How to Decorate a Small Downstairs Toilet

decorate a small downstairs toiletSo how do we decorate a small downstairs toilet?

Ok so it’s not the biggest or most on show of the rooms in your home, but it’s probably the most visited! The downstairs loo is a vital part of any family home and one that guests often inspect more than others. But how do we get the best out of such a small space when we’re decorating it? How do we give it impact without making it feel smaller than it already is. Well I’ve put together some of my ideas and suggestions that will hopefully help you decorate a small downstairs toilet.

How to Decorate a Small Downstairs Toilet:


With all small rooms, the key to making it feel bigger is clever storage. A downstairs toilet is often a place for dumping coats and shoes too, if you don’t have a boot room or utility, and so it’s important to ensure good storage for these items. Boxes for shoes, or a dedicated shoe store works well. As does a proper coat rack or coat hooks. To be honest, it’s best to keep these items to a minimum if you can, or at least give them a good tidy every couple of days. If you’re storing cleaning equipment, make sure it’s a locked cupboard away from small children. Make the most of the walls and add shelving and wall cupboards to hide away toiletries and loo rolls.

Colour and Decor:

Of course it’s true that a light colour will enhance the small space, but don’t be afraid of adding drama and impact when you decorate a small downstairs toilet. Big bold print works well in a small space, just don’t make it too fussy. Bringing wallpaper into the room will definitely add a sense of fun and give guests something to talk about. Don’t shy away from using pattern or strong colour in a small room. Why not use left over wallpaper from another room if you don’t want to buy anything specific. Tiles are a great option for keeping the room clean and practical. They are also a great way to bounce light around the room, and add an often needed splash of colour. These morrocan inspired mosaic tiles from Habibi Interiors are modern and stylish and can be used in either small or large batches depending on your taste.


decorate a downstairs toilet


Bathroom Fittings:

I wrote a post recently on designing a small bathroom and really many of those suggestions fit here for your downstairs toilet. There are lots of fittings out there that are suitable, small and compact and designed specifically for this room. Do some research and check out what’s available to find the best options for your room. Small, corner sinks work well, as do wall hung toilets. Both make the most of the available space and can help make the room feel bigger if necessary.

Personality and Style:

Don’t forget to add your own stamp to the room. It’s all too easy to create a very bland, neutral downstairs loo when we’re concerned about decorating such a small space but bringing your own personality to the decor will bring it to life. Add pictures, mirrors, lighting, treasures and books for example. Make a mini wall collage to give your guests something to look at when they visit. Just because it’s the smallest room in the house, doesn’t mean it has to be forgotten.


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How would you decorate a small downstairs toilet?

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  3. January 20, 2016 / 8:28 am

    Nice blog! good things to keep in mind while decorating small bathroom. Even stone types tiles and mirror tiles would compliment good in it.

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