Design a Japandi Style Home in 4 Easy Steps

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Want to get the Japandi style in your home but don’t know where to start?

Here’s an overview with a practical way to start personalising your home the way you want to. A Japandi style decor doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it should be the complete opposite.

Japandi interior design is about getting rid of the clutter and making your home a welcoming place to be, so let’s take a look at how to go about that…welcome to your Japandi style guide.

What does Japandi style interior design actually mean? 

A japandi style minimal seating area

Japandi is a design concept based around the marriage of two cultural influences from different sides of the globe – Japanese design and Scandinavian decor.

The coming together of these interior design aesthetics and approach to minimalism, peace and design makes 8000+ miles feel so much closer.

A Japandi style is beautiful minimalism. It’s in touch with nature. And it’s clean lines and natural materials. Typical of both the Scandinavian and Japanese design interior.

A Japandi interior does away with day-to-day clutter throughout your space, and instead imbues your space with a calm, hushing eloquence that promotes calm and wellbeing. 

Those of you who aren’t too keen on the starkness of total minimalism should definitely consider the Japandi style, embracing a more forgiving design style whilst adding comfort and depth to the classic formula.

The core design principles comes from these two terms:

  • The Scandinavian design word “Hygge” – meaning contentment, wellbeing, cosiness.
  • And the Japanese concept “Wabi Sabi” – the concept of accepting imperfection to create beauty.

What is Japandi styling?

When it comes to interiors, the Japandi style is made up of clean lines, muted colours, and functional minimalism.

It takes the Scandinavian ‘cosy’ and leading lines with the Japanese design appreciation of natural beauty and neutral colour pallets. It’s practical yet calming, and simple whilst being undeniably beautiful.

Unlike other décor trends, Japandi has only been growing in popularity, partly as a way to counter our ever-busying lives.

It’s also sustainable and good for our environment thanks to the tendency to lean towards the use of natural materials that are easy to recycle.

Wood, unbleached paper, and bamboo can be used to create a more caring, environmentally friendly decor.

These materials also help to add texture as another interest point, which can really help your room ‘pop’.    

How to get the Japandi style in your home:

two simple wooden vases on a white table in a Japandi style

Transforming your home starts with thinking minimally.

Japandi is still built around the concept of a minimal lifestyle as opposed to just being a style trend, so first things first, it’s time to start getting rid of the things you don’t need. A perfect approach for a Japandi style bedroom or Japandi style living room.

Start with everything you have spread out in your room and take away items until you’re left with only what you feel is necessary – decluttering is one of the biggest steps towards achieving the Japandi look and lifestyle.

Here are a few simple ideas to get you thinking about Japandi style.


As daunting as it first seems, decluttering your space to create a blank canvas is essential. The philosophy here is ‘less is more’ – everything within your space should have a function. Simple, minimalistic design is soothing and also helps to create clean lines.

Clean lines:

Furniture and storage solutions in a Japandi environment should follow simplistic design ideas. Adding complex pieces of furniture take away from the Japandi aesthetic. You want your eye to feel calm whilst tracing the room, so embrace the minimalistic aesthetic in the look of the things you do keep in your space


Creating the right ambience is all about balance.

Japandi colours tend to , warm, and neutral. Colour palettes should be easy on the eye and create a backdrop for natural furnishings.

Colours like muted greens, yellows, stone and beige are the perfect choices, but for maximum effect they should be highlighted with the contrast of charcoal, dark greys, and black to add depth and dimension to a room.

Texture and fabrics:

Japandi is all about natural textures, and bamboo, wood, paper, natural fibres, silk and cashmere are an excellent way to bring these textures into your spaces.

They create interest with light and bright wall colours. Also think about plants – these not only look great, but they also naturally clean the air in your room.

Japandi is about embracing the natural world and sustainability, making the use of plants an incredibly important aspect.

What about furniture in Japandi spaces?

Japandi style furniture in a white setting

Japandi tends to use furniture that’s made with the utmost craftmanship.

It’s built to last whilst looking beautiful, minimal, and practical. Craft is at the heart of furniture, where designs are meticulously put together to create stylish yet functional pieces.    

Looking for a stylish, minimalistic storage solution for your Japandi space?

Shelved have a range of modular sideboards that perfectly encapsulate the modern Japandi aesthetic.

The modular nature of the Shelved system means they can fit seamlessly with your home and your ever-evolving life, not only giving you storage to help you declutter your home, but also a beautiful frame for all of your personal belongings.

The simple lines and uncluttered aesthetic of the Shelved framework are easy on the eye and an ideal match for the Japandi look.

Accessorising a Japandi style home:

Japandi style tea in cups on a wicker tray

Accessorising your space can be as easy as adding textural, natural fabrics with throws and vases. Each piece should work in harmony with each other and add that all-important depth to your room.

Don’t forget to take a moment to think about lighting and artwork too.

These can work as statement pieces, further adding atmosphere and interest to your home, as well as enhancing your space with that added comfort and sense of relaxation.

Be careful not to overdo it though –  remember that with Japandi, ‘less is more’.


Japandi interior styling is a practice in new modern minimalism – it’s a welcome break from our often frantic, cluttered lives.

Creating a space that’s warm, welcoming and clean is great for your wellbeing. It takes some consideration, but the Japandi style is easily achievable for your home by following these few simple steps.


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