How Does Interior Design Impact Your Motivation to Study?

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The role of interior design has become significant in many people’s lives. How does it affect our motivation to study?


After experiencing many serious changes such as pandemics and other economic issues that constantly take control over our lives, we are more dependent on our homes and the environments we create in them.

Most students and employees spend time in their home offices and study spaces to do their jobs and handle responsibilities.

That’s why good interior design has become essential in our homes and plays a significant part in stimulating productivity and maintaining the right atmosphere professional workers or students require. 


You may wonder how exactly the interior can affect your productivity and motivate you to work efficiently.

Professional interior designers around the world have the solution to this issue for anyone interested in crafting a unique atmosphere to aid their feelings towards work, increase productivity and produce more creative results. 

Here are some interior design approaches that can help you improve the conditions of your work and study place.

Decorating your home in the right way can positively impact your life and make a difference when it comes to inspiration and your motivation for studying. 


Designing Your Room with Light

glass desk infront of a white wall and open windowImage: Danetti

If you are determined to improve efficiency and increase motivation for your work, it’s essential to identify ways to increase both the natural and artificial light in the room.

Sunlight boosts your happiness and creativity helping avoid low moods that often deter and negatively impact your ability to be creative and complete your work. 

Young learners in particular, who tend to study in a well lit room can feel more energised and motivated, which which is essential for revision and ongoing study throughout the school year.

Getting enough daylight is crucial. 

Why not move your desk near the window? Ensure you have a good blind or window dressing and can keep it fully open. 

Make sure the windows are clean to allow the most light to flood your work space. 

All of these tips can be critical factors in maintaining your mental and psychological health.

In fact, students who get plenty of natural light as opposed to artificial light tend to sleep better and have better mood. So, take care of your wellbeing with the best thing nature can offer you and derive the most benefit from it. 

Expanding Your Study Space

Image: Back in Action

Designing a room doesn’t always imply filling the area with a multitude of ‘things’ and occupying the space with many accessories.

Having an excessive number of objects can make the room cramped or cluttered, which will have the opposite effect rather than inspiring you with great actions and creative thoughts.

Instead, it is highly recommended by professional interior designers to organise the space in the right way with the help of furniture and light to bring a sense of spaciousness and openness. 

The decluttered, organised areas of your room will help you feel calmer and more focused, ready to tackle your work. 

One more useful piece of advice would be to let go of possessions that no longer have meaning or value in your life.

For example if your sofa or table evokes irritation each time you see them, don’t hesitate in replacing, removing or updating them – whatever your circumstances allow. 

If you’re struggling for time to do all these jobs, you could look at a writing service to help you with your academic work, so you  have more time to spend on creating the most comfortable study space at home. Reading a speedypaper review will enable you to find the most suitable company for your needs. 

Adding Plants and Flowers to Elevate Your Mood

Image: Pooky

Bringing nature into your private space will improve your concentration and help you release stress after a busy day working.

You can use houseplants you adore the most to bring some sense of beauty and happiness to the place you live in.

One of the most significant advantages people get from putting plants inside is the high air quality.

The flowers can perfectly work as air filters to purify the space, reduce pollutants and irritants in the air and help create an effective study area, improving general health and mental wellbeing.

So if you want to improve your motivation for study and education, make sure you arrange aesthetically beautiful plants next to your working area in your eye line, to increase positive feeling while studying.



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Jen Stanbrook

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