4 Ways with Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone floors are one of life’s little luxuries aren’t they? Beautiful, durable and lasting a lifetime they are one of the finishing touches that add definite quality to your home. Today I’ve got 4 different looks for you, all using natural stone tiles from Travertine Store, an online shop specialising in this product.  With almost 20 years experience in the wholesale market, they’ve now turned their expertise to delivering natural stone tiles direct to the public.

Grey Polished Marble:

grey-polished-marbleRight so let’s kick this off talking about marble. It’s huge this season and will hang around for some time to come yet so why not replicated the look with some beautiful marble tiles. I’m actually a big fan of using the same tiles on the walls and floors. I know it’s probably not for everyone, but particularly in a smaller space this can work really well. This silver tundra marble polished tile  is perfect for those that want a natural tile but with unexpected patterns. Thinner than other manufacturers similar products they are better value for money, and with bevelled edges they are less prone to chipping. What do you think of this look?

Chipped Edge Marble:

chipped-edge-marbleI’m going to admit I’ve never considered putting stone tiles down in my hallways but I do love this look. It’s elegant and sophisticated and obviously offers real quality for a space like this. This one we’re seeing here was actually a bespoke project delivered by Travertine Store- something they specialise in, offering unique designs and finished for their customers.

Beige Limestone:

beige-limestoneHere we have another bespoke project and again in a hallway. And what a beautiful entrance it is! I do love the warmth in the colour and texture of this stone, and of course the neutral colour is the perfect backdrop for the solid wood furniture too. Travertine Store can offer these projects due to its background in wholesale manufacturing and the huge quantities of stock that it always holds. This also means that delivery is super fast – no waiting around for your order to come in from overseas, it’s right here ready for you in the UK.

Exterior Travertine:

exterior-travertineAnd finally this has to be my favourite of all 4 looks. A beautiful and best-selling travertine stone, this Classic Travertine paving can be used indoors and outdoors, as we see here. The 3cm thickness makes it ideal for outdoor use, and the variety of shade and natural appearance means you can create beautiful patterns for your patio as above.

Investing in a new floor can be quite a daunting prospect and that’s why I think taking your time to do your research and see how the product looks in the finished design is incredibly important. It’s simply not possible to imagine how your floor is going to look as a whole piece from just one sample tile, so images like this are essential to the design process. Having said that, you do need to try a sample too, and with free samples available from the Travertine Store, you can’t go wrong.

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