3 Ways to Improve Lighting in your Living Room

A dark living room won’t make you feel like spending time in the space, so I’ve pulled together 3 ways you can improve the lighting and create a cosy, bright atmosphere in order to enhance the decor. 

If you’re looking for inspiration for your lighting, you could check out lights.co.uk a company which has over 10 years experience in selling lighting products and currently has over 30000 products to choose from. The range of their lighting collection is phenomenal and they have styles and designs to suit every home lover. They are one of Europe’s leading specialists for indoor wall lights online and I’m excited to showcase their range on the blog today. 

Not only do lights.co.uk stock a good range of wall lighting for living rooms they have a good range of ceiling lights and table lamps ideal for living room decor. Let’s take a look at how these products can help you improve the lighting in your living room, and of course, throughout your home. 

Wall Lights

There is no doubt that wall-mounted lamps for the living room are a great way to enhance the decor and improve the overall lighting levels in the room. 

If you like to paint your walls in dark colours, I would go so far as to say, they are essential. Without wall lights you run the risk of a very dark room; a space that can’t function well at all in the evenings or darker nights. 

I also love how the wall light can act as a art and wall decor too. There are such great styles about, no matter what kind of interior decor you lean towards, there’s always going to be something suitable for you. From traditional, to minimal to contemporary and cottage – find the right wall lamp which suits your home, and brighten up your living room too. 

Table Lights

Whether you opt for a fancy wall lamp or want a table lamp that casts an interesting glow in a corner, there are lots of ways you can increase the amount of light in a living room

Again, a table lamp, just like a wall lamp can add interest and colour to your interior design as well as light the space. Ideally table lamps are used to light the corner of the room, and when used with other table lamps, wall lights and floor lamps they will combine to light the room effectively

Floor Lamps

If you can’t always add enough wall lighting for your living room, and have exceeded the number of table lamps you can reasonably introduce, it’s time to look at floor lamps. They are interior design pieces in their own right. 

Try not to hide them away. Let their features be a key design element in your decor and, as well as offering functional element to the room, they can are an extra piece of furniture, there to be adored. 

Remember to balance the light in the room. Spread it around, fill all the gaps, but don’t make it too bright. Don’t blind anyone – have the lighting at the right heights so it doesn’t glare in your eyes, and ensure you’ve included enough task lighting too. 

You’ll need lighting to help you do different jobs – reading, writing, crafting and so on. It’s important not to strain your eyes wither, so choosing the right kind of lighting, and ensuring you have enough of it in the room, is imperative. If you’re in doubt, add another lamp!

Do you feel you have enough lighting in your living room? 

Jen x

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Images: © Lampenwelt.de

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