Big Ideas for Small Cloakrooms

An essential part of a family home, the downstairs loo may not be the biggest room, but it most likely gets used the most.

But just how do you make the most of this tiny space and make a statement at the same time? If you’re in need of some inspiration, these cloakroom suite ideas will help you make the most of this small yet often used room.

Why Create a Cloakroom?

Milano combination toilet and basin unitIncorporating a cloakroom suite into your home keeps the family bathroom separate from guests and is beneficial for those who are less able to use the stairs. In fact, new-build homes now feature as many bathrooms as bedrooms, and this is setting the standard for older homes, which are being renovated. An extra room with a toilet and basin also creates a selling feature if you ever wish to move home in the future.

When planning and designing a cloakroom or downstairs toilet, you’ll need to make sure every inch counts and think carefully about your choice of basin and toilet, as well as how to squeeze in some storage, and heat and light the space.

Here’s a few things to take into consideration

  • If you want to fit a basin and toilet under the stairs, the existing plumbing and available space will be the main determining factors.
  • At least 80cm x 140cm of space is required to fit a toilet and basin.
  • You’ll need to allow space for the door opening. An outward opening door is the best solution, or even a sliding door.
  • Waste water from the toilet and basin needs to run downhill in a fairly straight line to the closest soil stack – usually located on the outside of your house.
  • Good lighting is essential in a small space, even more so if there’s no window.
  • How will you heat the room? Consider opting for a heated towel rail so you can keep towels warm and dry.

Clever Space Saving Fittings

cloakroom suiteFrom corner basins to wall mounted toilets, there are now more space saving fittings than ever before that are perfect for small cloakroom suites, so it’s easy to make the room look and feel bigger than it really is. Short projection toilets, which are around 20cm shorter than a standard size work perfectly. It’s also important to choose a small sink that’s practical and stylish – opt for a wall hung design to maximise floor space.

There are even combination toilet and basin units that offer a superb space saving solution. They cleverly combine a basin and toilet into one unit, which not only saves loads of space but looks really stylish too. The pipework and plumbing is concealed from view to ensure a tidy finish. If you’re looking for a great range of cloakroom suites you could try somewhere like

Smart Storage Solutions

The cloakroom is usually the place where coats and shoes get dumped, so make sure to incorporate storage for these items. Shoe racks and hooks are an ideal solution, but keep shoes and coats to a minimum and only keep out what you use regularly.

Make the most of the wall space, and incorporate shelving or a mirrored cabinet so you have somewhere to keep loo roll hidden away. Rather than fitting a sink, you may want to opt for a slimline vanity unit instead so you can keep cleaning products or toiletries stored away.

Make a Statement with Wallpaper

wallpaper in cloakroom suiteOne way to make a statement in your cloakroom suite is with patterned wallpaper. Bold patterned wallpaper works really well as it adds impact and drama, and as you don’t need many rolls it means you can afford to splash out on something that’s luxurious or more opulent. So, choose something that’s going to wow and give guests something to talk about when they visit.

Finishing Touches

It can be easy to end up with a space that looks neutral and has no personality, but your cloakroom suite is actually a great room to experiment and stamp your own style. You could hang up some pictures or a piece of eye-catching artwork, add a decorative mirror and accessories that reflect your own sense of style.

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