Best Bathroom Designs: The Trends Every Home Lover is Adopting

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What are the best bathroom designs? It’s one of the most popular questions, home lovers ask themselves.

Spring is one of the most common times of year when homeowners feel the urge to freshen up their interiors. With more of us now working from home, having high quality and relaxing bathroom facilities has never been so important.

If you find that you want your bathroom to feel bang on trend this spring, read on for our top tips from our bathroom experts.

Best Bathroom Designs: Pastels

bathroom with green shower panelling and white tiles with gold accessories, a best bathroom design for 2022

Bathroom Design from Kallums Bathrooms

Pastels in the bathroom has been a growing trend for a while now, but always has a particularly big resurgence in the spring.

Adding colour can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom but choosing pastel colours is a great way to brighten up your space, whilst still creating a relaxing ambience.

Thanks to clever bathroom innovations, there are so many different ways you can incorporate pastel colours into your bathroom décor. One of the hottest trends is adding coloured ceramics to your space.

In this modern age, toilets and basins are now available in almost any colour imaginable. If your current bathroom colour scheme Is white or neutral, adding pastel coloured ceramics is a fantastic way to make your bathroom pop!

Alternatively, consider a freestanding bath – many of which can be purchased primed and ready to paint.

Then you have to freedom to create something unique that represents your personal style, as well as making a colourful centrepiece for your bathroom, and following one of the best bathroom designs around.

Another stylish way to add pastels to your bathroom is with tiles! Create a stunning feature wall with pastel coloured bathroom tiles, whilst keeping the rest of your walls neutral.

If you are looking for simpler way to add a pop of pastel to your bathroom, consider some colourful bathroom accessories!

Bringing the outside in

a large white bathroom with brown sink shelves and wooden flooring

Bathroom Design from Kallums Bathrooms

A bathroom trend that is continuously on the rise is bringing the outdoors in! For many people, the bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s no longer just a place for cleaning, but also somewhere to escape, relax and refresh.

The typical white bathroom décor can result in your space feeling cold and not overly inviting. So, it’s no surprise that people are transforming their bathrooms to create a warm, natural paradise.

One of the easiest ways to master this trend is with some well-placed greenery. Real or fake? It doesn’t matter!

But by adding plants throughout your bathroom will result in a relaxing, natural haven.

If you plan on giving your bathroom a more thorough refresh, consider a natural earthy colour scheme. Easily achieved with bathroom tiles or paint, earth tones will create a warm and comforting ambience.

We highly recommend pairing this with wood effect bathroom flooring – to further enhance the rustic natural feel and fully embrace one of the best bathroom trends for 2022.

Fluted glass

Bathroom Design from Kallums Bathrooms

Fluted finishes take inspiration from the art deco era, but with a modern twist!

The stylish yet delicately ribbed surface is delightfully tactile with a luxe feel, so it’s easy to see why it continues to grow in popularity. One of the most popular uses of fluted finishes are fluted glass shower screens.

Particularly ones with a metallic frame such as gold, brass or nickel. Fluted glass shower screens are very versatile and are available in a wide range of styles to suit any bathroom design.

When styled correctly, they have the ability to completely transform a shower into a luxurious, elegant showering space.

However, it’s not just shower screens that offer fluted finishes.

Now, you can find beautiful ribbed surfaces on bathroom vanity units, bathroom lighting, cabinets, taps and more!

All of which are perfect for adding depth and texture.

Best Bathroom Design: Brushed Brass

For a long while chrome reigned supreme with bathroom finishes. However, it seems that is no longer the case. Of course, chrome is still a popular choice and commonly used throughout many bathrooms.

But there has been a sharp increase in homeowners’ opting for bolder metallic finishes such as gold and nickel. One of the most popular finishes currently is brushed brass.

Retailers have seen a sharp increase this year in customers requesting brushed brass, as well as dramatic increases on google searches.

 Brushed brass benefits from great durability and offers a modern style infused with industrial elegance. When choosing a bold finish like this, it works best when used consistently throughout the bathroom to achieve a stylish, cohesive design.

One of the most popular products people choose in brushed brass are bathroom taps.

However, there are now a wide range of products available in brushed brass. Such as bathroom accessories, radiators, showers and much more. And when you need help with fitting, call on someone like the Dulwich Plumber for assistance.

What do you think of these best bathroom designs? Would you adopt them in your home?


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  1. Alyson Caddick
    April 30, 2022 / 6:23 pm

    Brushed brass would add a warmth that is currently missing from our mostly white bathroom. It would make such a cosying difference!

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