Interior Design Ideas for Airbnb Homes

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Whether you hanker after running your own Airbnb or love to stay in one as a guest there are certain interior design ideas that Airbnb homes will benefit from. 

In my travel series, I discuss what to look for in UK Holiday Cottages at length having stayed in many over the last 15 years. I’ve also stayed in plenty of Airbnb properties both in the UK and abroad, and whilst it’s a different experience to the cottages, there are still certain things I’d look out for when choosing my next home. 

Let’s chat a little further on how to design an Airbnb so that guests like us are inspired to come and stay.

Interior Design Ideas for Airbnb homes

Start with the basics:

As with any holiday let, you need to ensure all the basics are covered. That means all the standard amenities and home comforts like washing up liquid, handsoap and so on. From an interior design point of view, you should ensure your Airbnb home feels spacious, uncluttered and of excellent quality. 

Add good beds and clean looking bedding. Give the bedrooms plenty of options for storage with fresh, fluffy towels in the bathrooms. 

In the living space add plenty of seating and lighting to ensure the room feels welcoming and relaxing. Whether your guests are business or leisure travellers they’ll want to unwind at the end of the day and relax in a welcoming environment. 

In the kitchen, ensure it looks modern and clean, giving plenty of space to food preparation, as well as an area to sit and eat. Delineate the areas, no matter how big or small so the guest understands how to use the space. Use mats, rugs, lighting and more to do this. 

Even if your Airbnb is small, all guests need a place to sleep, wash, eat and sit. As a guest myself I’d look for clean, fresh and modern design with a splash of homeliness and character to give me a full experience. 

Add character and personality

How do you add the character and personality into an Airbnb property without alienating those who don’t like your style? 

It’s a tricky balance and one not all Airbnb hosts get right. 

Remember, many guests are looking for a convenient place to sleep whilst they visit or work in a particular area, but lots are now using Airbnb as a bolt-hole or holiday property so want something a little more special. 

Some of the design ideas I’d look for in an Airbnb home are:

Colour – I want to see colour and interest on walls and in the home accessories. I want to see that the space has been designed and well thought through. In contrast to a holiday cottage, I like colour on the walls and in the art. The more the design fits with the surrounding areas the better. If you have a country cottage embrace a modern country style, if it’s a city pad, make the design more urban and architectural. 

Coordination: If the Airbnb host isn’t confident in adding interior design ideas to the property, I’d hope they would seek expert opinion. I want to see a design coordination in the property – a cohesion of the interior running throughout the home. Whether that’s similar flooring, a certain colour palette or a particular aesthetic. I don’t want a mix up of styles and looks so keep it well coordinated if you can. 

New versus Vintage: Even though the property needs to look fresh and clean there’s nothing to stop the Airbnb host using vintage or preloved pieces of furniture and accessories in the property. Indeed, as a guest, I welcome seeing older pieces, particularly in a modern setting, appreciating their quality and character. As long as they are in great condition and add personality to the space, older pieces are a great touch. 

Advanced Touches:

If you really want to take your Airbnb interior design to the next level, why not think about some advanced technological touches.

Creating more of a Smart Home is a big draw for potential guests and could make your property really stand out. Adding installations such as Hive for the heating, Smart Locks on the doors, music systems controlled by Google Home or Alexa, and Wifi connected lighting all add an extra special touch. 

Be wary of anything that invades the guests’ privacy of course, but all these modern touches enhance the interior and give the home a quality feel. As a guest, I welcome anything that elevates the space to the next level. 

How to Manage your Airbnb home

GuestReady is a UK Airbnb Management Agency which helps hosts around the globe manage their property on Airbnb. They focus on guest communciation from the first contact to onsite support management. They make sure the home is safe and guests are looked after during their stay. 

The GuestReady team of pricing experts dives deep into the data to ensure your occupancy and profit rates are fully optimised and their professional cleaning service keeps your property looking at its best at all times. 

What a great way to feel confident that your Airbnb property looks great and is well looked after when you’re not around. 

What would you look for in an Airbnb property?



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  1. Fiona jk42
    September 8, 2019 / 8:47 pm

    From the perspective of someone who has hosted on Airbnb, I would stress that you need to ensure the place is easy to clean. Unfortunately that means cutting back on certain types of decor. We have pictures on the walls, but keep surfaces clear of ornaments, as they are a dust trap. Likewise with soft furnishings, think ahead to how you will clean up after messy guests (you are bound to get some, it’s just a matter of time). Make sure your sofa has loose covers that are machine washable, preferably in a dark colour that will not show stains. Likewise, with linens. We replaced white towels with a fashionable mid-grey colour, which are easier to keep looking nice without having to resort to environmentally-unfriendly bleach (guests will use your towels to remove their make-up, clean their boots and for all sorts of things they probably wouldn’t do with their towels at home!)

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