9 Cottagecore House Tips to Create a Whimsical Haven

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In a twist of fate, cottagecore has blossomed from a niche internet aesthetic to one of 2023’s strongest interior trends. Like cherry blooms in Spring, a desire for country living and simpler times surfaces every year. But the cottagecore aesthetic, characterised by outdoor whimsy, natural materials, rustic styling and pastoral nostalgia, is here to stay.

Let’s delve into 9 cottagecore house ideas that will help you turn your own home into a whimsical haven.

A typical country cottage cottagecore house, with thatched roof, green doors and windows and country garden

1.    Start from a neutral colour palette

Cottagecore is all about natural elements and warm tones, whether earthy or more delicate. I’m thinking neutral shades, warm creams, blush pinks and terracottas, but if you’re looking for something bolder sage green, plums and dusty blues will envelop the space like a hug. Essentially, cottagecore design is about working from a canvas that brings balance by pulling everything together.

2.    Vintage furnishings

One strand of inspiration cottagecore homes draw from is a romantic past, making vintage furnishings and floral patterns a must-have. Rustic armoires, writing desks and wooden accents are quintessential to the look. Think traditional English countryside style coupled with fresh flowers, peasant dresses and a rural life. The cottagecore lifestyle is a design trend like no other, where Laura Ashley meets antique furniture in rural areas.

A cottagecore house kitchen with white beamed ceiling, stone floor, wooden kitchen table

3.    Layers, layers, layers

Nothing embodies the spirit of cottagecore like an assortment of organic textiles and textures. These could be linen, patchwork, crochet or something more bespoke like harris tweed. Layering a profusion of textures will add depth to your colour scheme, creating a cosy space ideal for curling up with a book, significant other, cuppa – or perhaps all three!

4.    Spotlight period features

Breathe life into your cottagecore style room, whether the living room or dining room, by making period features the stars of the show. Country houses, the higgledy-piggledy cozy cottage and Edwardian builds are born for this. They ooze an innate sense of rustic charm with gorgeous bay windows, ornate fireplaces and overhead beams – all you can elevate with tasteful decoration or a smidge of upcycling. These are the perfect ways to bring cottagecore vibes into your home.

If you live in a modern property you don’t feel left out. Small alterations such as dainty floral door handles or wood panelling can still give you that cottagecore vintage look. If you want to go even bigger, creating a focal point with a wood burner or classic range cooker will also do the trick. It’s easier than you think to breath a cottagecore vibe into your home decor.

Stone walls, vintage finds, large windows and pretty wallpaper can turn a small cottage into a dreamy haven.

5.    Turn you home into a treasure-trove

In the last century or so, historians have witnessed a natural pendulum swing between maximalism and minimalism. But where does cottagecore décor fit along this spectrum?

While cottagecore is linked to aspirations for a simpler life, many view the aesthetic as a maximalist one. With a fondness for floral prints, trinkets and curiosities, imagery of cottagecore home décor is delightfully cluttered. With treasures sourced at the flea market, cottagecore embraces an English cottage feel, cozy spaces, indoor plants and vintage decor.

And when you come back from the market, laden with cottagecore treasures, you might need to rent a van to bring them home. It’s the easy way to manage the one off larger purchases.

Staples of cottagecore include timeless pantry jars, vases overflowing with dried flowers, thrifted china crockery, wicker baskets, candles, vintage books, rustic wooden furniture and whimsical botanical artwork. The beauty of these additions is that many have a functional capacity beyond their looks: a teacup will double up as a vase and wicker baskets make for handy storage space

6.    Accent with dreamy patterns

Popular garden motifs such as mushrooms, fruit, florals and butterflies all call to the cottagecore room aesthetic. Today there’s an almost unimaginable range of florals, ginghams and woodland prints to choose from and cottagecore wallpapers have certainly taken off. Creating a living space full of dreamy accessories, pretty prints, bookcases and cozy corners will easily bring a cottagecore house to life.

A typical cottagecore house bedroom comprising of double bed with green flowery bedding a whitewashed wlal with small flower prints and a few suitacases on the floor.

Image: Dunelm 

7.    Brighten things up with warm lighting

Warm-toned lighting and intricate fixtures are beautiful finishing touches to a cottagecore décor. Introduce vintage bulbs, ornate mirrors and reclaimed to brighten up the space and highlight the decorative elements of your cottagecore home. You’ll find it particularly useful in cottagecore kitchens, where practicality meets design style.

8.    Mix and match aesthetics

Don’t be afraid to blend styles – professional designers can attest to the fact that sometimes opposites do attract. To create a sense of depth and authenticity you can use juxtaposition, pairing two disparate elements together.

If you’re afraid of your interior looking gimmicky, interspersing minimalist furnishings into the mix such as coffee tables and sofas can add a modern touch to your vintage cottagecore styling. It might feel like a daunting task, but for every piece you love you can find a way to make it work.

Room decor in a cottagecore house, wooden floor, wooden small table and chair, bookcase and white walls

Which interior design trends pair well with cottagecore?

As long as you pick out a unifying colour palette, you can find lots of common ground between interior aesthetics. With their shared emphasis on calming tones, nature and eclectic features you’ll discover that boho, japandi and biophilic design all combine effortlessly with the rustic, dainty look of cottagecore.

9.    Go eco!

Cottagecore embodies our admiration for nature, crafts and objects that tell a story. Naturally, there is a strong leaning towards upcycling old furniture, thrifting eclectic pieces and sourcing materials naturally and ethically. It’s an aspect of modern life now, taking a new trend and making it your own, so stamp your personal touch on the cottagecore vibe and you’ll easily create your perfect house.

Cottagecore as a lifestyle

Although most discover the cottagecore aesthetic scrolling through their social media feeds, it’s so much more than a vapid consumer trend. Following the ‘rug-being-pulled-away’ effect when the Covid pandemic hit, many have sought to invigorate their life with the wholesome philosophy of cottagecore. I’m talking about that wistful yearning for simplicity, self-care and cherishing the natural world.

Don’t forget to take your cottagecore lifestyle outdoors. Create a small herb garden, add lots of wildflowers, let the grass grow and plant a lovely garden in which to while away the hours reading books, sipping tea and listening to the birds.

Whether you’re interested in starting up a creative hobby, eager to mend, thrift and upcycle your furniture or simply want to be kinder to yourself and your surroundings, take a leaf out of cottagecore’s book and make the change.

Would you want to create a cottagecore house? I would love to know!

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