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The floor is the most decorative part of the home and arguably the most loved.

Choosing the right type and finish of flooring to remodel your home is crucial in adding character and achieving a refined look for your space.

So, how to decide which type of flooring is right for you?

Let’s look at the top reasons why investing in engineered wood flooring will complete your interior design goals and ultimately enhance the value of your property!


Essentially, engineered wood is a variant of hardwood that replicates the same high-quality of solid wood flooring without the hefty price-tag.

Thanks to its carefully curated manufacturing process that incorporates up to three layers of hardwood, the reinforced stability of engineered wood is a key quality that provides heavy durability to the ground surface.

The abundance of fun, thrills and spills in the family home makes engineered wood flooring a perfect option for high-traffic areas of the household that witness a lot of tough love.

When it comes to looking after you and your home, engineered wood flooring sure does look after your interests too.

Its endurance is something that cannot be argued with. It provides a practical function that withstands the daily uses of a 21st century home whilst looking chic and sophisticated.


As mentioned above, engineered wood flooring is a price-tag friendly alternative to solid wood.

You get the high-end benefits of other flooring and there is generally much less upkeep compared to solid wood and carpet options that require regular costly maintenance to look pristine.


by Loaf,

It is important to not underestimate the lifespan of engineered wood flooring, when properly maintained and cared for, it can last beyond 30 years.

It is certainly a long-term investment, resistant to daily wear and tear that will save you both money and time cleaning.

As a multi-layered ground surface, engineered wood is great in blocking moisture that would otherwise be an issue with hardwood flooring. It will not swell or warp, which increases the age of the floor.

Like any wood flooring, scratches can happen unexpectedly. Aim for few scratches by not wearing shoes and when moving furniture, make sure you pick up rather than drag what you are re-arranging.


Engineered wood flooring is a highly versatile flooring that comes in a variety of wood species’, grades, and finishes.

Popular finish options of engineered wood flooring include brushed, oiled and lacquered premium top layered coating.

These all add to visual aesthetic of the flooring but most importantly contribute towards further protection against scratches and spillages that may surface.

From fashionable neutral, moody tones to colours rich in charm and vibrancy, your flooring can soon become the swoon-worthy centre piece of your home that gets your guests talking.

Your floor is a reflection of you, with engineered wood, free flooring samples are widely ais ella vailable so you have that creative freedom to feel, compare and physically place your flooring options.



Unlike solid wood, engineered wood does not harbor dust or grime as easily as carpet, where stubborn dirt can accumulate in the fibers.

Any marks or stains on engineered wood are at face-value, so they can be attended to there and then.

A broom to sweep or a vacuum to suck up any pesky dust is perfect for general maintenance of the flooring and will not cause trauma to the surface as there is no water contact.

It is recommended that a light floor cleaner is used to maintain the appearance of your engineered wood flooring.

To keep your surface looking its best, avoid harsh, industrial floor cleaners that may tarnish the colour and finish of your flooring.


Another advantage of having this type of flooring in your home is that it is very simple to install.

Hiring a professional fitter is not essential when installing your new engineered wood flooring.

Its easy tongue and groove, click lock installation slots the flooring panels perfectly into place. It’s DIY made accessible for all!


One thing that certainly is not lacking in this type of flooring is style and class.

It harmonises beautifully with any décor, achieving a timeless look for your space.  

Our home is our pride and joy, engineered wood compliments any room and is more popular than ever among those re-vamping their flooring.  

When it comes to adding value to your home, engineered wood flooring is a great option that is cost-effective but looks great to make you stand out on the property market.


Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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