How to Create A Contemporary Moroccan Interior

I’m always looking for ways to spice up my contemporary interiors. Whilst I love a modern, up to date look, I’m not a fan of anything too minimal or sleek, I love to jazz it up and add pops of colour and flashes of something a little different. In order to that I’m always looking at other styles, drawing inspiration from them and taking elements that I know can work with my contemporary base. I guess that’s essentially how we all create a personal, unique style in our homes. Sometimes that inspiration comes from more unexpected places.

I’m a fan of a more boho, eclectic look, but whilst it isn’t one I’d want to recreate in my own home, I do love looking at that style for ideas on what to incorporate into my rooms. The Moroccan look is one that lends itself well to being pulled apart and integrated into other schemes. The colours are so vibrant, the designs and shaping are quite contemporary, and you can always find individual pieces that coordinate with contemporary styles.

How to Create a Contemporary Moroccan Interior:

So taking this style as inspiration, I wanted to highlight what kind of pieces you can use to add a little life and personality to a more bland contemporary look. Stealing ideas from a Moroccan interior is a great way to add colour, and I’m all for big pops of colour these days. If you’re tired of white walls and neutral interiors, check out these stylish and vibrant designs for your next project.

How to create a moroccan contemporary interior design across different rooms in your home. Combine a few moroccan pieces into a neutral, minimal contemporary interior to add vibrant pops of colour. No home is complete without a gold pouffe right?

1 Tagine £7.99  || 2 Gold Pouffe £79 || 3 Wool Cushion £45 || 4 Set Tea Glasses £16 || 5 Wall Light £235 || 6 Wool Throw £165

The pieces I’ve chosen to highlight here are all from the Moroccan Bazaar website and whilst my selection is relatively neutral, you could really knock yourself out and go for some brighter, more vibrant pieces to add to your home.

I love how you can take these items and update the whole of your home too, not just one room. So for example, add a few tagines to your kitchen, not just for cooking either, use them in a display on the worktop or shelf. Then update the living room with a few wool cushions, and a berber throw for the sofa whilst adding a few wall lights for atmosphere. The intricate patterns on the light casts wonderful shadows across the whole room at night; a very Moroccan touch that lends itself well to a contemporary look.

Tea glasses come in all kinds of colours if green isn’t your thing or you need a different accent colour to complete your scheme. Choose to display them on some shelving or a mantel for full effect. Fill them with flowers, or even pot them up with succulents for a way to combine the two looks.

And no ethnic contemporary design is complete without the gold Moroccan pouffe. I’ve had a green one just like this in my home for a few years now and they’re so practical as well as gorgeous to look at. I quite fancy an update and investment in a gold version. Ideal for using as a table, foot rest and seat for the children, this is the perfect way to add some Moroccan influence to your modern, contemporary interior.

Are you inspired? Will you be shopping for a few Moroccan pieces to update your home?

I’d love to know your thoughts, so pop me a comment below. 

Jen x

Images: Moroccan Mosaic || Moroccan living room || Moroccan designs || Moroccan bedroom all via Shutterstock

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  1. July 27, 2017 / 2:05 pm

    I love anything Moroccan inspired. Living in Spain these items are very easy to get hold of, and also very cheap! Since moving into our new home I’ve been planning to make it a little more boho so I’ll be taking your ideas for sure! Thanks for a great post! 😀

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