How to Style with Metal Prints: The Modern Wall Decor

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Introducing metal prints. Step aside framed pictures and dust-collecting canvas art!

Now artwork looks best displayed on a high-quality metal print.

Providing a crisp image, a satisfyingly smooth surface, and an ability to stand the test of time, this new way of displaying artwork is how it should always have been.

But maybe you think a metal print isn’t for you? It could be that you’re not sure if they’d fit in with your current interior design.

But did you know that a metal print looks fabulous in any context, any home, or any space? All you need is a little bit of help.

And you’ve certainly landed on the right page.

If you are intrigued to see exactly how a metal print should be styled, then read on.

Discover how to arrange them on a picture shelf so you can create an Instagram-worthy shelfie.

Be amazed at how good a print looks on your garden wall (that’s right, they can often be used outdoors).

How stunning they look arranged in a gallery and ways to complement the current colour scheme in any room?

Want more information? Here we go…

How to style metal prints on a picture shelf

Metal prints on a shelf in a white living room with grey accessories

A picture shelf is one of the best ways to display these types of prints. And what’s more, you can swap around your prints with other décor whenever you want. There’s no need to keep drilling nails into the wall to create a different look.

Top Styling Tips for Metal Prints:

  • Always choose a picture shelf in a neutral tone such as black, white or wood so that whatever you wish to display on your shelves will not clash with the colour of the shelf.
  • For instance, these designer metal prints would look beautiful on any of these neutral-toned shelves.
  • Choose one or two prints in the same size placed next to each other.
  • Include at least one plant such as a luscious succulent, dried meadow flowers or a faux blossom branch.
  • Lastly, have a light element such as a candle, fairy lights, or a small lamp.

How to choose a metal print for your garden

Metal print on a white outdoor wall showing an elephant and palm tree

It might come as a bit of a surprise, but a metal print completely alters your outdoor space whether you have a small courtyard or a large garden.

Often advised to be placed under a shelter away from the elements, a print will help towards making the most of your exterior.

By placing artwork onto the wall, you will also create the illusion of an additional room outdoors that you can enjoy all year long round.

How to Choose the Right Theme

But which design should you choose?

If you want to create a tropical outdoor area, choose a jungle or palm tree print that transports you to exotic lands.

For a quaint and cute cottage garden, opt for a pretty floral print displaying traditional red roses, meadow flowers or daisies.

If you would like to recreate a Japanese inspired garden, choose a photograph of pink blossoms/Sakuras or a red bridged lake surrounded by autumnal trees.

How to arrange metal prints into a gallery wall

Bright and colourful metal prints displayed above a bed

A metal print always looks beautiful on its own, but when you have two or more, the effect is outstanding.

But how do you create a show-stopping gallery wall with beautiful metal prints?

Partition the same design across a number of metal prints

  • First of all, why not choose ones that display one image arranged across both prints such as the sunset artwork above?
  • Choose two, three or a maximum of four prints in the same size to showcase one stunning piece of art.
  • This will really create a wow-factor above a bed, couch or beside a dining table.

Design your own gallery wall with different sized artwork

  • Why not choose a mix of different sized metal prints bearing a varied collection of your favourite artworks?
  • Style them like a photo gallery to create an abstract display.
  • Before ordering your metal prints, decide on the sizes you wish to have beforehand and cut these out on paper.
  • Before installing any metal prints onto the wall, stick your paper cuttings onto the wall to create your gallery arrangement beforehand so you know how it will look before committing it to a hammer and nail.

How to choose a metal print to complement your current colour scheme

Finally, if you love to follow a colour scheme, it’s important to choose a print that will complement your current interior design. After all, you don’t want to spend more money on furniture because your print doesn’t go well with your couch!

Look in the room and see which colours stand out

To do this successfully, really think about the colours that are currently in the room.

Which tones really stand out? What is the colour of the couch, rug, curtains, walls, etc?

Write down all these colours or bear them in mind when choosing art to sit comfortably with them.

For instance, this beautiful floral design from really sets off the grey, blue, black and white tones that are already in this blue living room.

As well as using a metal print in a garden, on an IG-worthy shelf or in a gallery wall, there are many other ways you can display them.

It is all about looking at your indoor or outdoor area and considering the size of the space, the light, the current colour schemes and what you want the ambiance to feel like.

Which tip will you be using to help style your new metal print?


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