How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

Make a small bathroom look bigger

Your bathroom is one of the most used spaces in your home. Unfortunately, excluding the under stairs cupboard, this room is usually one of the home’s smallest rooms. When looking in bathroom brochures and home magazines, you will frequently see the bathroom pictured as a great expanse of space with a roll-top bath in the corner or an enormous walk in shower. Unfortunately the reality is that not everyone’s bathroom is like that and more often than not, it is a small space which needs to be designed cleverly to fit a lot in! With a multitude of people in your family using one bathroom, along with a host of tasks being undertaken, this room that is meant for relaxing (who doesn’t enjoy a long bubble bath) often feels crammed and stuffy. To help you make the most out of the space you do have – and to get back that tranquil environment – we outline some top tips to utilise your bathroom space!

Think about how you can Maximise your Storage 

Hidden in all of our bathrooms are arrays of products that are used within our beauty routines. Products out on the sides and on show can make smaller spaces feel cluttered, creating the illusion that you have less space than you actually do. Think about where storage can be hidden, such as within a basin unit or inside a mirror cabinet, as this will give you the space you need for your grooming products without cluttering the visible space you have.


Choosing the correct colour is integral to making a room look bigger. Light and natural colours help convey a larger space, as they reflect the natural light tricking the eye to the room’s actual size; whereas darker colours absorb light making your bathroom appear smaller. If you are a colour fiend and need a splash of bright colour, use accessories in either blue or green as they help with the optical illusion.

Natural Light

As mentioned in the previous point natural light is integral, as windows help connect the room with the outside world; making the space feel larger. If you have any windows in your bathroom ensure you capitalise on the amount of light they emit to the room. Use light and sheer fabrics for curtains and blinds to allow as much light in, and whenever possible, make sure any drapes are pulled back. A lack of natural light will limit the illusion but there are ways around it. Try spot lights in the ceiling as not only are these aesthetically appealing, they don’t take up any space!


Wall mirrors help to reflect all the light and colour in your room, making the room appear bigger; try a larger mirror on one wall and you will notice the difference it makes. You could even try a mirrored cabinet to maximise the space and keep those toiletries out of sight.

Larger Floor Tiles

The eye is often drawn to the floor and the ceiling – which act as extra walls, so do not forget their importance in your sizing illusion. Choosing bigger floor tiles will give the illusion that you have more space for them. Once again, use natural and light colours to open up the room and reflect the natural light. Pick a large format tile with only a hint of a pattern as anything too busy will break up the floor and make the room appear smaller. In a small space everything counts, so follow these simple steps and your bathroom will feel the benefits!   This piece has been produced by Dunkley Tiles, a leading tile and bathroom retailer and designer based in the South of England. Visit their stunning showroom for more top tips on creating your perfect bathroom.

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  1. Attachment Mummy
    July 25, 2013 / 6:32 pm

    I love the bigger floor tiles suggestion, not heard of that idea before.

  2. Richard Watters
    August 4, 2013 / 7:45 pm

    Great tips. A couple more:

    Tidiness – make sure toothbrush mugs, shampoos etc all put out of sight in cabinet etc – clutter makes things seem smaller.

    If you’re installing a new suite, there are lots of spacesaver baths, sinks, W.C’s etc. They cost a bit more but worth it – nothing makes a small bathroom look smaller than there being little floor space.

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