How to Decorate Well on a Budget

We have several decorating projects on the go at the moment, which is great fun, but does tend to a cost considerable amount if we’re not careful. The school holidays are also well and truly underway and already I appear to be digging deep into my pocket to fund trips and activities to keep them entertained. Living well during the holidays and not spending a fortune isn’t easy. Budgeting is definitely the key here.

As soon as they finished school last week most of the school uniform, which was very worn and tired, was recycled or put in the bin. So it’s time to start hitting the shops and kitting them out for the new school year. School shoes seem to be the biggest expense but there are ways round this. Hunting down a Clarks discount code to help, and shopping around for good value bargains is essential. Many of the shops are running sales or offers for buying the actual uniform so I plan to get it all done early in the holidays and then not worry about it for the remainder.

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The same applies for our decorating projects. We’re well underway in with the mini kitchen revamp now. New blinds are up, the walls have had their first coat of paint and I’m hunting for accessories. We have a fair bit to do in the house and garden over the summer so I’m being careful with how I spend the money. I’ve created a spreadsheet to monitor the spending for each project and to ensure the budget stretches as far as we need to. I’ve given a fair bit of thought as to how I can get the best value:

  • TKMaxx or Homesense are great value for home accessories. I picked up a fantastic little Umbra kitchen roll holder for just £7.99 instead of paying around £20 online.
  • We need new mugs for the kitchen (and I’m very fussy about my mugs!) so I plan to use a Debenhams discount code to find what I would like. A great result.
  • eBay is always a great place to look for home accessories, particularly from High Street stores like Next and many people have been buying in the sales and auctioning brand new items at the moment.
  • Price comparison sites are also a great place to find a bargain if you know exactly what you want.
  • For paint, I always check out which DIY store is carrying offers. Homebase is great for their 20% off weekends too.
  • Don’t forget the supermarkets for excellent home accessories too. Sainsburys has a great range of home decor items at reasonable prices and Asda does a really good kitchen range all at really good value prices.

So I’m hopeful that the budget will stretch. As well as updating some of the decor inside, we’re having the carpets cleaned in a few weeks’ time, and hopefully doing some painting outside and replacing some fencing. It would be great to finally finish some of these projects which have been hanging around for considerable time.

The summer holidays can be a very expensive time and finding the time to plan the budget is essential to seeing it through without spending a fortune. Living and decorating well on a budget can be done!


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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  1. Amanda
    July 25, 2012 / 8:13 am

    I can’t wait to see the conclusion of all your projects Jen. Good luck on the budget!

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