Top Trends for the Bathroom 2023: What We are all Loving for our Washrooms!

For most of us, there are already classic and traditional bathroom styles that won’t go anywhere anytime soon – and this is all well and good if you’ve decided to stick with the tried and tested.

But if you want something more, something out of the ordinary or unique that sets your bathroom apart, you’ve come to the right place.

There are more bathroom trends now than ever, and the great thing about these trends is that you don’t have to incorporate them all at once.

All you have to do is combine one or two things to make your bathroom look extra special – and you’ll have your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing in no time.

So what are the top trends for the bathrooms of 2022? Here’s everything you need to know – from vintage pieces to spas to beautiful bathroom tiles.

spa bathroom trend 2022 a white marble bath overlooking a huge picture window to the countrysideImage: Caffe Latte Home

Bathrooms made to look like a spa have been around for a few years, but this trend continues.

The thing is, more people are placing value on relaxation and rejuvenation, so there’s no big surprise there.

There are myriad ways to add that spa ambience, from steam showers to floor heating and everything in between!

Don’t forget the little touches from soft towels and plush rugs to scented candles and matching dispensers – all these add up to deliver the perfect spa-like feel.

  • Bathrooms with a vintage touch

Many elements make up a vintage-inspired bathroom from prominent features such as the claw-footed bath to nostalgic wallpaper; you can make your bathroom feel like another era with a few artistic touches here and there.

There are also cloakroom vanities for your bathroom that can add a vintage feeling, and don’t forget the mirrors, lighting fixtures, and even antique toilet paper holders made of brass to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the 1920s.

Finally, add beautiful floral or coastal-inspired wallpaper, or for something simpler, add shiplap or elegant moulding to the corners and ceilings.

  • Wet rooms

Image: Matki

Amongst the most significant trends in bathroom design in recent years, wet rooms are next only to spa bathroom trends.

A wet room bathroom is an open area with various bathroom elements, from the bath to the shower to the toilet and basin, all at the same level throughout, and there is only a tray on the shower floor to stop the flow of water.

Sometimes there is a divider, and these wet rooms offer another level to the spa-like interiors and delightfully open space and layout.

But, of course, when creating one, you have to be doubly careful in ensuring that the area is entirely waterproof and ensure there’s under-floor heating to make the room as cosy and dry as possible.

  • Bathrooms with beautiful tiles

Image: Walls and Floors

Whilst some bathrooms nowadays use different materials, tiles still take centre stage in many bathrooms.

Not only is tile practical and perfect for the bathroom because of its moisture-friendliness – some new styles give them a whole new look. Zellige tiles, for example, are on-trend, and this hand-cut Moroccan tile is a classic example of the old mixing with the new.

There are also textured tiles, which can add visual interest and depth, and patterned tiles that were popular in the 60s but are making a comeback.

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