How to Create an Art Deco Contemporary Bathroom

It’s a trend that re-emerges time and time again, and is an important one if you live in a 1920’s or 1930’s home. The Art Deco trend is also making a great comeback this year because of The Great Gatsby film and many of us have been inspired to add touches from this era to our homes. So I started to think how you could add this look to your contemporary bathroom. Most of us probably have a white suite and so whether you’re replacing that or not, it’s quite simple to update it to create an Art Deco feel.

Here are some of my ideas and top tips for adding the Art Deco look to your bathroom:

Go Big and Bold:


how to create an art deco contemporary bathroomSource:  via Jen on Pinterest

 The Art Deco look is on that’s elegant, glamorous, functional and modern with bright bold colours. Black, silver and chrome which look great in a bathroom, mix well with bright and deep yellows, reds, greens, blues and pinks. Patterns don’t feature too heavily in Art Deco unless they are geometric, so think about adding black and white floor tiles, lots of bold reflective surfaces like mirrors and keep the accessories big and oversized.


Layered Lighting:

Creating the right atmosphere for the Art Deco look is important and layering your lighting plays a big part of that. Light fittings of the period are made of glass and chrome so think about installing sconce style wall lights in the bathroom if you can as well as the overhead general light. Adding warmth and shade with different lights will give the contemporary bathroom a lovely Art Deco feel.


Bold geometric styling is one of the main characteristics in the Art Deco look so definitely think about angular, squared lines when creating your bathroom tile layout.


Bathroom Suites:

how to create an art deco contemporary bathroom

If you are lucky enough to have an Art Deco inspired bathroom suite then fantastic but don’t think you necessarily have to go and change what you have. Any simple, white bathroom suite can be updated to fit with the era. If you are going to buy new, this contemporary bathroom suite from Victoria Plumb has all the features you need with strong angles and an oversized basin. Add a black and white floor, some coloured geometric tiles and a huge glass edged mirror and you’re most of the way there.


Pale and Interesting:

how to create an art deco contemporary bathroomSource:  via Jen on Pinterest

If glass and reflective surfaces are not your thing all is not lost as another great way to interpret the Art Deco look in a contemporary bathroom is to use polished wood and lacquered furniture. You may think this is a little over the top but it can actually work really well, particularly if teamed with cream and beige tones as in the image above. It’s classy and dramatic and looks very elegant.

So what do you think? Is the Art Deco theme something you would think of using in your bathroom, or in your home in general?

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