5 Ways to Transform your Home with Soft Furnishings

Update your home with soft furnishings

Inspired by the blue skies of summer to transform the look of your living room or to revive a rather tired décor? A great place to start is with soft furnishings.  If you are a skilled seamstress then you may be able to do much of the work yourself in creating cushion covers, upholstery and new curtains – if not, there are shopping options that won’t involve great expense.  Many fabric shops now sell a wide range of ready-made curtains and cushion covers in materials from sophisticated silk to hard-wearing cotton weave.  Whilst you are planning to transform the look of your living space, don’t forget to check your home contents insurance to make sure that it is up-to-date.

Browsing internet sites or your local fabric shop is a good way to start identifying the colours and look that you would like to go for.  If you come across a design and colour of material that you love, use those as the basis for transforming the look of a room.

To get you started on your project, Allianz Your Cover (www.yourcoverinsurance.co.uk) provides you with five suggestions for ways in which you might transform your home with soft furnishings:

  • Curtains: to transform your window dressing, consider going for the current look – extravagant, sweeping-the-floor lengths of material with tie-backs in contrasting colours or designs.  The look is one of luxury and bold swathes of fabric.  Take the idea of contrast into the choice of curtain lining – rather than using a plain lining material, why not go for a complementary or contrasting pattern or colour?
  • Three piece suites: if your suite covers are beginning to look a bit faded and well-worn, it’s the ideal opportunity to change the colour and design.  For a living room that’s the hub of a family house, the choice of fabric obviously needs to be driven by practicality as well as appearance.  Choosing darker colours and patterns that will not show up scuffs or small stains, and choosing materials that wear well, will prolong the life of your suite as well as transforming the look of a living room.  Allianz Your Cover offers Matching Sets and Suites cover as an add on which you can add to your Home Insurance policy at any time.  More information about this add on can be found here: http://www.yourcoverinsurance.co.uk/home-insurance/core-and-options/contents-insurance/matching-sets-and-suites.html.
  • Bed covers: another easy opportunity to transform the look of a room.  If you have always loved the American Prairie look, seek out a generous size patchwork quilt in blue and white and complement the colours with bedroom accessories.  Or go for the look of luxurious silk; quilted silk covers in dusky shades of grey and bark-brown are all the rage currently.
  • Cushions: an inexpensive and great way to transform and renew the look of your living room or bedroom- bright new cushion covers can complement or contrast with your current décor.  Brilliant rose-pink and crimson scatter cushions look great against darker or more neutral shades of bed covers or chair upholstery.
  • Throws: vintage and retro shop enthusiasts will delight in seeking out shawls and swathes of material to use as throws for sofas and chairs.  Or go for the many choices of new throws available from all major furnishing retailers.  You can use them to brighten up the look of a room, to cover a shabby sofa, or to add a feel of luxury to your bedroom by layering several over your bed cover.


Image: www.decoratorscatalogue.com.au via Jen on Pinterest

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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