Garden Room Ideas: How to Enhance your Home

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Are you looking for garden room ideas?

Over the past year, we have had to adapt our lifestyles to a less sociable way of living.

As the pandemic led to temporarily closing all pubs, gyms, and social spaces, many decided to bring these amenities inside their homes.

Garden rooms have become the go-to answer, as they’ve allowed thousands of homeowners to create their own social bubble within the safety of their gardens.

Choose a home office as a garden room idea

Often designed to perfectly match your home style, garden rooms and buildings are an elevation of the original garden shed or summer house, with enhanced benefits for year round usage such as natural log insulation and full double glazing.

Is a Garden Room Worth it?

How can garden rooms help productivity and motivation?

Garden Gym

Finding the motivation to head to the gym is often the main reason why many decide to abandon the idea of getting fit before even beginning.

For many visiting a gym before or after work requires a great amount of time, effort, and organisation.

On top of this, although some homeowners are lucky enough to have extra space in their home for a gym, not everyone can afford to spare a room or convert a garage to dedicate to a home gym.

Garden gyms are the perfect solution to a lack of space indoors as they can allow you to have your own personal gym without having to sacrifice essential home space.

Just by adding mirrors and all the equipment you need, you can have your own private gym – no need for any unnecessary machines you know you won’t be using!

You can work out in privacy with no queuing for machines, no sharing showers, and no excuses for forgetting your gym kit!

Garden Room Home Office

By now, everyone will be familiar with the most common practices for working from home, however, it’s not always beneficial mixing your personal spaces with your professional ones.

Why not create a home office in your garden room? The perfect garden room idea.

Lockdown and working from home have blurred the line between work hours and free time and having a space dedicated entirely to your work can be a great way of re-establishing that line.

A garden room office can help you organise your work from home days more efficiently, guaranteeing you the peace and quiet you need to get everything done within your work hours.

Once your day is done, turn off the lights, shut the door and head back into your home to enjoy your free time!

Need more garden room ideas? The perks of garden rooms for ‘me-time’

Music Room – The Ultimate in Garden Room Ideas

Great garden room idea of a music room showing white sofa and guitars

We all dream of having a space in our home where we can truly cultivate our passions – whether this is a hobby or a professional career.

Having your own music room sounds like something only a celebrity could afford, yet it’s very doable with the installation of a garden building.

It’s often hard to allocate the correct space for a musical instrument in your house but a custom sized music room in your garden could be the answer.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet space to escape to and practice your instrument or for a soundproof studio to record your music, garden rooms are the most practical solution.

Arts and Crafts Garden Room

Garden room idea of an arts and crafts room

With extra time on our hands over the past year, many of us picked up new hobbies and made the most of the time we had to spend at home.

From painting to pottery, from puzzle-making to woodworking, the many hobbies and skills picked up during lockdown have now become a vital part of people’s lives – so why should you give that up?

Having a room specifically designed to help you indulge in your favourite hobby is a great way of having a “me-space” without having to clutter your home with tons of props and tools.

Having the extra space to cultivate your passion can also allow you to grow, improve and possibly turn your passion into a profitable business!

Yoga or Meditation Room

Reserving a space to relax and unwind has become one of the top priorities of homeowners.

Very often, in fact, we tend to overlook the time we should spend relaxing because we’re too busy keeping up with the professional aspect in our lives.

Creating a space just outside your back door to meditate and have some time to yourself will improve your quality of life without taking up too much time nor space.

A garden room is the perfect choice for a miniature meditation space you can escape to.

One day you might decide to bring your yoga mat and other days you might just want to dim the lights and enjoy a cup of tea with some white noise in the background – your choice!

Does a Garden Room need Planning Permission?

Unlike traditional home extensions, garden rooms usually don’t require any planning permission, allowing you to have a custom-sized space built in a very short amount of time with minimal disruption to your garden.

So, with less time wasted on planning permissions and more time spent enjoying your hobbies, a garden room is the perfect solution if you require more space!

Have you chosen from our list of the perfect garden room idea?

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