How to Create a Hotel Style Bathroom in your own Home

It’s that stuff that dreams are made of. How do you create that hotel feel, boutique style bathroom in your own home? Is it even possible. As someone who lives in a very old house, with some very tiny bathrooms, this is something I can only long for. But it’s still possible to create a space that oozes luxury and picks up on some of the top ways hotels style up their bathrooms. So, here are my top tips for creating a beautiful hotel bathroom vibe in your own space.

Layout is Key:

If you have the space, and you’re remodelling the bathroom, then getting the layout right is the key to a successful luxury bathroom. If you can, you’ll want to install a separate shower, the bigger the better, with an almighty, powerful shower. This is where the luxury bit comes in. If you can afford to, spend your money where it counts, on the the things that add real value to the space. You can always save on the other bits if you need to, but getting a good shower will really up the value of your room.

Next up is the bath. To make it really luxurious, you’ll want to add something in the centre of the room. Now you do need a big room to be able to do this, but making the bath the centrepiece of the space will add the wow factor and allow for really indulgent design.

How about a his and hers set of sinks? Again, if space and budget are plentiful, this is another layout element that really adds a punch and gives your bathroom that decadent feel.

All in the Detail:

This is where you can showcase your artistic flair. Adding lots of extra details will give the bathroom a more indulgent feel so go mad with the candles, soft, fluffy towels and baskets of luxurious toiletries. Don’t forget the storage too, so you can hide away all the day to day practical accessories like toothbrushes and shaving items. (Yes it might drive you mad to open a cupboard every time you want to brush your teeth, but no-one said being stylish was practical!).

Decorate the Walls:

I think people are often a little worried about adding art to walls in the bathroom for fear of the moisture damaging them. But a good flow of fresh air and you should be fine. This is how you can give the bathroom real personality, and if you look at all the amazing hotels, they add lots of art to their bathroom walls. If art isn’t your thing, how about some paint patterns or even wallpaper? Using the right product, and keeping the room condensation free will mean it can be really effective and look great too.

Create Reflections:

With the bathroom being a lot about water, adding mirrors to provide watery reflections can really be effective. Adding touches of luxury, mirrors are also a great way to make the space feel lighter and brighter, as well as being practical of course.

Green and Simple:

My final tip is to add lots of plants. They’ve become so much more en vogue in recent years and even if you’re not green fingered, adding a few faux plants will add the same effect. Remember to keep the whole look quite simple though to achieve that hotel look; don’t overdo it and clutter up the space, you’ll end up with something more B&B than luxury hotel.

For more ideas and inspirations, check out this post from Victoria Plum, who have taken 5 amazing hotel bathrooms from around the world and shown you how to recreate their look for your own home. 

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