5 Unusual Bedroom Design Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank!

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If your bedroom isn’t as impressive as you would like, have no fear. We are ready to share our top tips for unusual bedroom design ideas that won’t break the budget.

Your bedroom should be your safe haven. It ought to be a relaxing space where you feel most at home. The trouble with that is that we all feel most at home with different things. It may be that you want to live inside a neon rave scene, it may be that you like floral prints and doilies. Whatever your preference for decorating at home, we have some unusual interior décor ideas for your bedroom, which might light up your life.

Here are some ways you can decorate your bedroom and be 100% sure that the neighbours haven’t done the same. If they have, you can be sure that it’s a copycat scenario.

5 Bedroom Design Ideas that are Out of the Ordinary

Want to shock, stun, and still please, your guests? Here are our top 5 décor design ideas to make your neighbours turn heads.

1 – The Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed is an expensive item to splash out on but once you have, you’ll have it for life. There’s even a trick to make your bed seem like it’s a four poster bed using cleverly placed material instead of real wood and railings. If you are DIY minded, you can even install four posts and a ceiling bracket and make a four poster bed for yourself. Nothing says style, luxury, and opulence, like a four poster bed. It reminds visitors of the royal apartments of Versailles and the palaces of Queen Elizabeth II. Enjoy it, even if all you do is wing it.

2 – Budget Bedroom Design – Use Mirrors

Image: Melody Maison

A mirror on the ceiling makes most people pinch the bridge of their nose, but a mirror on the ceiling isn’t always about gratification. Sometimes, a well-placed mirror allows you to expand the depth and space of an otherwise tiny bedroom. Similarly, though they say you shouldn’t stand between two mirrors, doing so in a small room makes that space seem infinite. Our advice to you is to place floor to ceiling length mirrors in the smallest of rooms. This should bolster your space and leave you with a brighter room. A word to the wise, though. You might want to be extra careful in there if you’ve had a drink.

3 – Art Deco Headboards

Headboards are a strange item. Some beds need them while others don’t. Some people wouldn’t be without their headboard, while others complain that it’s too hard, too soft, or makes too much noise. Adding texture to your headboard gives a warm, comfortable felling to a room – but check out some of the designs in House and Garden. They have headboards shaped like melted glass, resin head rests, velvet numbers, cushioned ones, and even headboards made of thin wrought iron and wire. If you want a centrepiece for the room and your bed won’t cut it, opt for the headboard, instead. You can even team it with a matching kickboard for added impact.

4 – Low Hanging Lights

Image: Norsu Interiors

We all need a bedside lamp when it comes to the bedroom. Whether we are finishing some reading at the end of the night, or whether we just don’t want to get out of bed to turn those lights off, we all need that light source. Try this instead: hang your ceiling lights as low as you can, so that they act in place of your bedside lamp. It’s a design statement that is hard to compete with and works so well in small spaces.

5 – It’s all About Texture

Image: The Secret Linen Store

The best thing you can do for any bedroom is to layer it with textures. Whether that means soft furnishings, paper with patterns, soft headboards and kickboards, or layered carpets and rugs is entirely your decision. We add texture to the bedroom because it increases the depth and comfort of the room. We add texture especially in the bedroom to add an air of sumptuous softness, elegance, and class. A softened bedroom will always be comfortable even if your guests don’t personally enjoy the patterns.

Bedroom Design Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

If you need more advice on how to budget bedroom design ideas and how to not go overboard, you can visit our site. We have lots of helpful hints on brightening any home without wasting money. A brighter, lighter home is only a pot of paint away.

Are you a fan of our budget bedroom design ideas?



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