New Build Homes vs Traditional Properties – Which Is Better?

Which you do prefer? A new build or a more traditional property. Lots of pros and cons for each!

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When we’re buying a new home, the look of the property is usually one of the most important deciding factors for us. Although most of us are itching to put our individual spin on the house, we still want something that is ready to move into as soon as possible without making us shudder in horror every time we walk in.

One of the main design questions buyers have to ask themselves is which type of property they want to move into: a new-build, or an older house? They tend to have very different features and design possibilities, and people are usually a fan of one or the other. But for those of us on the fence, here are some things to think about…


The Traditional Home

According to property valuation Brisbane experts – for those of us who want a house with character and that has more of a homely and ‘lived in’ feel to it, then it’s generally assumed that a house with previous tenants is better option. One of the main things people like about these properties is the chance to speak to the previous owners to find out the ins and outs of living there. What are the neighbours like? Have there been any structural problems with the house? Is it expensive to keep? What’s the area like?

As well as these practicalities, there are a number of design factors that make some of us more of a fan of older properties. Homes dating back beyond a hundred years in particular can have some really stunning features. These can include:

  • original beams in the ceiling
  • beautiful hardwood floors
  • coving
  • stained glass windows
  • original brick work
  • larger amounts of land

A lot of people love properties designed like this because they give a real sense of the history of the local area. Even those of us who like modern interiors can get extremely creative with the traditional features, and make the house and exciting mix of old and new.


New-Build Homes

On the other end of the design spectrum we have new-build properties. A new-build home is like a blank canvas. Everything’s fresh and new, like a piece of art work that you can make your own and put your own personal stamp on. New-build homes come with a lot of mod-cons that make living in a new home easier – and often cheaper – to live in. Some of the most basic features in new-build properties include double-glazing, electric fireplaces, air conditioning, central heating and electric ovens. These are the sort of things that can be missing from older houses, and that can take a lot of time and money to install.

Depending on the developers and your budget, a lot of new-builds can also come with really handy features. Ensuite bathrooms, under-floor heating and modern kitchen appliances definitely appeal to those of us with a taste for the more modern, glamorous home designs.


So – Which IS Better?

We all have our own personal preferences, but there are ways that we can actually have the best of both worlds. Some traditional properties have already been completely renovated and so retain some of the external features while being contemporary inside. This way, you still have a house steeped in history, but with all the mod-cons you can want.

For those of us who want that traditional looking home with historic features, but who are less keen on the expensive maintenance that these can require, new-build homes can also satisfy this need. Some new-build homes offer a ‘new traditional’ design. These properties have all the mod cons of a new home, but have the traditional features that make older homes more attractive. Mock Georgian and Victorian homes are a popular choice for homebuyers who want this compromise between both designs.

This article was written by Lauren Forse, a freelance content writer for new-build property developers Redrow.

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  1. Preeti
    July 23, 2013 / 10:40 am

    wow thats a nice house. I am planning to build a rtm house for my family who are living in Saskatoon.
    We shift frequently so RTM Home will be the best option for now.

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