19 Inspiring Ideas to Add Color to a Grey Kitchen

We all know the modern grey kitchen is an epitome of sleek sophistication. But let’s be honest, sometimes it could use a little pick-me-up to prevent it from falling into the ‘dull’ category. Let’s add color to a grey kitchen!

You’re not alone if you’ve found yourself staring at your beautiful grey backdrop and thinking, “something’s missing.” That something is color!

Fear not, because infusing color into a grey kitchen doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to its chic and modern feel. In fact, the neutral palette makes it a perfect canvas for some truly stunning pops of color.

From vibrant kitchenware to lush indoor plants, there are so many ways to inject life into your kitchen without compromising its minimalist elegance.

So, if you’re ready to turn your grey kitchen into a lively, inviting space that exudes both style and warmth, you’re in the right place.

We’ve rounded up some fabulous grey colour scheme ideas that will take your kitchen from simply stylish to absolutely sensational. 

19 Ideas to add Color to a Grey Kitchen

There are many different ways to add color to your grey units so let’s summarise some of the best grey kitchen ideas for injecting accent colors into your space.

  1. Painted Accent Wall
  2. Colorful Bar Stools
  3. Mosaic Backsplash
  4. Vibrant Dishware
  5. Bold Kitchen Rug
  6. Pastel Appliances
  7. Floating Shelves with Colorful Cookbooks
  8. Fresh Flower Arrangements
  9. Statement Pendant Lights
  10. Chalkboard Wall with Colored Chalk
  11. Multi-Colored Curtains
  12. Bright Utensil Holders
  13. Neon Wall Clock
  14. Decorative Fruit Bowl
  15. Graphic Tea Towels
  16. Colored Glass Vases
  17. Retro Fridge in a Bold Hue
  18. Colorful Coffee Machine
  19. Painted Cabinet Interiors

Accent Colours for Grey Kitchens

The magic happens when you introduce accent colors to your grey kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s a bold shade on a kitchen island, the warmth of wood accents against gray kitchen cabinets, or a pop of color against white walls, adding different colors is one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen space a fresh, unique look.

Here are some of our favourite accent color ideas to liven up a sombre grey kitchen.

  1. Teal: Adds a pop of sophisticated color, great for backsplashes or kitchenware.
  2. Mustard Yellow: Introduces warmth and cheerfulness, perfect for textiles or accent walls.
  3. Coral: Offers a bright, summery feel, ideal for chairs or decorative pieces.
  4. Navy Blue: Deep and classic, works well for rugs or bar stools.
  5. Mint Green: Gives a fresh and light touch, suitable for small appliances or dishware.
  6. Rose Gold: Adds a metallic sheen and warmth, ideal for hardware or light fixtures.
  7. Crimson Red: Energetic and bold, perfect for statement pieces like a retro fridge or pendant lights.
  8. Lavender: Introduces a gentle, calming feel, excellent for wall art or cushions.
  9. Burnt Orange: Warm and earthy, good for utensil holders or pots.
  10. Turquoise: Vibrant and lively, great for decorative bowls or wall decor.

Or why not add a darker shade of grey, a simple technique that layers the colour but adds depth and dimension to the space. 

Color Palettes for a Grey Kitchen

Navigating the world of grey can be a bit like finding your way through a misty morning. But when you harness the power of a carefully chosen grey kitchen colour combination, that gray backdrop can truly shine.

Whether you’re aiming for a modern look with bold shades against dark grey cabinets or seeking a traditional kitchen touch with warmer greys and natural materials, the right palette can transform your entire space.

And don’t underestimate the pop of colour; even in a white kitchen, it offers a fresh look. Dive into our curated color palettes, and find the best ways to harmonize with your favorite grey tone.

