Why Choose Chrome Accessories for your Bathroom?

chrome bathroom accessories



Chrome is usually the metal of choice for bathroom fittings and accessories, with everything from taps to soap dishes available in the metal. If you’re wondering just why chrome is so popular for bathrooms, read on.

It looks great –

You can’t deny that a gleaming chrome tap and associated accessories look fantastic in a bathroom. The metal gives the impression of cleanliness thanks to its shiny finish and, when it’s just been polished, it can almost sparkle.

Chrome is particularly well-suited to contemporary bathrooms, but carefully-selected chrome features can also work with period decor, as long as you go for items that are more old-fashioned in their design (like taps with a cross head, for instance).

Matching bathroom accessories in chrome are easy to find, so you can bring a sense of continuity to your space without too much difficulty. Chrome also works with various colour schemes, from plain whites and pale hues to bolder colours and brighter shades, so you can redecorate your bathroom without having to worry about replacing all your accessories.

It’s easy to clean –

Another important reason why chrome is a top choice in bathrooms is that it’s easy to clean. You can simply wipe away any marks or smears with a damp cloth before polishing it with a dry towel. This should mean that all your chrome accessories shine in no time.

You also don’t need to use any specialist cleaning products to get your chrome items back to their best – a simple all-purpose cleaner is more than adequate for the job.

If you do leave your chrome fittings for a while without taking care of them and notice that rust patches begin to appear, don’t worry, as there are some steps you can take to fix the problem. The best way to remove rust from chrome is to use an acidic substance – household items like vinegar or lemon juice usually work well.

You can soak a cloth with one of these liquids and use it to clean your chrome accessories, or alternatively (if it’s possible) you can leave them overnight in a bowl of vinegar to help get rid of stubborn stains.

It’s durable –

Chrome is a highly durable material and, for the most part, is relatively moisture resistant. As you can see from the point above, even if you do get a few small rust spots forming on some of your bathroom fittings, you should be able to remove them without too much hassle.

For example, wire chrome shelving units are one of the best storage products you can get for a bathroom, because the gaps between the wires promote airflow and prevent damp from forming on the shelves. This is particularly useful in an environment like a bathroom where steam regularly builds up and condenses on the surfaces.

There’s variety –

A final reason to choose chrome accessories for your bathroom, aside from their practicality, is that there are so many different products on the market you’ll be able to find something that matches your decor and suits your needs.

This means it is also really easy to add new items to your bathroom without having to worry they won’t quite match what’s already there. Obvious fittings like toilet roll holders, soap dispensers, shelving units and taps are all readily available in chrome. In addition, you’ll find mirror frames, light cases, drain covers and even toilet brush holders made out of the metal, allowing you to kit out your entire bathroom with accessories that go well together.

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