Budget Top Tips for Revamping your Garden

The garden is a special place for many people being a place of relaxation, creativity, and beauty. In some cases, however, maintaining a garden can become costly and it is therefore necessary to find ways to keep the spirit of the garden but also decrease the costs associated with its upkeep. Some alternatives, such as artificial grass, can help with costs in the long term, but there are also other ways to reduce the garden budget.

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The enjoyment of a great looking garden

 A garden means different things to different people. However, whether the main enjoyment provided by the garden is physical activity or spiritual pleasure, having the garden looking great is always a large component of this. For most people, knowing that the household budget looks as healthy as the garden is another element that brings enjoyment.

Finding cheap options when revamping your garden

 Some elements of a garden may require investment, but others need not cost a great deal of money.  A local flea market, jumble sale, or thrift shop may be a good source of garden elements at knockdown prices. Similarly, online sale or auction websites can provide bargains, often for very little cost.  Shops and garden centres sometimes offer good value on clearance items, and this happens more frequently if the shopping is done out of the high season. At the lowest end of the budgetary scale, items that have been sent for recycling or consigned to the dump may be available for absolutely nothing, so local sources for these are worth checking.

What to change when revamping your garden

Browsing items that are available for low or zero cost may provide a lot of ideas for ways to refresh the garden. Beyond this, there can be opportunities to revamp almost any aspect of a garden at low cost, including the lawn, fencing, plants and shrubs, and accessories. The first place to start is usually with general garden work. Weeding flowerbeds, trimming the branches of shrubs and trees, tidying paths and stepping-stones, and mowing the lawn are all things that can be done, free of cost, to improve the look of the garden. Completing these tasks will probably also reveal other potential improvements, such as suitable spaces for garden ornaments or garden furniture.

Accessories that will make your garden look great

 In addition to the central aspects of the garden, which are usually the lawn and plants, accessories can heighten the beauty of a revamped garden. A birdbath adds an extra visual dimension and, if it attracts birds, brings movement to the garden. A small garden table or barbecue pit can add a homely feel to the look of the garden. Extra dimensions to the plant life, as in hanging baskets or a rock garden, can also add lot to the visual identity of the garden without breaking the bank. With work and a little expenditure, the flowerbeds, family areas, and lawn can be made to look fresh and welcoming.

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  1. Henry Jackson
    February 18, 2014 / 11:12 pm

    If the garden is small its easy enough, if the garden is large you need to prioritise, what do need? seating area? kids area? What ever is the most important this is where to spend the budget, after that certain area’s that are not used regularly can be made to look good for a small cost using slate or chippings bark etc. Dont sherk on the main area, because if this is great the rest will come together around it.

    Hope this helps a little!

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