5 Easy and Creative Gallery Wall Tips

So in this post I’ve teamed up with Juniqe to share some fantastic and very simple gallery wall tips. If, like me you love creating small wall art collages then these ideas are going to set you up no matter where in the house you want to create one.

gallery wall tipsI’ve talked about Juniqe and their wall art before regarding their very popular wall art advent calendar. It’s a real treat and definitely something to try.

The image above contains a set of pastel pictures from their premium posters section. Read on for more details.

5 Very Simple Gallery Wall Tips:

1. How To Display

The best way to replicate how you want to hang your gallery wall is to lay the pictures out on the floor. This way you can look at the hanging from a distance and see how it looks. It can also help to recreate the layout using paper and tape on the wall. You’ll get an exact idea of where the pictures will hang this way, creating the right spacing and height as you need it.

2. Create Contrasts

If you’re brave enough, this is one of my favourite gallery wall tips. Find the courage to combine different art styles, aesthetics, colour combinations or price categories. The harmonies and contrasts will give the wall, and the room, its own dynamic. It tells stories, stimulates thinking and will raise questions from those how view. Take the leap and create a wall gallery of interesting contrasts.

gallery wall tipsYou’ll notice from the wall galleries I’ve shared in this post I’ve not gone for contrasts, but instead used art in cohesive styles and colours for bigger, bolder impact. It’s a style I’ve been adopting more and more as I’ve decorated the house in the last 18 months.

3. Keep It Light

The classic Scandivanian look is very popular at Juniqe and limiting yourself to white, neutrals, blacks and greys is typical of this style. If your art is complex, sticking to one colour palette will give a very coherent and cohesive gallery. These bold black and white images I’ve used on my loft landing are a perfect example.

gallery wall tips

4. Creating Nordic Nature

Nothing says Scandinavia as much as the wild, untamed nature. Choose nature photography of wild skies, mysterious woods, fjords or deep, dark wavescapes to bring this beauty into your home. Blend it seamlessly with the neutral tones of Scandi decor and you have a very inspiring wall gallery.

5. Use Recommended Combinations

Many art sellers are able to recommend the perfect gallery wall combination and Juniqe is no exception. My pastel abstract set was from their Wall Art Sets section which I found incredibly useful. When you need to find a group of art that works well together and don’t have the time or confidence to curate it yourself, these sets are ideal.

Shop my Wall Art: For the Love Of Pastels 3 x Set  || Marianna || Hangover || It’s My Time || The Mound II

How do you find these wall gallery tips? I really hope they prove helpful in your next wall gallery and let me know if you use any of them in the comments below.


It's not always easy to create the perfect wall gallery so these gallery wall tips are really simple to follow and help you create a wall collage for any room in the home #wallgallerytips #wallgallery #wallcollage #wallart #lovechicliving

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