. Beech Trees
  8. Sunshine and Smiles
  9. Simply Relax
  10. Blissful B&B
An image of bright blue sky, and the top of a yellow and white striped beach house, saying Happy Place.

Beach House Names

Are you the proud owner of a beach house? If you’re lucky enough to reside on the coast, near a beach, or on the seafront then your home needs a suitable name that depicts the stunning location, beautiful views and lifestyle opportunities.

You can also apply many of these names to a waterside or lake house, or even a beach hut. So what are you waiting for – start brainstorming the name of your beach house today!

  1. Waterfront
  2. Beach Haven
  3. Coral Cottage
  4. Seaviews
  5. Ocean Pearl
  6. Seascape
  7. Paradise Palms
  8. Happy Place
  9. Bliss on the Bay
  10. Cove Castle
A graphic of the ocean with bright blue skies and some grecian style houses by the sea. The text says Beach House Names and gives 3 examples of how to name your beach house.

Popular House Names List

If you just want to know the list of most popular house names, here are some that resonate with many people.

  1. Rose Cottage
  2. The Old Rectory
  3. The Homestead
  4. Orchard House
  5. Meadow View
  6. The Pines
  7. The Nook
  8. Woodlands
  9. Fernbank
  10. Ivy House

Cute House Names

Naming a house goes beyond mere identification; it imparts a personality, narrating a unique story of the home and those within. A well-chosen name can encapsulate memories, aspirations, or the sheer charm of the place. For those looking to sprinkle a dash of whimsy and warmth onto their dwelling, here’s a list of 10 endearing house names that resonate with heart and soul:

  1. Bumblebee Bungalow
  2. Sparrow’s Rest
  3. Daisy Den
  4. Willow Whimsy
  5. Honeysuckle Haven
  6. Bluebirbd Bliss
  7. Pebblebrook Place
  8. Buttercup Cottage
  9. Meadowlark Manor
  10. Thistledown Thatch

Whether you’re a new homeowner or simply rebranding an old residence, these names are sure to add a touch of enchantment to your space.

A graphic of a small lane and row of old houses, with text that reads, Cute House Names and gives 3 examples of house name ideas.

Cool House Names

For the modern homeowner with an edge, a house name should evoke a sense of sophistication, intrigue, and cool. Dive into this curated list of house names that exude a chic vibe, aligning perfectly with avant-garde aesthetics and contemporary lifestyles:

  1. Zenith Loft
  2. Eclipse Estate
  3. Nirvana Nook
  4. Riviera Ridge
  5. Lunar Ledge
  6. Onyx Oasis
  7. Verve Villa
  8. Mystique Mansion
  9. Slate Sanctum
  10. Element Edge

These names offer more than just identification; they’re a statement of style, turning any home into the talk of the town

Lucky House Names

In many cultures, the name of a house isn’t just a label—it’s a wish, a blessing, or an invocation of good fortune. For homeowners who believe in the power of auspicious names or simply enjoy the allure of positivity, selecting lucky house names can be both meaningful and delightful. Explore this list of house names imbued with sentiments of luck and prosperity:

  1. Fortuna’s Favor
  2. Lucky Lantern Lodge
  3. Serendipity Suite
  4. Prosper Point
  5. Golden Grains Grange
  6. Blessings Bend
  7. Lucky Leaf Lane
  8. Harmony Haven
  9. Fortunate Fields
  10. Opulent Oasis

With these names, every return home becomes a gentle reminder of the good fortune and positive vibes that fill its walls.

A graphic of a modern, luxury villa, beneath a bright blue sky, with trees either side and a square, neat lawn in front. The text reads, Lucky House Names and gives 3 examples.

Modern House Names

In the evolving landscape of architecture and design, modern homes stand as a testament to sleek style, innovative construction, and forward-thinking. For homeowners with an appreciation for minimalist aesthetics and up-to-date designs, a house name should mirror that contemporary vibe. Dive into this curated list of house names that radiate modern elegance and stylish simplicity:

  1. Nexa Nest
  2. Vertex Villa
  3. Prism Pointe
  4. Linear Loft
  5. Aero Arch
  6. Mingle Mews
  7. Element Edge
  8. Cubix Cove
  9. Pivot Place
  10. Svelte Sanctum

Choosing from this array ensures that your house doesn’t just look modern—it feels modern from the very moment it’s named.

