Small Home Lighting: 3 Easy Tricks to Make Your Space Seem Bigger

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Small home lighting can be tricky to get right, but have some easy tips that really make your small space seem bigger.

Small rooms can benefit from well-known interior design tactics, including clever storage solutions incorporated into furniture, large mirrors on the walls, and optical illusions like stripy carpets on the floor.

Many people in the United Kingdom have small apartments and are always looking for new tricks to make them appear larger than it is.

In most residential apartments, built-in lighting keeps you from tripping over your feet but does little to enhance the area’s aesthetics.

Luckily, smart bulbs and other specialist technology aren’t needed to address the problem; you only need a simple understanding of electrical fundamentals.

When it comes to interior design, it’s essential to realise that homogeneous lighting can make a room feel smaller. With a powerful bulb, the “boob light” is the most typical example of flattening light when used in a domestic environment.

This light fixture reduces the visual difference between the floor, walls, and ceiling by casting a uniform illumination across the entire surface.

Smudges on the paint are easy to spot, but it isn’t good at highlighting the space between the walls.

 3 Easy Small Home Lighting Tricks

Below are a few small home lighting design recommendations for small spaces that will help you make the most of your lovely home.

Small Home Lighting: Consider Colours of light 

You can use colour temperature to define areas clearly.

A room can also be divided into distinct zones using light sources with varying colour temperatures: warm, calm, and neutral.

It would help if you illuminated workplaces with a cooler, bluer light since it stimulates arousal and alertness and is more like sunlight.

Generally, “cool white” bulbs are advertised as having a bluish hue. Relaxation areas benefit from the use of redder, cosier hues.

Circadian rhythms are less affected, and sleep is easier following exposure to a redder light.

LED light strips with adjustable colour temperatures are ideal for spaces that need to serve many purposes, such as a home office hidden away in the corner of a bedroom. 

Light the Room Evenly


More often than not, a room’s light will be concentrated in a single location by a single spotlight ceiling light.

Instead, attempt evenly dispersing light around the small space to elongate the perception of its size. The evenly distributed light is essential for illuminating dark corners and making a room appear larger.

Image: Delightfull

Using lights that throw light above and outwards will assist disperse light around a space.

It’s also possible to generate an intense and even illumination with ten chrome recessed downlights. They can be placed over the ceiling to distribute the light evenly in a small room.

This is one of our favourite small home lighting tricks.

 To ensure consistent and bright lighting, it is essential to use a combination of ceiling, wall, and floor lamps.

It’s easy to assume that one light fixture will suffice in a tiny space, but this isn’t always the case. Avoid shadows and dark spots by illuminating the room with ambient, accent, and task lighting.

Small Home Lighting: Make use of natural light

Image: English Blinds

Small home lighting design is all about maximising daylight, and there are numerous ways to do it.

In most modern houses, skylights or roof lights let in natural light. In the case of smaller homes such as cottages, however, this is not a standard solution.

 Installations of this kind are also subject to revocation in protected buildings.

What are the remaining possibilities when it comes to maximising daylight?

Adding a massive mirror to the wall directly across from a window can help bring in as much natural light as possible.

This increases the room’s light by reflecting natural light in multiple directions.

To make your area appear larger and brighter, large mirrors and mirrored window reveals (the section of the window that frames the glass) are essential. 

Key Takeaways

We are tricking the eyes and the mind into thinking that your place is more significant than the standard operating procedure for anyone living in a tiny environment.

Changing the lighting is just one of several options available to you.

Even though we can’t expand our rooms, we can surely make them appear larger.

Besides being more welcoming, well-lit spaces are also better for mental health.


No rule says a small room has to seem like it’s small.

There are several ways to make a room appear larger than it is.

You can choose from various furniture types, wall treatments, shades, mirrors, and other design tools and we have a lot of tips here on the blog. 

Are you using any small home lighting tips we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear about them. 

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