Give A Home a Contemporary Front Door Entryway

contemporary front door designToday’s post looks at the ways you can create a contemporary front door entrance to your home.

The front of your home gives visitors and passers by their very first impression of the space. 

If it looks shabby and unkempt, it sets the tone for the rest of the property, and particularly when you’re trying to sell your home, it can give the wrong impression. 

Many of us neglect the exterior of our home, I know I have in the past, but it’s important to realise how much of an extension of the inside space it really is. 

If you haven’t updated your exterior front doors, the pathway to your home and the porch area, if you have one, now’s the time to give it some thought and plan to give it a chic, luxury new look. 

A modern, fresh contemporary front door area is the perfect solution. 

How to Create a Contemporary Front Door Entryway

Update Your Front Door

How about a contemporary front door, a state of the art design with LED lighting and the latest technology in locking systems.

A modern front door like this really says something profound about the people that live behind it. 

It says they love new design, they’re happy to stand out and want their home to be cutting edge. They don’t mind trying new things and experimenting with striking design and forward thinking products. 

Furthermore it shows a love of your home, a pride and joy in updating the exterior as well as the interior. It shows you care. 

Plants and Greenery

contemporary front door plantersImage: KSL Living

It’s long been established that plants, particularly evergreens that offer a splash of colour to house front doors are a clever way to add a contemporary feel to the area. 

Of course, bringing a modern feel to your entryway with plants and greenery will depend on the varieties you choose. 

Plants like New Zealand Flax, Agapanthus, a Red Hot Poker and the Yukka all inspire an architectural feel synonymous with contemporary design and installations. 

Adding symmetry to your landscaping and planting will also give the space a more contemporary feel and work well with your contemporary front door. 

The Addition of Colour

painted front door up some stepsImage: Farrow and Ball

Creating a contemporary front door entryway doesn’t always mean a radical makeover. 

Sometimes choosing the right colour to add to the walls, the surrounding area and the planters is enough to create that modern feel. 

Here the more traditional door has been painted in Farrow and Ball’s Downpipe as have the window boxes and the whole look has been complemented with a pale blue brickwork. 

It’s a sleek look, bringing a contemporary feel to this front door exterior, whilst maintaining the more traditional design of the space. 

Install a High Tech Contemporary Front Door

contemporary front door design

One Touch Modern Front Door

If you want to add a contemporary feel to the entrance of your home, there’s nothing more modern than a one touch entry system. 

A door which opens on the touch of your fingerprint. Now that is truly a contemporary design. 

You’ll never lose your ‘key’ again. Just swipe your finger over the touch pad and hey presto, your door will open with ease. 

They offer a fail-safe, non-intrusive method of identification which will secure your home beyond compare.

Smart Front Door Technology

modern front door designWe are starting the see the evolution of the smart front door. A system where there are no door handles and no hinges.

The door simply uses face recognition and slides into a pocket to allow you entrance. How high tech is that! Essentially it looks like a sleek wall that opens as you approach. As if by magic. 

With a system like this, designed by you, you’re able to choose the material. Wood, stone, glass, aluminium – they all make wonderful modern statements on a smart door system like this. 

Whilst we may not all be able to aspire to a front door quite like this, we can admire these systems from afar and if we’re lucky enough to design a new home, consider their installation. x

contemporary front door designHow do you feel about these contemporary front doors?

Are you inspired to makeover your own front door and the entryway to your home?

I’m going to spruce up my own with some new plants and a bit of interest I think to give it a lift this Spring. I’d love to know what you are planning for yours?



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  1. Suzanne
    March 21, 2019 / 8:40 pm

    I really like that one at the bottom and we had plans to do something very similar last year but they cost SO much money! Just saving up first.

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