How to Keep a Family Home Clean


One of the most important reasons for cleaning the home is to cut down on the potential health problems caused by the presence of dust mites.  Allergies, asthma and other health conditions are on the increase and this is largely due to the ability of the dust mite to thrive in a comfortable and warm environment; the family home is an ideal living space for these creatures.

Tools of the trade

The easiest way of ensuring that households are not sharing their environment with these unwanted guests is to regularly vacuum and dust the home.  Keeping a house in order can, at times, appear to be a thankless task but given the right tools and a methodical approach this laborious chore can be overcome in a relatively easy and quick fashion.

First of all anyone who wishes to keep their house really clean should make sure that they have the right equipment.  The advent of an increasingly imaginative selection of household cleaning gadgets means that scrubbing floors and carpets on bended knees has been eliminated.

There are many vacuum cleaners on the market, including the excellent Vax carpet cleaners and these should be employed to keep a carpet in pristine condition. It is no use having invested hard earned cash in a beautiful oriental or even modern Wilton carpet if it’s not going to be properly looked after.


A cleaning cupboard that is regularly stocked up with commercial cleaners, as well as vinegar for cleaning windows and baking soda for removing difficult stains in the bathroom, should be an essential part of any home.  Sufficient scourers and lavatory brushes in the bathroom are also vital for family hygiene


 Our Victorian ancestors always used to have an allotted day to wash their clothes – usually Monday each week. Even though our modern washing and drying machines mean that no one has to be tied to such a rigid programme it is useful to try to work out some kind of timetable when trying to keep the family home in order.

Life can become fraught when trying to juggle the responsibilities of work and domestic chores but a little bit of planning can help.  One vital piece of common sense is for families to clean up as they go along. Adolescents are sometimes oblivious to dirty glasses but if it is pointed out to them that short of growing penicillin for a science experiment drinking glasses should always be washed after use, the teens may catch on.

Some families divide the household chores between them operating on a reward system. This does seem to work and gives each family member a sense of responsibility about the home.

Pets and children

It’s a good idea to draw up a few simple rules in order to contain the dirt that usually seems to accompany both children and pets.  It’s never too early to introduce to a child the concept that outside clothes and Wellingtons should be taken off in either the hall or, in the kitchen, most kitchen floors are easy to sweep and wash.

Animals’ coats can pick up all kinds of debris, not to mention ticks and fleas so, weather permitting, the family pet should be brushed outdoors or in the kitchen before wandering into other areas of the house.

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