How to Hide Away the Clutter

Ask anyone the main problem with their home and the reply will usually be clutter. No one knows exactly where it comes from, or how we amass so much of it, all we know is it needs to be removed or at least hidden from view.

Unfortunately, most storage systems are ugly and clunky, so finding stylish, contemporary ways to keep unessential items hidden away is a must if you want to ensure your home looks as great as it possibly can. Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure that storage doesn’t have to ruin the look of your room, and can in fact be an interesting feature in its own right.

Utilise space inside cupboards

Think about how you use your existing cupboards. Usually, only half of the available space is used, with the rest wasted as dead space above tins or tubs. A good way to combat this and make use of all the space your cupboard has to offer is to create shelves within shelves. This could mean that three layers of tins could be stored where usually you would only store one. This tip is not just confined to the kitchen; extra hanging storage could be added to wardrobes to house underwear and accessories, meaning you can get rid of the ugly chest of drawers you’ve hated for years!

Space under the bed

Tidy any child’s bedroom, and the messiest area will undoubtedly be under the bed. Instead of using this space as a burial ground for mouldy toast crusts and pieces of Lego, why not use it to your advantage? This space is usually wasted by most of us, when in actual fact it is a great storage spot. The problem with just pushing things under the bed is that anything towards the middle is usually inaccessible without moving everything else out first, and invariably gets forgotten about. One workaround is to purchase a bed with hidden, fully-integrated storage. This way, you can simply lift up your mattress, and immediately pull out exactly what you are looking for. We recommend using this to store extra bedding and soft furnishings!

storage for beddingSpace over the bed

Most bedside tables are big, ugly and inconvenient. How many times have you tried to turn off your alarm clock in the morning and knocked a glass of water all over your phone? One way to avoid such mishaps is to look at filling the space above your bed. Sleek storage boxes can be attached to the wall directly above your bed to store all of the items your bedside table would usually house, saving space around the bed at the same time.

Floor-to-ceiling cupboards

Another area of dead space in the home that is perfectly suited for extra storage space is above existing wardrobes. If you already have a wardrobe there, why not swap a short, squat wardrobe for a tall slim one? This will create more floor space, give you extra hidden storage and make use of an area of your room that would otherwise be left unnecessarily bare.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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