7 Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Garden Room

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The past few years have put the spotlight on the old garden room, there’s no doubt about that.

People are starting to discover all the amazing benefits a garden room can have, from adding value to your property to turning it into a she shed, a man cave, a reading nook, a perfect guest bedroom or even a splendid outdoor dining area in summertime.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing ideas you can use to create the perfect garden room.

1.      Add a Small Bar to your garden room

This ‘fun hour’ addition to the perfect garden room will allow you to entertain your friends without leaving the house.

Stock it well with all your favorite drinks and learn how to mix delicious cocktails to surprise your guests. An alternative for non-drinkers would be a tea or coffee spot.


2.      Organize a Spa Corner

How many times did you wish you could come home from work and jump right into a spa session? Now you can if you fit your perfect garden room with luxury spa products. You can even extend the experience beyond that.

Add a sauna where you can sweat all your toxins away, plus a rainfall shower that will simply melt all the stress you’ve accumulated at work.

Is it starting to sound amazing? Here’s one more idea. Add a hot tub outside where you can relax and even invite your friends.

And with that in mind, let’s make your garden room the ultimate experience.

3.      Turn your Perfect Garden Room into a Pub

Of course, you will need a series of permits to operate it, but this could allow you to make some money out of that extra space in your backyard.

This idea works perfectly for people who already love to craft their own beer or make their own wine. Not to mention those of you who love to cook.

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If you already do all these things, then you’re half way there to owning your local.

Friends and acquaintances will rush to your house and spend some time in a familiar place.

4.       Gift yourself a Home Gym

Going to the gym a few times a week is very important for your health and looks, but it’s also expensive and time consuming. How much better would it be if the gym were already in your backyard? 

All you need are a few pieces of equipment. Having your own home gym gives you the privilege of choosing only those which you actually use. But don’t forget to leave some space in the middle where you can do some floor work.

You will also need to put in some mirrors that will keep you motivated as you watch your fit form progress.

Not to mention that a garden room usually has enough area left for a shower as well. Considering you won’t want to shower in the main house, this is perfect. 


5.      Your own Hobby Room

Having a hobby is one of the most important things in today’s fast paced environment.

Everyone works so hard and is so stressed that they often forget to wind down and simply take some time to do the things they love the most.

However, you don’t always have enough space in the house for your little pleasures. And even if you do, maybe you’d like to be alone while practicing them? This is where the perfect garden room comes into play.

It’s the place where you can do anything privately and quietly.

Do you like to sew, do papier mache, restore furniture or make candles? No better place than your own little crafting corner.


6.      Yes to Memorabilia, no to Hoarding!

Do you know how easy it is to cross the line between keeping souvenirs and little nicks knacks that remind you of the good times and actually becoming a hoarder? Incredibly easy.

Hoarding is the incapability of throwing things away for fear of one day needing them. Holding on to memorabilia is different, and you can find a space for it in your perfect garden room.

This annex space can be a good reason to do a purge inside the main house.

Get rid of all the things you don’t need and of all the things you haven’t used in years.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If you haven’t touched in the past two years, there’s a small chance you will ever use it again.

Everything else that you have an emotional connection with can go in the garden room.

Image: IQ Glass


7.      Go Furniture Shopping!

One of the most pleasurable things you will get to do while creating the perfect garden room will be to shop for furniture. Of course, you have two options here:

  • If you’re on a budget, you will need to buy cheap furniture. Your choices will be thrift stores or even auctions that sell used pieces where you can find great deals.
  • If you want to spoil yourself, you can definitely go for the biggest names in the industry, such as Bentley Home, Fendi Casa or Luxxu Home. They will make you feel like you’re spending your afternoons in the world’s poshest hotel.

Here’s one last tip – creating the perfect garden room is ultimately up to you. It doesn’t really matter whether you set it up as a spa or dinning space.

What matters is that you now have an extra space in your garden where you can relax, spend some time with your family and friends and, of course, alone.


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