5 Easy Ways to Transform Your Kitchen

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For many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home, meaning it is important to keep this space looking and feeling at its best.

With the winter months fast approaching, here are some of the best ways to transform your kitchen according to the latest trends, no matter your budget.

1.      Cabinet Refresh

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One of the best ways to transform your kitchen is to replace its fittings. Whilst this can be an expensive task, the reward will be a kitchen that feels brand new.

Some of the biggest kitchen trends this year include dark hued or neutral coloured matt cabinets – a move away from the wooden or laminate finishes that have dominated kitchens for decades.

Adding a more dramatic, yet minimalist, effect by opting for either of these colour schemes is a sure way to bring your kitchen into 2020.

For smaller kitchens, lighter hues such as sage or off-white can help reflect light around the room, opening up the space.

Darker shades such as black or navy are best reserved for larger kitchens with lots of natural lighting.

If your fittings are still in good shape, painting them to your desired colour instead of replacing them will save you a lot of time and money, however this should be done after plenty of research and planning in order to avoid irreversible mistakes.

Choosing the right hardware for your cabinets is also an important part of your kitchen transformation, bringing the whole look together.

Pewter and aged brass-style handles, for example, are two of the biggest trends for kitchen cabinets in 2020, adding an industrial feel to your space.

2.      Increase lighting

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For many of us, the kitchen is an important social hub within the home, used for cooking and eating with our family and friends, as well as a variety of other activities that bring everyone closer together.

A kitchen with lots of lighting is, therefore, essential and will not only make the space appear bigger, but it will also improve its look and feel.

If your kitchen lacks natural light, make the most of what you do have by adding mirrors to the wall facing the window in order to reflect extra light around the room.

Alternatively, try layering artificial lighting in different locations within your space, such as pendant shades above kitchen islands and dining tables, or under-cabinet lighting to illuminate countertops.

3.      Kitchen splashback

Removing and replacing tiles can be an extremely costly and time consuming task, however a kitchen splashback is a practical, stylish, alternative which can be fitted over existing tiles to keep your walls safe from spillages and stains.

The best material to use for kitchen splashbacks is acrylic sheets which can be cut by the supplier to the required size for your kitchen, making them extremely easy to install.

Furthermore, acrylic is very easy to keep clean using gentle products and materials, such as a microfibre cloth. This will help avoid scratching your splashback, however any scratches that do occur can be easily removed by buffing the surface with fine sandpaper.

Additionally, acrylic sheets are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and tones, allowing you to create your ideal personalised space.

For small kitchens, you might decide to opt for a mirrored splashback to give the illusion of more space, alternatively a matt splashback is the perfect addition to a modern style kitchen.

For those looking to add a striking focal feature to their space, acrylic sheets are also available in a wide variety of shades from fluorescent to primary colours.

Looking to take it to the next level? Adding some backlighting to your kitchen splashback will enhance the ambience of your space, creating a warm, cosy environment for the winter months ahead.

4.      Keep Things Tidy

kitchen storage containersImage: Dunelm

Maximising your kitchen’s storage potential is the best way to keep counters and surfaces as tidy as possible if this is a problem in your home.

However, a tidy kitchen can not only open up the space, making it appear bigger, but it will also help have a positive impact on your mood.

If you have a small kitchen with minimal storage space, finding the balance between cluttered and orderly can be difficult.

Glass jars and decorative food storage containers can sit on open shelving whilst still looking organised, however leaving packets of food and ingredients on exposed shelves can make a kitchen feel busy.

Try adding some drawer organisers, cupboard door storage racks or stackable containers for some additional space.

If you’re installing all new cabinets, think about how you can maximise storage space, for example by extending cabinets as close to the ceiling as possible or opt for some custom shaped pull out pantry drawers to make use of every inch of space.

Additionally, building appliances into the cabinets, such as the microwave and oven, will help your kitchen appear more streamlined and less bulky.

5.      Trending Details

The final touches to your kitchen that will help bring the whole space together are often the smallest details, for example an art print, decorative vase or fruit bowl.

These types of decorations should reflect your own tastes, making your space unique and personal to you.

If you prefer to have completely clear countertops and surfaces, try adding a plant either to a shelf or the corner of the room to introduce a splash of colour.

Plants are great mood-boosters and have the ability to perk up any space. If you lack a green thumb, opt for a hardy variety such as a snake plant or rubber plant, both of which require minimal effort to care for.

A kitchen that feels up to date and personal to you and your family will not only encourage more time to be spent there, but it will also help to improve your overall mood and wellbeing.

As we continue to spend more time at home than ever before, now is a great oportunity to rethink the design of your kitchen in order to perk up your home before the winter months set in.


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