The 5 Benefits of Wall Art Decor in Every Home

There’s something special about decorating a room and watching it come together. 

From just the initial idea through to full completion, it’s such a staisfying feeling. 

An often forgotten aspect of the finishing touch though is the addition of wall art. The impact it can have on a room scheme is often underrated, so in this post I want to talk about how wall art and wall art decor can transform a room and really bring your new scheme to life. 

The 5 Benefits of Wall Art Decor in Every Home


When we choose a colour for a room scheme, we usually focus on the main or dominant shade for the space. We may select a secondary colour but often simply fall into the trap of keeping the overall look really bland and safe. 

Wall art and art decor are great tools for adding in colour to the interior without dominating or overshadowing your main scheme. 

It enhances the scheme. 

It can give a brightness to your walls through the style and look of the art you choose

On the other hand, keeping art neutral and in line with your main colour will create a harmonious, complementary finish to the room which soothes and coordinates. 

Whatever type of colour choices you go for, the wall art is a key component of your interior design and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. 


We rarely think of texture when it comes to our walls. We often don’t understand that walls need texture. That texture creates interest and depth in our interiors. It brings the room to life. 

Adding some textured wall art decor, like some tapestries for example, is the perfect way to create a varied and softer scheme. 

There’s a much bigger trend now for adding interesting artefacts to our walls. From wicker baskets, to plates, to decoupaged antlers to fabric tapestries and wall hangings. Our walls have literally never looked this good!

So choose wisely. Fit the style of texture to your theme – boho needs some tapestries, contemporary needs plates, and industrial needs antique keys. The choices are endless, but well worth investing in. 

Wow Factor

Whether you choose one large piece of art or select smaller pieces in a collage, creating a wall art wow factor in your room is always a great idea. 

Large posters can take up lots of wall space, drawing the eye to a certain spot in the room, and setting the tone for the rest of the space. 

Similarly, choosing smaller pieces of wall decor and bringing them together in one collage or display, creates the same effect as one single, larger piece. 

Don’t feel you have to have a real skill in bringing a wall collage together. Just go with your instincts; there’s really no right or wrong way. 


Your choices of art can really create a particular atmosphere in your home

Bold art, like an Avengers/Super Hero theme gives a particular fun feel in a room. 

You can create something moody and sombre with abstract art like these framed prints:

Or keep everthing clean and simple with some abstract ink art:


Art allows us to express our personality in quite a unique way. 

Each and every one of us will select a different piece of art to our neighbour. 

Whether we are consicously aware of why we select it or not, we will be guided by our subconscious likes and dislikes as well as our influences. 

Our art choices have a funny way of showing us, and everyone else, who we are. And then we can put it on our walls for everyone to see. 

Furthermore though, we can connect to art in a way like nothing else. It evokes such a strong emotional response when you choose the right piece, that it will always ground you, make you feel at home, and give you peace in your interior. 

There’s nothing quite so important, so don’t forget your wall art when decorating your home. Add in some colour, texture, personality and texture to really finish your scheme and bring it to life. 

What’s the last piece of wall art you bought?

Jen x

All images from Fine Art America


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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