Practical Home Wine Storage Ideas That Also Improve the Decor

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Let’s talk about options for your home wine storage.

Looking for kitchen wine rack designs that will fit any size space? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

It’s important to preserve your white wine in top condition, and the ideal place to store your collection is prominently displayed in a wine rack rather than tucked away in a cabinet.

Good locations include built-in wine racks that are a part of your fitted kitchen design, in a freestanding unit that is specifically created for the purpose, or in a tiny rack that can be placed anywhere you want it for convenience.

They should ideally be stored slightly slanted and away from direct sunlight.

Home Wine Storage Ideas

Wine should be available while cooking

We all enjoy taking a few sips of wine while we cook, don’t we?

An incredibly useful built-in rack is perfect for all wine lovers who like to spend their time in the kitchen.

Your favourites can be kept on the top shelf with olive oils and wine vinegar so that they are all close at hand for when you want to add a dash to your cooking as well.

And the glass holder is a brilliant idea; it keeps them orderly and visible rather than hidden in a cupboard.

Select a cabinet with a wine rack built in

The wine rack is the star of the show in every gorgeous 1950s-style unit, which is a fantastic modern interpretation of an antique design.

The central location makes the unit appear more decorative; the various colored tops add the ideal design element, and the ribbed glass doors complete the retro atmosphere.

Integrate a wine rack into your kitchen


Why not have the wine rack completely integrated into a kitchen dresser? If you are having a kitchen planned and installed, and you are a wine lover, you should integrate a wine rack into your kitchen.

You can store all of your glasses in the side cupboard and decanters underneath the last shelf, making it both elegant and functional.

Shelf could be made of bare wood, which contrasts with the paneling of the unit.

Budget friendly wine rack

If your kitchen does not have a built-in wine rack, there are several fantastic floor standing wine rack designs to pick from that won’t break the bank.

Look for a design that gives more functionality than just a wine rack.

For example, a wooden top that doubles as a shelf could be a great solution for a budget friendly wine rack.

Lower cabinet for wine

Some wines are better kept out of direct sunlight because UV rays harm them.

So putting them in a lower cabinet or closet is a great alternative, especially if you don’t want to put your wine on display.

Wine prefers low humidity, which is why wine vaults are used. Make sure your bottles have their own spots on the shelves. It’s important that they don’t lie flat and can’t roll off.

Home Wine Storage – Cooler

Image: Fisher & Paykel

A built-in wine cooler is unquestionably a smart purchase if you enjoy fine sparkling wine. A wine cooler provides more specialised cooling than a regular refrigerator, which helps wines keep longer when cooled.

Additionally, they are made to allow your bottles to sit flat in the refrigerator as opposed to upright.

Under stairs wine racking

Have you ever considered what you might be able to do with the area under your stairs?

Under stairs areas are commonly used to store wine, especially when completely closed off with a double-glazed glass screen, that helps maintain a constant temperature.

It is also beautiful as a decoration in your house or flat.

Wine on the wall – Cool Home Wine Storage

Image: Cuckooland

If you don’t have extra space at home for wine storage, the wall mount is the best option. You can make a lovely, rustic wine rack out of wooden pallets that is well organised and labeled!

You can also make a spot for different kind of wine glasses

Tubes and Cans Home Wine Storage

Although it may appear strange, you can make beautiful wine racks out of shipping tubes, jars, and tubes themselves.

These products are ideal for storing wine at home due to their shape and availability. They look good in the space – modern, creative and unusual.

Tabletop wine rack

Tabletop wine rack is ideal for those looking for something simple and small to hold a couple of wine bottles. It usually hold two bottles, which may be more than enough for some people.

The bottles simply look good in that position.

They appear not only as something to drink, but also as décor in their own right.

Do you have any other home wine storage ideas? We’d love to hear them.

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