A graphic depicting an image of a modern house with porch, leafy trees beside and a well tended garden. The text reads Modern House Names and gives 3 examples

Quirky House Names

Every house has a story, but quirky homes have plots full of twists, characters brimming with charm, and settings that defy the ordinary. For the homeowner who cherishes the unconventional and thrives on the whimsical, a house name should echo that distinct spirit. Venture into this curated list of house names that radiate individuality and a delightful dash of quirkiness:

  1. Kaleidoscope Keep
  2. Bobbles & Bricks Bungalow
  3. Whimsy Wagon Works
  4. Odd Otter Outpost
  5. Riddle & Rhyme Residence
  6. Twist Turn Tavern
  7. Mosaic Moat Manor
  8. Peculiar Perch Place
  9. Topsy-Turvy Towers
  10. Squiggle Squat Spot

Let these names be a celebration of the wonderfully weird, ensuring your home remains as memorably unique as its name suggests.

Bungalow Names

Bungalows, with their cozy, single-story charm, have a unique allure that draws many homeowners. When it comes to naming these spaces, it’s an opportunity to highlight both their architectural uniqueness and the personality they imbue. Here’s a curated list of house names tailored for the quintessential bungalow, blending tradition with a touch of modernity:

  1. Brookside Bungalow
  2. Breezy Bend Bungalow
  3. Blossom Bluff Bungalow
  4. Bungalow Belleview
  5. Beachwood Bungalow
  6. Birch Bark Bungalow
  7. Blissful Bay Bungalow
  8. Bungalow by the Brooks
  9. Bamboo Bridge Bungalow
  10. Bungalow Beacon

Whether it’s the rustic allure or the modern twists in design, these names aim to capture the essence of bungalow living, making them perfect companions to your cozy corner of the world and to help in your journey for the best house name ideas.

A graphic with an image of a bungalow with potted plants and a bench on the porch. The text reads Bungalow Names and gives 3 ideas of what to name your bungalow.

Ranch Names

Ranches, with their sprawling landscapes and rooted sense of history, evoke feelings of freedom, nature, and deep connection to the land. Naming a ranch is not just about its physical features but also about encapsulating its spirit, traditions, and the stories it holds. Here’s a curated list of names crafted for iconic ranches, drawing from nature, history, and a touch of romance:

  1. Whispering Willows Ranch
  2. Sunset Saddle Ranch
  3. Lone Lark Landing
  4. Rustic Ridge Ranch
  5. Golden Gait Ranch
  6. Majestic Mesa Ranch
  7. Clear Creek Crossing
  8. Prairie Pulse Ranch
  9. Rugged Roost Ranch
  10. Timber Trail Ranch

Choosing from these names ensures your ranch stands as a beacon of both tradition and individuality, echoing the songs of the land and the stories of those who tread upon it.

Farm Names

Farms, with their rhythmic dance of sowing and reaping, are a testament to life’s cycles, hard work, and the nurturing of both soil and soul. The name of a farm should echo its fertile grounds, the dedication poured into it, and the dreams sprouting from its fields. Embark on this cultivated list of farm names, rooted deeply in nature, heritage, and the promise of golden harvests:

  1. Meadow Muse Farm
  2. Sunrise Silo Farm
  3. Fallow Fields Haven
  4. Green Grove Gables
  5. Harvest Horizon Homestead
  6. Bramble Brook Farm
  7. Golden Grain Grove
  8. Whistlewood Farm
  9. Lushland Legacy Farm
  10. Serenity Sprouts Farmstead

Let these names be a testament to the land’s bounty and the farmer’s unwavering dedication, painting a picture of vibrant fields and days soaked in sunlit promises.

A graphic with an image of a farmhouse and barns in a rural setting. The text reads, Farm House Names and gives 3 examples of house name ideas.

