Decorate your Bedroom for Under £300 in a Weekend

Do up your bedroom for under £300Image: House to Home

In this time of global austerity and financial uncertainty, investments that were once commonplace now seem to be a major luxury. Decorating a bedroom has gone from being a pleasurable Sunday afternoon task to a haunting, ever-present, un-ticked entry on the feared ‘to-do list’. Fortunately there is a way to satisfyingly tick off that entry and decorate your bedroom without burning too big a hole in your pocket.

We’re now at the time of year when furniture companies make a huge fuss about delivering before Christmas as though managing to deliver a sofa within a fortnight is an incredible achievement and feat of logistical brilliance. Make sure that you get delivery dates 100% confirmed so that you will be in to sign it off on a day that best suits you. Delivery men are seldom prepared to leave a 5ft bed frame under the doormat.

Paint – £50

On the Friday night of the decorating weekend extravaganza, clear everything out of the room, strip the wallpaper and get to painting. B&Q have a useful tool that helps you understand how much paint you will need for a specific room. This will stop you buying a ridiculous amount of paint that will be left to harden in the garage or buying too little and conserving the remaining dregs by missing large patches because ‘there’ll be a cabinet there anyway.’

Bedframe – £92

Minimalist bedrame

This faux-leather Kingsize bedframe from D Furniture Store is available in a couple of muted colours that will complement whatever the décor theme that you choose. The simplistic design is easy to put together meaning that when your paint dries, you can immediately move the bed in there and set up the bed. Free next day delivery is available from the store as well, perfect if you’re getting antsy to improve your bedroom.

Mattress – £85

A memory foam mattress does not have to cost an arm and a leg – a 6” thick mattress can be found for as little as £85. These mattresses are ideal for couples sharing a bed as it shifts its shape to the individual bodies and envelopes the sleeper in a cosy cocoon.

Duvet & Bed Sheets – £15

Amazon has made it possible to source an almost unlimited selection of bed sheets and duvet covers in all manner of shades and styles. You’ll be able to find the perfect sheets to complement your choice of décor and room theme in minutes.

Canvas Wardrobe x 2 – £26

With a tight budget comes compromises at times and this is one of those times. You could be looking at £300 alone for a quality new wardrobe but these canvas clothes storage units make a great alternative. Buy two for ‘his n hers’ style. The wardrobes comprise of a number of shelves for undergarments and folded clothes as well as an internal rail for items you cannot crease.

Wooden Drawers -£32

Invest in wooden drawers to give yourself extra storage room. Use it to store  any spare money that you may have and when you reach £300, you can finally redecorate the kids’ room too!

Image: Urbanara

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