Carpet vs Wood Flooring: Which is Best?

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It’s the age old debate: is carpet better than wood flooring?

Many wonder if carpet is dirtier than hardwood, or why people prefer hardwood flooring over carpet.

In today’s article I want to explore some of the pros and cons around both types to help you choose.

If you’re looking for new flooring at the moment, these points will help you decide which you’d prefer.

Wood Flooring: The Advantages

Well the obvious advantage to wood flooring is the ability to keep it clean. It’s the perfect floor for those that suffer with allergies and asthma, and if you have pets. It’s much easier to keep it dust free.

Secondly, it looks great and is ideal for more modern decors.

A minimal interiors suits hardwood flooring, especially the Scandinavian, nordic look.

There are many choices too from oak flooring to bamboo, hickory and so many more.

There’s really something for everyone’s taste. Now more than ever you’ll find a wide selection of style, pattern and finish.

Don’t forget it’s also perfect for high traffic areas, where carpets may wear, a hardwood floor will stand the test of time.

Wood Flooring: The Disadvantages

Attic conversion bedroom

It’s not to everyone’s taste and some want the texture of carpet under their feet.

Wood or engineered flooring, is hard. We can’t get away from that, but if you love the advantages mentioned above, you can soften your wood floor with rugs.

Many believe that wood floors feel cold. Is that a myth?

Well quite likely it is. It’s probably more due to the lack of texture and comfort from a softer carpet that some feel a wood flooring to be cold.

Hardwood flooring can scratch and get damaged by furniture. Should that put us off?

It just takes a little care when moving furniture and removing shoes when you’re in the room.

Carpet : The Advantages

Image: Dunelm

So the main feature of a carpet is its softness. The pile, the texture, the feel of a carpet is loved by many and will always be a favourite.

There’s a huge choice in colour, style and pattern and that appeals to those that want to use the carpet as an interior decor finishing piece.

There are acoustic advantages to having carpet flooring as the material absorbs the sound. This is often a good reason to choose carpet in a flat or apartment.

Carpet: The Disadvantages

Image: Ercol

Keeping carpets clean is harder work than hardwood flooring. Deep carpet cleaning to remove stains and dirt isn’t done that frequently so they build up and can spoil the overall aesthetic of your room.

They also trap dust and if you don’t have the right kind of vacuum cleaner, can be hazardous for those with allergies and asthma.

Overall, what you choose to put on the floors of your home, is your choice. Weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both hardwood floors and carpet to help you decide which would work well in your home.

In my own home I have a mixture. Carpet in the bedrooms, hardwood flooring in the living spaces and engineered wood in the loft bedroom (it’s lovely underfoot and very quiet).

Don’t disregard any options until you’ve spoken to others and seen floors in action. You may well be surprised.

Do you have a favourite type of flooring?

Jen x


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Jen Stanbrook

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