How to Choose Canvas Art for Your Walls

How to Choose Canvas Art – Top Tips

Canvas art is a simple and effective alternative to traditional framing and can be used to inject style into any room. Effortlessly suiting a variety of interiors, it’s a popular choice in all sorts of homes, no matter their design or inspired era.

While versatile, there are some simple tips to consider when choosing canvases for your living space.

How to Choose Canvas Art – Keep Reading


Usually wrapped around a wooden frame, canvases are simple in form, allowing the art to really make a statement. When choosing wall art, it’s worth thinking about the atmosphere you want to create in your living space.

Subject is key. For example, art that details a single item often adds boldness to a space, whereas, a seascape can add serenity, and people can add narrative.

Using a series of similar prints is a great way to create a story throughout a room, or you can even use canvases to divide a single scene, placing them side-by-side on one wall.


Similarly, think about colour. Are you looking for soft pastels to add subtlety to a quaint space, or big, bright colours to decorate a large playful wall?

Be mindful of the colours you already have in your home too, as the art you select will need to blend with these.

As a rule of thumb, you should always opt for pieces that work well together.

Be persistent with the trend you have chosen, otherwise the decoration can become overwhelming and chaotic. Design and colour palettes should be complementary in order to create flow throughout the room.

If you’re stuck why not use an app to help choose your art.


Canvas art comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to opt for something that perfectly fits the area you have in mind.

Consider the dimensions of the wall you want to place your canvas, and how focal you want the art itself to be.

It might be that you want something show-stopping to catch everyone’s eye, or, perhaps something small to allow your wall colour to stand out.

Either way, there are no limits, so the choice is yours. 


While there’s plenty of freedom when styling canvas art, there are some rules when it comes to its placement in your home.

As you’d imagine, modern canvas art looks great in a contemporary home. However, it requires careful placement and looks best situated with plenty of blank space surrounding it.

Overcrowding a wall with multiple pieces goes against the minimalist nature of modern style and can detract from the unique art that you want to display.

On the other hand, you may want to use canvas art to put a modern touch on a more traditional home. If this is the case, smaller prints are less dominant, and can also be clustered with other types of art to show the different influences.

Remember to weigh up these considerations when choosing canvas art for your space. Companies like Whistlefish have some great inspiration for your next print so take a look!

Do you have some treasured canvas art on your walls?

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