The Benefits of Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains

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So today I want to discuss the benefits of made to measure blinds and curtains. 

When you want to introduce new window dressings into your home, the hunt begins. If you’re like me, you probably spend hours scouring the internet and high street looking for the perfect pattern, texture and fit. 

You’ve probably got an idea of what you want from a magazine, blog or Pinterest but finding it can be very tough. 

You look and look and look. 

Then, miracle of miracles you hit upon exactly the look you’re after only…. they don’t fit your window! What will you do?

Well one option is to investigate the made to measure market to see if you can find what you need there. It may cost a little more but let’s look at the benefits of choosing made to measure blinds and curtains. You can then decide if they are worth the investment. 

The Benefits of Made to Measure Blinds and Curtains

Help With Measuring Up

How many times have you purchased a blind or set of curtains only to find it doesn’t fit. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve misjudged a blind size and had to cut it down – or even place it inside the window when I wanted it outside because it’s too small. 

So, when you use a made to measure company, say like Couture Living, you usually get peace of mind with measuring too. They provide you with comprehensive guides to help you measure your window successfully. Alternatively, they also offer a measure, make and fit service where someone from their team will come to your home and measure your windows for you.

It’s actually not that difficult once you’ve read the instructions and as long as you take your time and measure twice just to be sure, you’ll be fine. 

The Range of Fabrics with Made to Measure Blinds

The beauty of using a made to measure company is the range of fabrics on offer. It means you can usually get blinds or curtains made bespoke for your home, in a style you want, helping you achieve your desired interior design. 

I mentioned Couture Living before as an example of a good made to measure blind and curtain supplier, and their range of fabric is huge. There really is something there for every home, decor and style. 

I recently helped my lovely friend Becky from A Beautiful Space choose a Couture Living blind for her daughter’s bedroom makeover. The choice we had was incredible. 

In fact, it was so big we had almost too much choice! Do take a look at the end result of that bedroom makeover and the blind in particular – see HERE. I was blown away by the quality. And check out how well it coordinates with the rest of the room. 

pale made to measure blinds at a large window with blue chair and small table

Create Bespoke Interiors

It’s very often the case that a company selling made to measure blinds and curtains can showcase how you can create a well designed interior through imagery and ideas. 

This is your chance to really embrace the interior design of your room and bring beautiful coordinating fabrics into the space. 

Not only are you able to choose exactly the fabric you’d like for your window dressing, you could also select a complementary fabric for cushions too. 

I know we all need a helping hand with selecting fabrics, colours and textures which all work together in a room, so taking inspiration from a made to measure store is a great way to achieve this. 

It really is taking your interior design to the next level. 

long made to measure blinds and curtains at a large window

No More Costly Mistakes

Have you ever bought curtains or blinds only to find that the colour shade isn’t exactly what you were after?

With a made to measure company, like Couture Living, you’ll usually have the opportunity to obtain samples of fabrics in advance, giving you the opportunity to check your swatches and colour combinations before you order your product. 

When you want to create a sleek, well put together scheme, taking these swatches onto a moodboard is a great way to visualise the finished room. You can check that tones and shades work well together; you can feel the textures and be sure that your pattern choices complement each other. 

Only then do you order. 

So whilst you may wonder if it’s worth spending a little more on your window dressings, there’s a whole host of reasons why it is well worth the money. 

Choose your company carefully, and your product will be well made, of exquisite quality and fit the window and your interior scheme perfectly. 

What are you waiting for?

made to measure blinds and curtains with a bedhead

Do you prefer to buy made to measure blinds and curtains over ready-made? I’d love to know your experience. 

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