The BEST Bedroom Colour Ideas for 2019

Today’s post is focusing on the best bedroom colour ideas for 2019. 

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The kitchen is often deemed the heart of the home by interiors writers the world over, but it’s a far cry from the room we crave the most. This accolade surely goes to the bedroom.

There is nothing quite like collapsing into your bed and letting your duvet smother you after a long  day at work.

A bedroom is a safe haven — a private place of refuge where we relax, unwind and rest so we can start the next day fully recharged.

For this reason, it’s important that your comfort and surroundings are perfectly harmonised to give you as much peace of mind as possible.

This all starts with choosing the right colour, or colour combination, as the backdrop to your serene sanctuary.

This short and sweet guide delves into helping you select from the best bedroom colour ideas and focuses on which shades are set to be popular in bedroom design in 2019!

Simplicity, Not Intensity

green wall and calm bedroom desingImage: Dunelm

First things first, the bedroom is not a place to be overly experimental.

The priority here is comfort. Though colour trends will come and go, this is not a room designed to be fashionable or for you to express your inner creative child.

The bedroom is your private space, so creating a relaxing environment should be your primary concern. When you’re redesigning a bedroom, the key is to stick to simple, calming colours that you will enjoy and that will create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Avoiding bright and intense colours is an obvious first rule. And perfect advice for selecting your ideal bedroom colour. 

Vibrant colours can make for wonderful accessories, ornaments and decorations, but when used as the dominant colour in the bedroom, these do little to help create a calming environment.

Shades of red, for example, represent highly charged things like passion, blood, fire, danger and anger, to name a few. It’s by far the most emotionally intense colour — it demands attention, increases your pulse and heart rate, and, consequently, raises your blood pressure.

When coming up with your favourite bedroom colour ideas, the solution is to stick to one or two classic colours and try to find the right combination of shades for your particular space.

Remember that the more colours you have, the more obvious your walls and edges are.

Abrupt changes in colour can make a room appear convoluted and smaller than it is.

On the other hand, a carefully selected duo that blends perfectly can blur the surroundings and create the illusion that there is more space.

Clean and neutral colours complemented by a warm classic are the way to go.

Ardent silvers, dusty whites and pale creams keep a room looking simple and work beautifully with deep blues, purples and greens.

And there are some fantastic combinations available. Check out Pinterest boards for some stunning colour scheme inspiration.

Bedroom Colour and Design for 2019

2019 Bedroom Colour Combination 1: Light Blue and Dusty White

A beautiful blue colour in a bedroomIt’s no surprise that blue is a popular bedroom colour idea for 2019.

It is the colour we associate with peace and tranquillity. Blue evokes images of a clear sky or a gentle sea.

When combined with a dusty white, light blue provides a clean and soothing backdrop. You can also accessorise with louder colours here — just don’t go overboard and compromise the calming nature of the space. 

Use muted tones to either create a spacious sea of calm or draw attention to a few carefully selected pieces of art or decorations.

2019 Bedroom Colour Combination 2: Dark Green and Earthy Cream

Green has long been a soothing colour with its association with nature.

It hasn’t always been a popular bedroom colour, but expect to see more of it in 2019.

A combination of earthy creams or pale browns with pastoral shades of green looks fantastic. The right tone of green injects a terrific natural element into your bedroom, serving to bring the outside in.

It also takes any plants in your room and puts them centre stage. Whether your bedroom is accessorised by plants framing your bed or adorning your desk, or you have your own botanical sanctuary.

2019 Bedroom Colour Combination 3: Dark Teal with Yellow Tints

A final colour combination perfect for creating a relaxing bedroom space is dark teal with a neutral yellow bordering on gold.

There are several shades of teal — some take on a more blue or green tint, while others are much more muted and appear almost grey.

Grey has long been a staple of bedroom colour design. As a classic it will continue to be — but crossing the line into more colourful shades adds a wonderful modern twist.

A dark teal is a safe and comforting colour that is not strong on the eye yet adds a bit of class to a bedroom.

Hints of yellow-gold add a much-needed touch of life and character to the bedroom and bounce off the dark teal brilliantly. When using these shades, be careful not to overwhelm the space with accessories of too many conflicting colours.

The yellow accents add a pop of vibrancy, and that’s all you need. If in doubt, remember to go back to rule number one: keep it simple.

What do you think of these bedroom colour ideas? Will you be using any of these colour schemes for your bedroom redesign project?


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  1. Rachel @ Fresh Design
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    Nice colour combo ideas for bedrooms. The dark teal with yellow tints is interesting – not something I’d have automatically thought of.

  2. Steph
    March 26, 2019 / 10:30 pm

    I’ve got grey and white in my bedroom and I love it. It’s so calming and relaxing. But as soon as I saw green and cream I was drawn to it! I’ve not got any green in my house!

  3. sohbet
    April 1, 2019 / 12:05 am

    thank you

  4. sohbet
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