How to Create a Luxury Hotel Inspired Bathroom in a Family Home

It’s not easy creating a luxury hotel inspired bathroom when you have a house full of kids, a busy job and seem run off your feet most of the time. But that’s exactly why you need a luxurious bathroom space where you can relax and unwind after a long, hard day.

When you choose to go shopping for your bathroom, you have to think about everything that could make your bathroom comfortable, cosy and luxurious.

Nobody can say no to a little luxury, and whether you shop at Bathshack or you upcycle when you can, you can still make your bathroom stand out somewhere you want to spend time just like you would in a hotel bathroom.

This is your safe space, your spa zone, the place you want to go to relax.

So what are the tricks? What are the hacks to creating such a room? Can we even do this in a busy family home?

Well I asked some fabulous parenting and lifestyle bloggers for their tips on creating a luxury hotel inspired bathroom and there are some fantastic ideas here.

Many of them are super easy to implement – they won’t cost you a lot, just a little time and research – and you’ll be well on the way to designing your very own hotel inspired bathroom retreat.

Let’s check them out!

How to Create Your Own Luxury Hotel Inspired Bathroom:

Invest in good quality rain shower, nothing beats stepping into the shower, closing your eyes and it taking you back to your favourite luxury hotel – Thanks to Laura from Five Little Doves

Jacqui from Mummy’s Little Monkeys suggests streamlining your bathroom by having a shaver plug wired up inside your wall cupboard – you can neatly store electric toothbrushes while they’re being charged, hiding all those ugly wires and charging docks. The perfect idea!

Quality over Quantity in your Luxury Bathroom:

Quality is always worth investing in – even when you have little ones – so thick cotton towels would be a must for any luxurious bathroom. Via Scandi Mummy

Kayleigh from CandyFloss Dreams has a good tip:

Decluttering my bathroom has made me feel so much better about it, just simply having what I need on show rather than having excess and having nice storage boxes to keep things in including kids toys. As we’ve just had a baby we also have a changing unit in our bathroom and I keep all our cloth nappies in a nice big basket so they’re all together but don’t look unorganised and easy to grab.

The idea of keeping things tidy and uncluttered is perfect for a luxury hotel inspired bathroom, and Nicola from Nicola Says recommends to:

“Create a place for everything and have as little on show as possible. Think about storage practically but also the style elements of the room. Could you opt for a statement mirror or flooring?”

I’d definitely agree with this idea that a hotel inspired bathroom is so much more than keeping it tidy and adding a statement piece into the room is a genius solution.

Eco Friendly Hotel Inspired Luxury Bathroom:

If you’re looking for an eco focused tip to help you create your luxury bathroom space how about this.

Nicole from Eco Family in Progress says: Why not “green it up” with real plants? They help freshen the air and give you a lovely scent without the need for chemical air fresheners or candles.

Add Display Towels to your Bathroom:

Now here’s one of my favourite tips of all, and something I do in my own bathroom. Hollie from Hollie Plus suggests that one of the most simple but effective ways of getting that hotel feel is to have ‘guest’ towels that aren’t used but always look neat, tidy and super fresh!

Just pop them neatly on a shelf or even over the radiator and it looks like you’re 100% organised.

Fragrance is so important – the room needs to smell really fresh, clean linen is the perfect aroma says Becky from A Beautiful Space.

Then Amy from All About a Mummy has a personal treat to help create her hotel inspired bathroom.

It has to the addition of a bath bridge which is a little expandable wooden shelf which rests across the bath and can hold your book/kindle, candle and glass of wine while you relax in the bubbles. In our house it is strictly for me so It feels like a real treat when it comes out and I hide away in a cupboard when I’m done!

Of course one of the most popular recommendations from a group of parenting bloggers has to be the idea of privacy – Make sure you close the door tight and lock it! Thanks to The Merralls Home for that one. 

Save this pin for later if you’d like to come back and revisit these tips and let’s help spread the love:

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How would you make your hotel inspired bathroom a relaxing, luxurious haven – leave your tip in the comments below!

Jen x

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