The 6 Ways to Disinfect your Home Office

These past two years have been incredibly taxing and stressful for everyone. The pandemic has made it difficult to work outside the home, and we’ve all been confined to our living spaces over long periods of time.

As we try to crawl over to normalcy, we’ve set up home offices for our work from home situations.

With the threat of the virus inching closer and closer into our homes, we try to keep it at bay for as much as possible.

Disinfecting our home is one thing, but our home office is where we spend the majority of our days so we need to be extra vigilant there.

Here are the ways you can disinfect your home, ranked from 1-6.

Always remember to do your own research, and check on reputable sources for legitimate information. Keep in mind that some of these solutions are harsh on wooden and stone surfaces, so best to check on those too!

1.   Aerosol Disinfectant

Aerosol disinfectant sprays are the holy grail of home disinfection. It tops my list for disinfectants simply because of how convenient they are to use around the home, and how well they work in killing off those nasty germs and viruses.

For your home office, it would be great to spray disinfectant once you leave the room, so the disinfectant has time to kill off the germs before you use the room again. Try evenings or early mornings for the best results.

2.   Disinfection Services

To be absolutely sure that you have no trace of the virus in your home office, professional disinfection is the key to ensuring every nook and cranny of your office is completely germ-free.

While disinfection services may cost money, it is worth it to have the peace of mind that your office is safe from Covid-19.

Whether you work from home, or are back in your office, you can always find a reputable disinfection service that can get your office clean and virus-free.

Don’t worry about the virus when you have professionals who will clear out any viral particles before they get to you.

3.   Alcohol-based Disinfectants

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Back in 2020, hoarding and panic-buying limited the quantity of disinfectant solutions we could buy as supplies struggled to meet demands.

For many, they turned to using 70% alcohol wipes and sprays instead to keep the virus at bay.

Alcohol-based disinfectants at a 70% concentration works well in weakening and killing off the virus, but must be on the surface for at least 10 minutes before wiping off.

This may not be ideal if you’re currently working on something, but would be great to use as a disinfectant before and after you start your workday.

4.   UV Disinfection Light and Air Purifier

We’re on a see-saw verdict on whether these devices really do a good job keeping the virus out of our homes or not.

Definitely, UV disinfection is used in many commercial areas like restaurants, hospitals, and spas to make sure that their customers stay in a virus-free environment – and they work! But not all devices have the same disinfection power.

HVAC air purification systems, on the other hand, work in filtering out the virus, as well as dust particles from the air.

HVAC purifiers are supposed to make the air cleaner, and provide a healthier airflow around the room, but not all devices work the same.

These devices are #4 on the list because of how many copy products there are on the market that don’t disinfect as advertised.

This can cause people to feel complacent in their homes, thinking they’ve properly disinfected their home when in reality, the viruses are still kicking and active under the purple light. Always read and check the specs before buying!

5.   Hand Sanitizer (in a pinch!)

Hand sanitizer is alcohol-based, and comes in a gel form that can stick to a lot of vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Some areas in your home office might not hold very liquid alcohol sprays or disinfectant solutions well, and hand sanitizer comes in handy in a pinch to sanitize your work desk, walls, phone receiver, keyboard, and more.

However, sanitizer can be expensive, and would need to be at least 70% concentration to be considered helpful in disinfecting any surface.

Purell makes great sanitizers that smell great and are effective too! Use them on your surfaces, and rub some on your hands for quick, on-the-go sanitizing!

6.   Bleach and Water

To be honest, this method isn’t a favourite way of disinfecting anything. Bleach has an off-putting odour, and we should be wary of its whitening effect on fabrics.

However, bleach actually makes a great disinfectant, as the strong odour implies a strong solution. Very few bacteria and viruses can survive bleach.

This can be used on surfaces, and for cleaning bathrooms, toys, and other objects you can submerge into the solution.

You can use it to mop floors and clean windows too, provided the material can withstand bleach.

I hope these tips are helpful in keeping your home office clean.

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