Bold Decor Ideas for Maximalist Bathroom Designs

The maximalist trend has become incredibly popular in recent years thanks to home lovers embracing an eclectic home decor style inspired by many Instagram accounts. 

For me, I love to take elements of the maximalist look and use it in my own style, but I know many of you are looking for ideas to improve your home and home interiors, so let’s take a look at this design in more detail. 

Royal Bathrooms is your go-to destination for embracing the vibrant and eclectic maximalist trend in your home. With an extensive range of bathroom suites, they offer beautiful fixtures to help you design a bathroom that perfectly complements your bold and expressive style.

In particular, let’s discuss how you can bring this maximalism look into the bathroom – a space that welcomes a bohemian interior and can carry a more impactful design. 

How to Design a Maximalist Bathroom: Decor Tips

There are few key ingredients that make up the maximalist bathroom and the first one has to be wallpaper

The darker and more pattern focused the better. I know not everyone wants wallpaper in their bathrooms, and it does need good ventilation if you’re going to use it, so if it’s not for you, try to embrace darker paint colours. 

Alternatively you could use darker tiles and include pattern in them. The one thing you should remember is to clash your prints. Bring in some bold botanical patterns and mix them with geometric, contemporary tiling to really give the room your maximalist feel. 

Another way to embrace maximalism is to add plants. And lots of them. 

Remember this is not a simple, minimal look at all, so the more plants you have, and the more accessories you can include in your scheme, the better. 

More is definitely the way to go for the maximalist bathroom look. If you think you’re finished in designing your room, then probably add a few more pieces and you’ll have it complete. 

If clashing patterns and prints are not for you but you still want something more than a minimal look, try bringing in a selection of bold paints and colours. The darker the better. 

The maximalist bathroom embraces a moody atmosphere. It’s dark, sultry and welcoming.

Create your space using a rich, inviting colour palette, add lots of blooms and fragrance as well as texture and you’re well on the way to having a maximalist home

Remember when you’re pulling together your maximalist design to be bold and daring. The design style should be surprising, shocking even, full of character and personality as well as colour, texture and plants. 

Of course we all have our own ways of interpreting this look and there’s nothing to stop you taking some of the maximalist look and combining it with other styles. 

If you don’t love dark rooms, but still want that enriching maximalist interior design feel, simply add lots of greenery, several bold patterns and prints, but keep the backdrop light and airy. This way you won’t feel too claustrophobic but can still embrace all that maximalism holds. 

Designing a maximalist space should be fun and empowering. As we’ve described, it allows you to use prints and textures in interesting ways to really express your personality through visual interest, bright colours and bold designs.

Be patient with your maximalist bathroom as these looks don’t evolve overnight, they take time and care. Beautiful bathrooms build over the years as you add more and more pattern and accessories. You’ll gather items you love as you peruse markets and charity stores and create the look you want over time. 

Maximalism is a process that requires love and attention. But it’s so worth it when you get it right. 

Maximalist Interiors: The Key Ingredients

To make things easier I’ve created a quick list of all the elements that come together to make the maximalist style what it is: fun, daring and exciting. You can apply this to your bathroom, but equally it works for the living room too.

Let’s start with with the bold statement choices for every maximalist space.

  • Vibrant colours
  • Animal prints
  • Metallic finishes
  • Bold colour schemes
  • Busy wallpaper
  • Gold hardware
  • Accent wall
  • Gallery wall
  • Open shelving
  • An abundance of soft furnishings
  • Traditional furniture

Once you’ve started pulling together these design, you can start to become more specific about the actual items you’ll need to include in a maximalist bathroom.

Think about the colour scheme when you’re choosing pieces for the room, and remember this still has to be a functional space, so don’t overdo it and lose sight of the practical elements.

Incorporate all the above maximalist, eclectic ideas into the following bathroom items:

  • Shower Curtain
  • Bath towel
  • Hand towel
  • Wash cloth
  • Bathroom tiles
  • Storage unit
  • Bath mat
  • Hanging plant
  • Colorful planters
  • Art prints

You can make a big impact in your bathroom, no matter the size, if you choose bold shades, vibrant colour combinations and create a talking point in the entire space.

Specific items can be random, that’s the joy of a maximalist interior, yet put together they create a joyful, fun room that creates a real wow factor.

My one tip is to take a colour you love, and use it throughout your items. It might be just a hint of red, pink or orange, but that one colour will connect your bathroom decor and breathe new life into your home.

A maximalist home might feel like you’re following the latest trend but this look has been around for a long time. There is a huge amount of inspiration on Pinterest and other blogs, so do keep searching until you find color palettes and furniture styles you like, so you create the perfect maximalist bathroom just for you!


Jen x

All images courtesy of Bathroom Takeaway

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    November 1, 2019 / 3:55 am

    It’s pretty great aesthetically, that’s for sure. My issue is the wallpaper honestly. I can imagine that the steam from showers and such would cause the wallpaper to deteriorate pretty quickly

    Still, it’s a cool trend, and definitely looks amazing.

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