Is Natural Flooring A Good Idea For Your Home?

There’s been a growing trend towards natural flooring in homes over the last few years. People are loving the textures, the contemporary styling and the way this flooring can transform a room.

Pampas Nordic Stripe, Sweden from Kersaint Cobb

We’ve moved away from traditional carpet in lots of ways, and although that still has it’s place in many homes, we’ve embraced new ways to cover our floors, in styles and materials that suit us, our family and our decor.

If you have considered natural flooring let me share my thoughts on the options, and with the help of natural flooring experts, Kersaint Cobb, I can take you through the choices.

Is Natural Flooring a Good Option?

Let’s look at the type of different natural flooring materials available.

Wool: Cosy and warm underfoot, it’s a popular choice for living areas and bedrooms. An organic and renewable fibre, it can be used in many different ways creating carpets for both traditional and contemporary homes.

Cascade from Kersaint Cobb

Luna, Seashell from Kersaint Cobb

Sisal: Hardwearing and requiring low maintenance, Sisal can be used with different vegetable dyes to produce beautiful colour blends or solid tones to complement your decor. It’s practical and durable making it ideal for high traffic areas like hallways and living spaces.

Big Boucle, Noir from Kersaint Cobb

Seagrass: The pale hues of seagrass flooring offers a real insight into the natural surroundings of this product.  Delicate and fresh, the seagrass almost lives and breathes on your floors, aging gracefully, changing tone through the years.

Jute: A more delicate, refined fibre, Jute is much more suited to the quieter areas of your home. The slender Jute fibre loves the sun and humid atmostphere of the monsoon season, which is reflected beautifully in the silky, woven flooring.

Coir: Stylish, practical and low maintenance, Coir is the perfect choice to protect your floors. The short brown fibres of the coconut husk are soaked, spun and carefully woven into a rustic and charming floorcovering that offers a real outdoors feeling under your feet.

Wood: A beautiful wood floor elevates your home to new levels. It’s one of those natural flooring products that never dates and we shouldn’t be afraid to embrace its beauty and lay it in any room.  Let the wood grow old naturally, take care of it, love it and nurture it to really let it shine.

Vie Maison, Rustique Fume from Kersaint Cobb

Duo Living XL, Oak Antique from Kersaint Cobb

Runners: Hallways and stairs often need their own attention, and as they are such high traffic areas, sisal runners (like these from Morocco) are the perfect natural flooring solution. At 69cm wide with pre-finished, hassle free edges they suit most stairs and hallways.

Morocco Runners, Tetouan from Kersaint Cobb

Morocco Runner, Agadir Stairs from Kersaint Cobb

Kersaint Cobb produce subtle shades and rich tones in their natural flooring which have been sourced from the finest producers across the world. The natural surroundings provide the inspiration for traditional and modern designs that bring character and richness into your home.

Find out more about the Kersaint Cobb collections HERE


Natural flooring makes beautiful floor covering, whether you want wool, sisal, seagrass, coir or jute. Each has its own benefits and features so click through to find out which one will suit your home. #naturalflooring #sisalrunner #jute #coirfloor #seagrassmatting #lovechicliving

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