Here are five color palettes that can beautifully complement grey kitchen cabinets, making your space both stylish and inviting:

  1. Cool Blues and Whites
    • Light Blue: Accent wall or backsplash
    • Navy: Bar stools or rug
    • White: Countertops and dishware
  2. Warm Earth Tones
    • Terracotta: Plant pots or utensil holders
    • Olive Green: Textiles or small appliances
    • Warm Beige: Floor tiles or curtains
  3. Pastel Palette
    • Blush Pink: Appliances or decorative pieces
    • Lavender: Wall art or cushions
    • Soft Yellow: Pendant lights or bowls
  4. Monochrome with Pops of Color
    • Black: Light fixtures or knobs
    • White: Countertops or backsplash
    • Bright Red: Bar stools or small appliances
  5. Tropical Hues
    • Teal: Backsplash or cookware
    • Coral: Accent chairs or vases
    • Lime Green: Kitchenware or placemats

Small Kitchen with Grey Kitchen Units

Navigating the design of a small kitchen can feel very tricky. But when your foundations are grey units, you have a versatile color base that works beautifully in compact spaces. When dealing with a small grey kitchen, the key is to introduce color in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the space. 

Here are some of my favourite ways to add color to a grey kitchen. I’ve tried ALL of these!

  1. Accent Wall or Backsplash in a Bold Hue:
    • Painting one accent wall or installing a colorful backsplash can instantly breathe life into a small kitchen without taking up any extra space. I used to have a bold yellow wall at one end of the room. This focused pop of color breaks the monotony without clashing with the grey cabinetry. In a small kitchen, less is more, and one bold statement can be both impactful and tasteful.
  2. Colorful Small Appliances:
    • Swapping out mundane appliances like toasters, coffee makers, or blenders for ones in vibrant colors can be a game-changer. In a small kitchen, every item is noticeable, making these appliances a dual-purpose win; they’re both functional and decorative. It’s a simple switch that doesn’t require a renovation but still makes a big difference in appearance.
  3. Vivid Textiles and Rugs:
    • Textiles like tea towels, cushion covers for bar stools, or a colorful kitchen rug can make a substantial difference. They’re easy to change seasonally or when you desire a new look. In a small grey kitchen, floor space and wall space are limited, but textiles can introduce color and texture without taking up valuable real estate.

Each of these methods offers a low-commitment, high-impact way to infuse personality into a small grey kitchen. They also work well with grey as a neutral backdrop, allowing for easy updates whenever you’re in the mood for a change.

Contemporary Kitchen with Grey Cabinets

In a contemporary grey kitchen, you’ll want to incorporate colors in ways that align with modern aesthetics—clean lines, sleek design, and a focus on functionality. Here are three ways to introduce color effectively:

  1. Statement Pendant Lights:
    • Modern pendant lights in bold hues can act as functional art pieces. Their sleek design works well in a contemporary setting, and the pop of color adds visual interest without disrupting the clean lines of your grey kitchen. The right lighting fixture can draw the eye upward, making the space feel larger and more dynamic.
  2. Acrylic or Metal Bar Stools in Bold Colors:
    • In a contemporary setting, furniture often serves as a focal point. Opting for bar stools in vibrant colors but with minimalist design can add both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The choice of material, be it acrylic or metal, adds to the contemporary vibe, and the burst of color livens up the grey backdrop.
  3. Floating Shelves with Colorful Cookware or Artwork:
    • Floating shelves are a staple in modern kitchens, offering both storage and display space. Use this area to showcase colorful cookware, art pieces, or even books. This allows for pops of color that are both intentional and functional, and it keeps in line with the contemporary feel by avoiding clutter.

Each of these ideas can add a dash of color to a contemporary grey kitchen in a way that complements the existing design. They offer a balanced blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, which is crucial in modern interiors.

Adding a Splash of Color to Dark Grey Kitchens

Dark grey kitchens exude sophistication, but even within this moody palette, there are opportunities to inject vibrancy and warmth. With my own dark kitchen cabinets, I decided to layer shades of grey on the walls, and added a wall of white cabinets too.

It’s a slightly larger kitchen but quite dark, and the white cabinets help to add extra light to the room. The room has a touch of color from bright yellow barstools and lively wall art.