Airbnb Names

In the world of Airbnb, a property’s name isn’t just a label—it’s the first impression, a preview of the memories awaiting guests. With travelers seeking both comfort and unique experiences, an Airbnb name should encapsulate the essence of the space while sparking curiosity. Embark on this handpicked list of Airbnb names that blend a sense of home with the allure of escapade:

  1. Whimsical Window Views
  2. Serenity in the Skyline
  3. Metropolitan Muse Nook
  4. Twilight Terrace
  5. Urban Oasis
  6. Harbor Hues Haven
  7. Vintage Vista
  8. Sunset Soiree Suite
  9. Globe Trotter’s Gem
  10. Cityscape Charm

In the competitive realm of short-term rentals, these names strive to stand out, offering guests a hint of the unique experiences and comfort that await within their walls.

Apartment Names

In bustling cities and serene suburbs alike, apartments stand as sanctuaries for their residents, providing comfort amidst the chaos. Naming an apartment isn’t just about the structure but the lifestyle, ambiance, and aspirations it promises. Explore this curated list of apartment names that blend modern living with a touch of sophistication:

  1. Skyline Serenade Suites
  2. MetroMingle Lofts
  3. Vista Verde Residences
  4. Urban Utopia Units
  5. Horizon Haven Homes
  6. Pinnacle Pointe Pads
  7. Elysian Estates
  8. NovaNest Dwellings
  9. Cosmopolitan Courts
  10. Gilded Grove Galleries
A graphic with image of an apartment complex beneath a bright blue sky. The text reads, Apartment Names and gives 3 examples.

Lake House Names

The allure of a lake house lies not just in its serene surroundings but in its promise of escape, tranquility, and timeless moments by the water’s edge. When looking for house name ideas, it’s essential to capture the essence of waterside wonders and the gentle cadence of lakeside living. Dive into this handpicked list of lake house names that echo the rhythm of ripples and the calm of still waters:

  1. Misty Mornings Manor
  2. Lakelight Ledge
  3. BlueHaven Breeze
  4. Ripple Retreat Residences
  5. Sundown Serenity Shores
  6. Whispering Waters Way
  7. Reflections Ridge
  8. AquaAura Abode
  9. Lakeside Loom Lofts
  10. Tranquil Tides Terrace

With these names, every visitor or resident is instantly reminded of the soothing embrace of the lake and the gentle whispers of nature that accompany it.

A graphic that shows an image of a decorative house by the lake, bit boat area and bright blue skies. The text reads, Lake House Names and gives 3 ideas.

English House Names

English homes, steeped in history and tradition, often carry an air of timelessness, elegance, and a hint of the fairy tales we grew up with. Naming an English house is an opportunity to capture its heritage, architectural beauty, and the rolling green landscapes often surrounding it. Here’s a refined list of house names, inspired by classic English elegance and the picturesque countryside:

  1. Rosewood Manor
  2. Thornbury Thicket
  3. Windsor Wold House
  4. Cobblestone Cottage
  5. Heathcliff Haven
  6. Meadowbrook Manor
  7. Elmsworth Estate
  8. Lavender Lane Lodge
  9. Bramblewood Barn
  10. Tudor Twist Terrace

Selecting from these names adds an aura of classic English charm, ensuring the home remains a timeless piece in the tapestry of the beautiful English landscape.

Irish House Names

Irish homes, rooted in rich folklore and breathtaking landscapes, resonate with stories of ages past and the natural beauty of the land. Naming an Irish house invites one to weave in its history, the undulating greenery, and the poetic allure that Ireland is renowned for. Venture into this curated list of house names, drawing inspiration from Ireland’s enchanting essence:

  1. Clover Cottage
  2. Emerald Echo Estate
  3. Limerick Lodge
  4. Mystic Moors Manor
  5. Ballybrook Barn
  6. Green Glens Grange
  7. Celtic Crest Cottage
  8. Shannon Shores
  9. Dingle Dell Dwelling
  10. Kerry Kiln Keep

Embracing these names ensures that your home is not only a sanctuary but also a testament to Ireland’s captivating charm, folklore, and the timeless tales it has inspired.

A graphic that shows an image of a country cottage  with thatched roof and cottage garden. The text reads Irish House Names.

