Bathroom Trends for All Shapes and Sizes

So this last week have been all about bathrooms on the blog. Today, I want to share some ideas on updating your bathroom in relation to current trends. If, like me, you love incorporating new trends into your home decor this one is for you.

I’m also collaborating with a company called HiB today, a major supplier to bathroom retailers, and showing you a few of their products whilst we chat about bathroom trends in 2018.

This post isn’t going to really chat about bathroom suites as such (I think we all know a white suite is still your best bet) I am going to focus on 3 different aspects of bathroom design that can make or break the space. Let’s get going…..

Bathroom Mirrors:

It’s absolutely essential to have a mirror in the bathroom. If you’re lucky enough to have your sink in a spot where the mirror can sit easily above (mine is under a window so can’t do this in my bathroom unfortunately) then you must go for it.

Mirrors make the space look bigger. They bring in more light – particularly useful in a small bathroom – and of course are one of the most useful aspects of bathroom design.

Whilst we’re here let’s also talk about a few idea in this images I’ve shared. Look up and you’ll see some big trends for bathrooms (and the whole house actually) and firstly, it’s the use of sage green. I’ve just painted this colour on to my own bathroom walls and it is amazing! Secondly, note the use of the elongated hexagon tiles and the addition of bamboo wood and you have a very desirable, on trend space.

Look at this next image and the feel of the space is very different. The Element mirror, a quirky, multi layered design is finished with an LED edging giving it a contemporary, unusual look, but its simplicity works effortlessly with the concrete, monochrome scheme of the bathroom.

The patterned floor – these are everywhere right now – is the statement piece here and the room simply screams urban chic. 

Bathroom Storage:

We all know you can’t function in a bathroom without an abundance of storage. It doesn’t matter the shape or size of your room, you really need plenty of stylish, clever storage.

Styles have moved along in recent years, and now it’s all about anything that hangs on the wall and sits off the floor. HiB has some great storage from their Novum bathroom furniture range, this one above is called Camber. A very tall unit with soft close doors, it coordinates with your sink vanity unit (another big trend these days) and provides masses of storage for all your toiletries and personal products.

Use wall hung units like this in a small bathroom and you immediately maximise the space of the room, hiding away the clutter and keeping the floor area free. If your eye can travel to the far wall then you also create an ‘illusion’ of space; an essential in a compact room.

I’m sure you’ve spotted a recurring theme in these last two images – the larger tiles. It’s true that while smaller, unusually shaped tiles have caught on, the larger tile is still a popular choice with homeowners. Even in a smaller bathroom they work well. Just update them and use a texture or pattern like concrete and marble.

Recessed Bathroom Cabinets:

On the theme of maximising space I absolutely love this idea. It’s one you’ll need to incorporate at the point of renovation, but the recessed bathroom cabinet is genius.

As you can see, this HiB recessed cabinet called Vanquish is built into the wall giving a smooth, flush finish. No more knocking your head on the cupboard door as you lean down into the sink! These particular cabinets have a heated pad built into the door to allow the condensation to clear easily and a light adjusting touch switch too.

Bathroom trends are always changing but they remain one of the trickiest rooms to decorate (in my humble opinion). I’ve always struggled to get it right but maybe these ideas in today’s bathroom trends post will give you some ideas and inspirations.

With thanks to HiB for their images and products. If you like what you’ve seen and want to check them out at your nearest bathroom retailer, you can find it HERE.

Do you follow trends when it comes to bathroom design?


If you have a bathroom remodel or update to plan then check out some of these latest bathroom trends - a sure way to bring your bathroom up to date. #lovechicliving #bathroomtrends

In collaboration with HiB – thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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Jen Stanbrook

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