Here are three tips to brilliantly blend color into your dark grey setting:

  1. Embrace Warmer Tones: One of the easiest ways to counterbalance the depth of dark grey walls or cabinets is by introducing warmer tones. Think about adding gold or brass hardware, warm wood tone accessories, or even consider changing up your dining area with chairs in a bold color. These elements can complement your dark grey backdrop and make your kitchen feel cozy.
  2. Maximize Natural Light: An influx of natural light can transform a dark grey kitchen. It not only enhances the overall look but also accentuates any color you introduce. If it’s feasible, consider larger windows or strategically placing mirrors to reflect the available light. It’s a great option for making any color palette shine.
  3. Feature Wall Magic: While dark grey has its allure, a feature wall in a lighter shade or one of the most popular shades of blue, green, or even terracotta can be a dramatic space-changer. It breaks the monotony and can be a great addition, especially if you’re looking to define a specific area, like a dining nook.

With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a balance between deep, sultry greys and lively, radiant hues in your kitchen!

Paint Ideas to go with Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Here are 10 of our favourite paint colors that work well with grey kitchen cabinets. I’ve used a few of these, like Down Pipe and Borrowed Light in my own home and love them all!

  1. Hale Navy – Benjamin Moore
  2. Blushing – Sherwin-Williams
  3. Fresh Sage – Dulux
  4. French Linen – Annie Sloan
  5. Down Pipe – Farrow & Ball
  6. Vardo – Farrow & Ball
  7. Teal Tension – Dulux
  8. Luxe Blue – Sherwin-Williams
  9. Elephant’s Breath – Farrow & Ball
  10. Borrowed Light – Farrow & Ball
Vardo (Vivid Teal) from Farrow & Ball

It’s always a good idea to test a small patch in your kitchen before committing to a full paint job, as lighting and other factors can affect how a color looks in your space. This is particularly true of Farrow and Ball paints.

Why is grey kitchen so popular

In the realm of kitchen design, grey has rapidly emerged as a popular choice, and for good reason. The perfect shade of grey brings a balance that few other colors can achieve, offering a neutral canvas that complements virtually any decor style.

Gray cabinets stand as a modern yet timeless option, effortlessly blending with stainless steel appliances and various countertop materials. Light grey can make a small kitchen appear more spacious, while darker shades add drama and depth to bigger rooms. Additionally, the broad spectrum of gray paint colors available offers endless opportunities to customize your space.

Whether you’re going for a minimalist look or seeking to mix and match vibrant hues, grey provides a flexible backdrop. It’s a great way to create a kitchen that feels contemporary, cozy, and chic all at once.

From functionality to aesthetics, the virtues of using grey in your kitchen are truly compelling.

Popular Questions about Grey Kitchens and Grey Kitchen Cabinets

How do you make a grey kitchen less grey?

To break the monotony of a grey kitchen, integrate colorful accessories like vases, bowls, or dish towels. Consider a vibrant backsplash or painting an accent wall. Using patterned curtains or wall art can add layers and reduce the dominance of grey, giving your kitchen a renewed vibe.

How do I make my grey kitchen look warmer?

Warm up your grey kitchen by integrating gold or brass hardware, terracotta pots, or amber lighting fixtures. Incorporating wooden accents, be it a wooden bowl, kitchen tools, or floating shelves, can infuse warmth. Lastly, changing the lighting to a warmer hue can instantly elevate the coziness.

What colors brighten up a grey kitchen?

Brighten your grey kitchen with refreshing shades like pale blues or mint greens. Sunny yellows on accessories or kitchen linens can add a cheerful touch. Even soft pastel shades, when paired with grey, can make the space feel more lively and invigorating, enhancing the overall ambiance.

What colors contrast with grey in a kitchen?

Vibrant hues like mustard yellow, deep teal, or fiery red contrast sharply with grey. For a softer touch, pastels like blush pink or lavender offer a gentle contrast, adding warmth and softness to the grey’s cool neutrality. Both bold and muted colors can bring a refreshing twist to a grey kitchen.

What color goes with light grey kitchen units?

Light grey kitchen units are versatile and pair well with soft pastels like blush pink or mint green. Deep blues or mustard yellows can also add a striking contrast for a more dynamic look.

What color goes with dove grey kitchen cabinets?

Dove grey cabinets have a soft undertone, making them harmonious with earthy tones like terracotta, taupe, or olive green. Natural wood accents also complement dove grey beautifully.

What color goes with white and grey kitchen?

For a white and grey kitchen, accent colors like vibrant teal, soft lavender, or even rich burgundy can enhance the palette, bringing in warmth or adding a splash of energy.

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