Cornish House Names

Cornwall, with its rugged coastline, quaint villages, and deep-rooted myths, is a land that whispers tales of the sea, miners, and legendary spirits. The houses here hold stories of the past, and their names reflect the region’s maritime heritage, mineral wealth, and ethereal beauty so there’s a myriad of house name ideas to be had from the surroundings. Here’s a curated list of Cornish house names that encapsulate the spirit of this magical county:

  1. Poldark Pointe
  2. Seagull’s Seaside
  3. Miner’s Moor Manor
  4. Tintagel Tides
  5. St Ives Inlet Inn
  6. Celtic Cove Cottage
  7. Mystic Mariner’s Mews
  8. Penzance Perch
  9. Bodmin Briar Barn
  10. Cornish Cliffs Keep

By choosing from these names, your abode doesn’t just reflect Cornwall’s physical beauty, but also resonates with its history, legends, and the echoing call of the sea.

A graphic with image of a cornish town by the sea. The text reads Cornish House Names and gives 3 examples of house names in Cornwall.

Spanish House Names

Spanish homes, brimming with rich culture, colorful traditions, and architectural charm, evoke warmth, family, and vibrant festivities. Naming a Spanish house allows one to encapsulate its Mediterranean allure, intricate tilework, and the lively spirit synonymous with Spain. Immerse yourself in this cultivated list of Spanish house names that reflect the heart and soul of España:

  1. Villa Valiente (Brave Villa)
  2. Casa del Sol (House of the Sun)
  3. Refugio Rosado (Pink Refuge)
  4. Hacienda Hermosa (Beautiful Estate)
  5. Palacio Pintoresco (Picturesque Palace)
  6. Morada de Montaña (Mountain Abode)
  7. Casa Cielo Azul (Blue Sky House)
  8. Vista Valenciana (Valencian View)
  9. Retiro Radiante (Radiant Retreat)
  10. Jardín Jubiloso (Joyful Garden)

Adopting one of these names envelops your home in the warmth and richness of Spanish culture, inviting both residents and visitors to experience a slice of Spain, no matter where they are.

What’s our favourite house name? Well with so many to choose from, it’s very difficult to pick just one but if I’m living the dream, I have a beautiful cottage by the sea, with stunning coastal walks and woodland nearby.

The name of my ultimate happy place? The Sunbather!

A graphic with an image of pretty houses by a lake, on a bright sunny day. The text reads, House Name Generator - Choose your Own House Name.

House Name Generator

It’s not always easy identifying good names for houses, so we’ve made this house name generator to give you more unique inspiration.

House Name Generator

House Name Generator

Click the button below to generate a name for your own House:

Can You Change House Names? 

Yes, you can absolutely change the names of houses. If your house has a number then you can change the house name without contacting the council. 

If it isn’t numbered, then you will need to speak to your local authority before doing so. They will need to ensure that your chosen name is not similar to anyone else’s house name in the local area. This is to avoid any potential postal, or emergency services mistakes. 

How Do You Name a House?

Naming a house is probably considered one of the hardest things to decide on after interior finishes. After all it reflects you, and your home. 

When wondering how to name your house, take into account variety of factors that should go into the naming process, this includes;

  • Is there anything personally that you could use within the name such as a surname or a first name of someone special within the family tree?
  • Think about geographic landmarks that are nearby that could influence the house name.
  • What’s the history of the house? Is there a specific term from the era that’s used in those houses? If it’s a house of historical importance, perhaps there’s a name of someone who lived there historically that could be used?
  • Have you visited somewhere incredibly special? It could be a hotel name, favourite restaurant or even a landmark abroad.
  • Are there any famous names you love?
  • Can you think back to all the good times you’ve had as home owners, and does this inspire your new house name?
  • Do you have any restrictions with what names you can use within the local area?
  • Do you have beautiful views that could help you choose the name of the house?

These are all important factors to consider to help you name a house. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so you don’t have to have it all figured out on the first day you move, or when you decide to change the name. 

Brainstorm a list and choose your top 5 names for houses. Look at them everyday to see what you could visualise your house being called, and one will eventually stick, that’s your winning house name! 

If you’re able to, choosing a unique house name is a great way to further personalise your house, and make a mark within the local area. Don’t forget to have fun with it during the naming process, and do seek other family members and friends’ thoughts before you commit. It always helps to have a second opinion! 

Then when you’ve chosen your brand new house name, don’t forget to create a house sign or house post to advertise this to your neighbours, visitors and delivery people.

Hopefully this list of 270 house names has given you plenty of house naming inspiration to leave a lasting impression, and to really put your house on the map no matter what type of property you own! 

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