How to Choose Solid Wood Worktops

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Renovating one’s own kitchen is both an exciting and a challenging task. Choosing the right wood kitchen worktop can be a very daunting process as there are a myriad of endless choices and it seems rather complicated task when opting for the best worktop for your taste and style. 

It is important to keep in mind the aesthetic appeal of your desired worktop and how it fits in with the rest of your kitchen accessories, cabinets, drawers and appliances.

You may want to think about what atmosphere you are trying to create in your kitchen – a more cohesive and harmonious atmosphere would call for a worktop that blends easily with the rest of your cabinets and appliances, but a contrasting worktop would stand out on its own from rest of the room.

When you’ve decided upon the overall design of your kitchen and colour palette then the next step is to look at the materials.



Standard oak worktops are the classic and most popular choice for solid wood worktops.

Oak worktops have delicate golden hues and a charming grain making them the most beloved worktop for a more traditional and a country style kitchen.

Oak is a very strong material promising longevity and high resistance. This classic material will mature with time and gradually its colour will darken just to become even more characterful.

The elegant beauty of the oak and its traditional appeal makes it ideal to be combined with almost any colour palette.

For traditional kitchen lovers combining the oak timber worktop with colours like khaki or light green would really brighten up your kitchen.

Dark coloured cabinets on the other hand, highlight a more modern and confident atmosphere.

After designing your dream kitchen and before you begin making purchases, ensure you choose a worktop supplier who promises colour consistency across the oak worktop range.

If you don’t, you could end up with a kitchen worktop that doesn’t fit your dream. You could check out House of Worktops, a company that sources all their raw material sustainably and from the same region, ensuring consistency in your Oак worktop’s colour, quality and durability.



If you would love a more patterned yet contrasting worktop, then try walnut.

It has a highly intricate colour pattern ranging from golden to dark brown hues, creating a unique motif.

Walnut is also one of the strongest wood materials with long lasting sturdiness and longevity.

Its eye-catching beauty and deep colours make walnut worktops the perfect choice when creating a warm and a comforting atmosphere in your kitchen.

It is also worth noting that, due to the rich colouring and striking patterns, the walnut worktop has an endearing, individual quality. Combine with more pastel shades like tranquil dawn and create a minimal yet appealing interior into your kitchen.

Styling with darker shades gives the whole kitchen a more contemporary and modern look. 


Beech worktops, with their delicate golden hues and freckled grain, rank alongside both the oak and walnut variety, when it comes to popularity, grace and strength.

It’s a particularly elegant timber, yet has a more uniform grain pattern and a smaller number of knots, than either walnut or oak.

It’s uniform appeal makes it a great choice for almost any type of kitchen, appealing to the minimalist home decor lover , and those who love a modern kitchen too – when combined with darker hues, the beech worktop takes on a warmth and inviting appeal. 

Solid wood kitchen worktops have their own character, varying through the different timbers. Whilst it may seem tedious, it’s also an exciting, intriguing decision when faced with choosing a wood worktop for your kitchen, and one that we should accept with relish. 

Jen Stanbrook
Jen Stanbrook

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