Briiv Air Filter Review

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Briiv is the most sustainable air filter using 90% natural and renewable materials.

It purifies air, creating safe clean homes all via the power of plants.

And as you’ll see, it looks incredibly stylish too.

I’ve been trialling Briiv in my own home over the last few weeks and want to share how it looks and performs in this Briiv air filter review.

Let’s dive in.

Briiv Air Filter Review

Briiv air filter on a set of shelves in a living room

What is Briiv?

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Briiv is an air purifier with a difference. The team at Briiv have designed their product led by their final goal – to ensure it is as sustainable as possible.

Briiv cleans the air in our homes so we can feel more energised, think clearer and sleep better.

Harmful particles are released into the air when we cook, clean, play with our pets and Briiv cleans these so we can enjoy life to the fullest.

In a 6m x 6m room Briiv will cycle the air and improve the air quality within 1 hour.

Why should we clean our air?

We are all used to hearing about pollutants in the air once we are outside, but did you know the air inside our home also needs cleaning.

We create all kinds of pollutants from cooking, cleaning our house, and playing with our pets.

Improving the air quality around us means we sleep better, have improved cognitive function and have increased energy. I’m all for that!

What surprised me particularly is that the burning of candles contributes to a lower air quality. We do this in our home a lot. In fact, there will be a candle burning most days, either in my office or a teenagers bedroom.

And of course, we have a cat. Plus my husband is asthmatic. And we cook. A lot. Having teenagers means lots of food and when one is vegan too, we are often cooking multiple meals.

Cleaning the air in our home has been on my mind for some time. I just didn’t like the look of many of the air filters on the market.

When you see a product that’s a Red Dot winner you change your mind about introducing it into your home.

The stylish Briiv air filter

How does Briiv work?

Briiv is as powerful as 3043 houseplants. Now I love plants (even though I’m not the best plant parent) and have quite a few in my home, but obviously I can’t manage that many to ensure the air quality is at the right levels.

Build your Briiv out of the box by adding the moss into the glass section, plug in and switch it on.

It’s that simple. You can also install the app and control via your smart home network.

Briiv will get to work purifying the air in the room immediately. It’s hums lightly at the low level; turn it up to full power and you’ll hear it buzzing in the room. You know it’s doing its job.

Air is pulled in through the 3 layers of the filter. The moss collects pollen and allergens, the coconut works on bacteria and mold spores while the finer particles of dust are captured by fine matrix filter.

How is it made?

Performance statistics of the sustainable Briiv air filter

Briiv uses 100% renewable and natural materials.

It uses a new bio-plastic created from elephant grass instead of using recyclable plastics which can only be reused several times.

The filters are 100% natural and include coconut, wood carbon, silk nano fibre and sustainably sourced moss.

Even the glass, which is not biodegradable of course, can be recycled. All these component have been carefully considered and resourced to ensure its sustainability.

What’s the performance like?

So clearly I have no way of testing the air quality in my home right now, either before or after using the air filter.

But I have watched it in action pulling smoke from the air. You can see that below and find out more about its performance on this page.

Using the Briiv Air Filter

I set it running in the most use room in our home to begin with – the dining den. It’s our middle room that is open to the kitchen. We cook and hang out in these two rooms for several hours of the day. The cat also sleeps in here.

It makes sense that I’d purify the air in this space the most.

It’s easy to move around though, it’s very light and so I’ll set it up in the living room too, where the husband and I hang out.

Then a few times a week I’m moving it up to the bedroom which can get quite dusty and where my husband’s asthma tends to be at its worst.

There’s no noticeable difference in his asthma yet, but of course there are lots of other factors that impact how it affects him, but at least I know that the we are doing what we can to limit the impact of dust and cat hair on his breathing.

Can you get replacement filters for Briiv?

Yes. Replacement filters and spare parts can be purchased from the Briiv website.

How much does Briiv cost?

Briiv air filter on a shelving system

The Briiv air filter retails for £299 at the time of writing.

I would love to know what you think after reading this Briiv air filter review. Is it something you would invest in for your home? Do you love the design? Does that sway you in choosing this product over another?

Find out more about Briiv at their website.

Jen x

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  1. Rebecca Thomas-Leesmith
    March 2, 2022 / 4:07 pm

    You mention being vegan but presumeably this product isn’t vegan as it uses silk. Unless the silk has been somehow grown in a lab. Could you confirm one way or the other. Many thanks

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