How to Choose a Picture Frame with eFrame

If you need some tips on how to choose a picture frame for your artwork or family photos look no further. 

I’ve been collaborating with eFrames so we can bring you a mini showcase of their collection of frames and show you how to choose a perfect frame for your art. 

As you can see above, I’ve adorned a new shelf in my hallway with some prints I had stashed in my office to create something more interesting and vibrant on the wall. It’s a very narrow space so hard to make it look anything other than a corridor. 

Let’s dig into some tips I’ve pulled together on how to choose frames. 

How to Choose a Picture Frame for your Art:

1 Pick a Theme

It’s important to know what kind of look you’re going for in your art display. Will you stick with one type of frame for example – all wood, all black or metallic, or a mix of several materials. 

The choice really is yours. It will depend on your interior colours and the overall aesthetic you’d like to create. White will look very contemporary, and minimal of course when in front of neutral wall colours. 

Choose something dark and classic and it can look more traditional. Whilst gold or brushed metallics are very modern yet work with a variety of styles. 

2 Choose the Width

The width of the frame is important when choosing frames for your art. 

If you keep it thin you really allow the artwork to shine. The focus is really all on the art or photograph at this point. 

Add in something thicker and you instantly create much more of a statement. Be sure to maintain the style of the art in your chosen frame. 

As you can see in my collection, I chose a gold and black theme, sticking with gold for the typography prints and selecting a hue from the picture for the more colourful pieces. 

3 Coordinate the Colour

As I mentioned above, it’s a good idea to pick a colour from your art and coordinate that with your frame. 

This really helps the art and frame feel cohesive and coordinated. 

Black frames would have worked just as well as the gold on my typography prints, but I didn’t want them to feel too heavy. The gold accent lightens their whole feel and balances nicely with the black from the other frames. 

4 Be Bold

Don’t shy away from choosing what you really love. There aren’t actually too many rules when you’re thinking of how to choose picture frames, just go with your gut. 

Be bold. Try something new. Create a wall gallery or art shelf full of colour, differing styles and opposing materials in your frames to really add some personality

After all, rules are there to be broken!

If you’d like to check out the frames I’ve chosen for my new art shelf you can see them all on the eFrame website. 

Shop My Frames:

Feel The Fear  and Colourful LadyGold Aluminium Frost Frame

You Are BeautifulGold Aluminium Shiny Frame

Owl and FlowerBlack Wood Paint Frame

They really are excellent quality – I’m very impressed. They’re solid and sturdy, much better than any other frames I have in the house right now. (And I have a LOT!). 

I would highly recommend trying out eFrame when you next need some custom sized frames

Let me know if these tips will help you choose a picture frame for your art work or family photos. Leave a comment below!

Jen x


Ideas and tips on how to choose frames for your artwork and pictures. Whether you want black, wood, gold or metallic, there are some great guidelines for choosing frames that match your interior design and artwork #artframes #eframes #pictureframes #framebuyingguide #lovechicliving

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